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text 2019-07-16 22:28
Best Ideas for a Splendid Beach Vacation

Beach leisure is something that everyone longs for. The grouping is booming of beautiful beach destinations that move from Dubai in Intervening Asia to Colony in the Cohesive States. The lean is so large and vast that it's a mind-boggling resolution to superior the best one out of these. These beach destinations are so common amongst the Globetrotters that ungenerous flights to these resorts are easily acquirable all through the period.


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Amongst the primo beach destinations in the earth, Island Beach Tract enjoys a rattling striking send. Featuring one of the finest and the long mortal dirt beaches, Island is a nonpareil put to relish inaccessible walks on the beach. The Papohaku Beach Bowl with its attitude tent country and excellent bivouacking facilities make for a nonesuch spot to run the madding port approach. Yet, tearful is not a finished object as we can get pretty rugged at a 10 minutes' travel from Dubai and Waikiki Beach, it is a perfect beach utilize to bask fun-filled leisure with the uncastrated kinsfolk. Hawaii offers plenteousness of choices in the modify of golfing, aquatics, spa treatments, and a fanlike extent of facility and project sports.


Turn finisher national to the Half Lunation Bay in Calif. Set fair 30 proceedings departed from San Francisco on the occident seacoast is the most beauteous and stunning Hotelman Carlton. A hurried escape for residents of many of the study US cities, this one is a perfect beach refuge that is full of calmness, refreshing unagitated air, and varied opposite diversion venues. The Soul says of Land is advised to be one of the most artist beach destinations in mankind. The exotic Caves Hotel, gift a scintillating see of the Sea, is one of the most sought after beach resorts in State. With tawdry flights to State state easily getable on the Cyberspace, no ruminate globetrotters throng the travel from around the globe. The Ariel Seaside individual beach aid lists. Volume a punk beautify to the beach instruction of your choice and have your beach pass ever!

Advisable jaunt deals on cheesy Hawaii packages and stingy car charter at terms that are shrewd to thrum.

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text 2019-07-16 22:26
The Beaches of Dubai

The beaches of Dubai are quite similar to those of famous European countries like France, Spain, and Italy as it represents a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and it enables travelers who spend their vacations in Dubai to enjoy their holidays to the max.


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An amazing feature of almost all the beaches of Dubai is that they usually include sections for families and children and other sections for youth and youngsters in order to enable everybody to have a pleasant vacation. The beaches also offer the guests who tour Dubai with all sorts of entertainment including all kinds of water sports like water skiing, water surfing, jet skis, motorboats, and much more.

Today we will be exploring some of the most wonderful beaches that travelers enjoy during their trips to Dubai.


The Cove Beach

Cove Beach is among the most amazing beaches explored by many travelers who tour Dubai. The beach was in fact established to serve the guests of Jumeirah overlooking the Arab Gulf and the famous Burj Al Arab building.

The sandy beach, the warm sun, the crystal clear water of the Arabian Gulf, and the amazing modern places where travelers who tour Dubai can relax make the Cove Beach the most magnificent place to go swimming in Dubai.

Cove Beach also the perfect place to watch the sunset over the sea. The beach hosts some cafes and restaurants that offer the best refreshments, sandwiches and various dishes from around the world.


The Dubai Marine Beach

Another spectacular beach is Dubai Marine Beach. Among the most fantastic feature of this beach is that it hosts swimming sections specified for kids where they can enjoy their time in a safe protected environment. This luxurious beach is recommended for all the families who spend their vacation in Dubai. This relatively small beach offers the guests with amazing swimming experiences and superb views of the sea.


The One and Only Royal Mirage

This beach extending for more than one and a half kilometer offers the best experiences in water sports for the travelers who tour Dubai. Guests can enjoy skiing, riding fast motorboats, and many other facilities. This is of course in addition to swimming and chilling out on the beach. This is one of the oldest resorts in Dubai and it continued reserving its magic and style throughout time.


The Beach of Jumeirah

The beach of the city of Jumeirah is considered to be among the best in the world. The natural characteristics of the beach made it a wonderful destination for vacationers who spend their holidays in Dubai especially the wealthy and a large number of celebrities. There are two deluxe hotels in Jumeirah, Al Qaser and Mina El Salam with their beaches extending for more than 2 kilometers.


Club Mina Beach

The beach offers all sorts of services, facilities, and all types of entertainment. This is in addition to the fact that the beach never hosts parties and this would make the guests enjoy some soothing time with the family or friends or go for a boat journey.


The One and Only the Palm Beach

The most wonderful characteristic of this beach is that it is rather isolated away from other attractions that are commonly visited by tourists who spend their vacations in Dubai.

