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text 2023-11-23 13:42
Arabella's Taming (Bridal Discipline Book 5) - Golden Angel Arabella overhears Thomas tell her brother what he considers the perfect wife which criteria Arabella does not meet. She decides she will no longer try to be on her best behavior any longer since he does not want her as a bride. At a ball she gets drunk and initiates a kiss with Thomas while on the balcony with many witnesses. Thomas does the right thing and offers for her. Will they marry? Will they be happy? I enjoyed this book. I wondered who would win their battle of strong wills. Both need to learn to communicate. Both think the worse of the other when things don't go their way. Arabella learns that what her friends told her is true. Thomas learns that Arabella will often go to extremes to prove him wrong. I loved when Arabella realizes why Thomas did not want to marry her plus when she realizes he does not like seeing her with former suitors. It's almost like a light bulb goes on above her head. When they both come to the same realizations at the same time, it was what we all needed. I am going to miss this series. However, Mary and Hartford--minor characters here--begin a new series and I look forward to reading about them there.
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text 2023-07-18 14:00
Nagroda Zajdla 2022 - opowiadania nominowane ZA DARMO w e-booku

Od wczoraj dostępny jest bezpłatny e-book z opowiadaniami nominowanymi do tegorocznej Nagrody Zajdla. Jeśli ktoś nie miał do tej pory okazji, to nominowane utwory można poznać z antologii, która została udostępniona w formacie EPUB, MOBI i PDF. W publikacji znalazło się dziewięć utworów.




Do Nagrody Fandomu Polskiego im. Janusza A. Zajdla za rok 2022 pretendują następujące opowiadania:

  • Michał Cholewa „Na granicy” (wcześniej opublikowane fahrenheit.net.pl);
  • Michał Cholewa „Zwycięstwo” (wcześniej opublikowane w antologii „Ku gwiazdom. Antologia Polskiej Fantastyki Naukowej 2022”, wyd. IX);
  • Agnieszka Hałas „Potwór i nić” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: „Inne nieba”, Wydawnictwa SQN);
  • Łukasz Kucharczyk „Drogi do raju” (wcześniej opublikowane w zbiorze: Krzysztofzin nr 2 „Gniazdo Światów”);
  • Łukasz Kucharczyk „Ostatni płatek” (wcześniej opublikowane w antologii: „24/02/2022”, wyd. IX);
  • Łukasz Kucharczyk „Skracaj albo giń” (wcześniej opublikowane w antologii: „Ja bym to skrócił”, Krakowska Sieć Fantastyki);
  • Łukasz Kucharczyk, Kacper Kotulak „Kamień z lilii” (wcześniej opublikowane w magazynie: „Biały Kruk” nr 22, KMF Biały Kruk);
  • Magdalena Świerczek-Gryboś „Być martwym jest srebrem, nie istnieć – złotem” (wcześniej opublikowane w magazynie: „Biały Kruk” nr specjalny 1, KMF Biały Kruk);
  • Paula Wanarska „Zawsze…” (wcześniej opublikowane w magazynie: „Nowa Fantastyka” nr 481, Prószyński Media).


Wśród pretendentów do wyróżnienia są także osiem powieści. Niestety nie wszystkie można kupić w polskich księgarniach w formie e-booków. Niektóre zaś są obecne tylko w wybranych sklepach. W tabelce odsyłam do przykładowych ofert księgarskich i ile jest wersja elektroniczna:



Przemysław Duda

„Kompania cieni”


Marta Kładź-Kocot



Magdalena Kubasiewicz

Kołysanka dla czarownicy


Łukasz Kucharczyk

Granty i smoki


Radek Rak

Agla. Alef