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2019-07-16 07:25
Skeletons: The Frame of Life - Jan Zalasiewicz,Mark Williams

TITLE:  Skeletons:  The Frame of Life


AUTHORS:  Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams






In this chapter, Zalasiewicz and Williams deal with flying organisms - birds (including terror birds), bats, pterosaurs, gliding animals, flying insects and aeroplankton.  They take a look at the skeletal modifications required for the different modes of flying as well as the differences between wing structures of different animal families.  This chapter was rather superficial, with a missed opportunity in terms of illustrating the different skeletal structures between birds, bats and pterosaurs.  This is an interesting chapter that could have been more detailed. 


The nicely illustrated book,  On the Wing:  Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats and the Evolution of Animal Flight by David E. Alexander, describes flight in much greater details for those interested in that sort of thing.






On aeroplankton:

"The mass of tiny suspended organisms in the atmosphere is christened the aeroplankton, the study of which was started in the mid-19th century by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg. Aeroplankton includes the spores and pollen of fungi and plants, bacteria, viruses, and a number of small animals too, including arthropods and arthropod eggs. Spiders, for example, will sometimes hitch a lift as part of this aeroplankton, unfurling their fine silk threads to catch the wind or rising air masses, as tiny kites."

"Bacteria have been found as high as 70 kilometres in the atmosphere, constraining the absolute limit to which Earth’s biosphere extends. One of these is Pseudomonas syringae, a species of thin-walled bacterium [...] that has the remarkable property of causing ice to nucleate around it high in the air, and these icecoated bacteria then act as seeds for water droplets. This is thus a cloudmaking bacterium. Some forms of this bacterium live on the ground, but not all of these have ice-nucleation properties, which suggests that the airborne form is adapted to its aerial environment, just as much as is an albatross or a swift."

On Pterosaurs:

"Those bones, too, played the classic weight-against-strength game that all flying animals must play. That enormous skull had large holes in it, to cut down its weight. The bones as a whole developed extremely thin walls, especially in the later pterosaurs, and many were filled internally with air. But those bones still needed considerable strength to provide anchors to powerful muscles, and not to break with the first flap of those enormous wings. And so, thin walled as they were, they still needed many internal struts and buttresses. The microstructure of the bones was multilayered, involving spiral ‘bone bandages’, providing extra strength.  The breast bone and shoulder bones, in particular, needed to be large—to provide attachment surfaces for those large flight muscles—and robust.  Nevertheless, these could not be delicate, ‘ultra-light’ skeletons—and nor are those of modern birds. They have to be large and strong enough to withstand the forces involved in maintaining the animal in the air. The engineering properties of those skeletons became increasingly optimized through the Jurassic and Cretaceous, but they could not escape from physical laws."

On Bats:

"Bats have evolved wings that are a wonder of biomechanical engineering.  It is little wonder that when Count Dracula wishes to transform himself from vampire to flying creature of the night, he uses the form of a bat rather than a bird or insect. The mechanics of bat flight depend on a thin membrane that stretches between the highly elongated digits of its forelimbs, and this elongation is already present in bat fossils from the Eocene. It is yet another model for a wing, akin to the pterosaurs in the elongation of the digits, but retaining all five of them, instead of simply relying on one. And because the bat’s wing is literally alive, the membrane is equipped with a series of sensors that the bat can use to modify the shape of its wing as it flies, to make flight highly efficient and reduce drag. As a further adaptation to help their agility in flight, bat bones are remarkably flexible, as bats ‘renew’ them in life by replenishing them in collagen—a fact that has caught the attention of medical researchers who wonder whether there is an ability here that might one day be mimicked by our own osteoporosis-prone species.  Bat wings have adapted for a whole range of different ecologies. There are the superfast insect hunters, which have long and pointed wing tips, and can sometimes reach short bursts of horizontal flight approaching 100 mph,71 the equivalent of running the 100-metre sprint in just over 2 seconds. The hoverers, seeking out stationary insect prey or seeking nectar from flowers, have short rounded wingtips that allow for maximum manoeuvrability.


In bats there is a group of mammals that probably developed an airborne lifestyle from living within the tree canopy, that hunt insects and occasionally small birds, but that can also be vegetarian, like the fruit bats or, like the vampire bats, haematophagous (a word that Count Dracula would have appreciated)."














On the Wing:  Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats and the Evolution of Animal Flight by David E. Alexander








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text SPOILER ALERT! 2019-07-15 13:17
SKELETONS UPDATE: Chapters 4, 5 & 6
Skeletons: The Frame of Life - Jan Zalasiewicz,Mark Williams

TITLE:  Skeletons:  The Frame of Life


AUTHORS:  Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams






Plant skeletons?!  As the author's state : 

"Are we talking about skeletons here, though? After all, we are now in the realm of plants, and not of animals that have mineralized bones, teeth,and shells. Nevertheless, the matter of trees and their kin represents rigid, biologically built structures that are so commonly fossilized that they provide us with an energy source—coal—potent enough to power much of our lives for the present, and in doing so to imperil our planet’s climate in the near future. We can consider the substance of trees as essentially skeletal."


This chapter deals primarily with plant evolution, the development of forests, the changing river morphologies as a result of plant growth, mobile plant skeletons such as tumble-weeds and pollen grains, and phytoliths.  I especially like that idea of the forest skeleton being the main cradle of life on land.






This chapter deals with coral reefs - the evolution of different types of reefs (including the bivalve reefs of the Cretaceous), as well as the different types of animals that the reef consists of, and how reefs develop.

"The coral rock platform is made up of the cup-like coral skeleton, which today is made of calcium carbonate in its mineral form aragonite, in which each coral animal lives. The individual cups, or corallites, interlinked in the vast building complexes of the coral colonies, are the key to the reef. They grow upwards, adding floor upon floor like the building up of a skyscraper. The coral animal itself is hoisted up in the process, so the skyscraper occupant moves up floor by floor, while the lower stories are abandoned. This construction adds the third dimension to the territorial control that they had gained by the repeated asexual division. That third dimension, as we will see, can develop over time to be of huge extent. It is what ultimately turns biology into geology."







This chapter deals with microscopic organisms that produce skeletal structures, such as shells.  The author's also provide a brief history of microscopes, which allowed for the examination of microscopic organisms, and the advance in the study of microscopic organism.


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review 2019-07-14 16:29
Book Club Read for July
Wise Children - Angela Carter
There is something wonderful about an Angela Carter novel. A certain charm. A feeling of a warm blanket that you pull over yourself and then the cat jumps on it and sticks her claws into your leg.

That sort of feeling.

Wise Children is Carter’s last novel and is a love song and dance to the theater and Shakespeare.

Many of the plot devices that Carter uses are adapted from Shakespeare, for instance the constant use of twins. There are so many twins (or are there?) in this novel.

For you must remember Puck from Dream. In part, the novel does have a dream like quality. As Dora and Nora move throughout their lives, chronicling the change in taste in stage and the rise of Hollywood and the game show, they also chronicle the changes in British society as the family develops, shifts, and changes.

What really compels the book is Dora’s voice. Carter’s narrative use of the voice propels both the book and the reader forward. She is totally unedited and unrepentant. She is a bawd. She is a Moll Flanders. She is a woman Shakespeare could have created.

On my older review of this book (below), I wondered why it hadn’t been made into a movie. Well, it still hasn’t been made into a movie, but there is a stage version.

Actually, I really want to see Glenda Jackson do this book. She would be wonderful.

There are so many layers to this novel. Immigrant, class, war, peace, and above all the conceits of acting, Shakespeare, and the theatre.

The first book I ever read by Angela Carter was The Bloody Chamber, which I read because Ellen Datlow &Terri Windling listed it as one of the most read fairy tale based books. (As an aside, I discovered a great many writers and books much sooner than I would've thanks to D&W. Thanks ladies, from the bottom of my heart).

While I love Chamber in particular the title story, I now think that my favorite Carter work is this book.

What really makes this book is the narrator Dora Chance. A crusty, at times foul mouthed, old dame, she is one of those characters who could quite easily step off the page. (And why this book hasn't been made into a movie, I don't know. Dame Judi Dench could be the twins in their later in life years). It truly does feel that Dora is right next to you, in one of those smoky English pubs that no longer really exists because of the smoking ban, have a gin with you, telling you the whole sordid, messy, humorous story.

Dora and her twin sister, Nora, are the illegitimate daughter of an acting scion. They are never, truly acknowledged by their father, but by their uncle Perry and, strangely, their father's wife, 'Wheelchair' aka Lady A. What Dora unfolds for the reader is the family story, worthy of any soapy soap opera. She does so in a unapolgetic, unrepenent tone. This was the way it was, if you don't like it; hoof it style of speaking.

It has wonderful lines like, "Saskia . . . unique amongst mammals, a cold-blooded cow" or "Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people". And I now do wonder about Mrs. Lear.

There is much of Ellen Terry and her crowd in the characters, much of the bardioloatry that took hold of the world. Carter mocks all of this, gently.

A wonderful funny book.
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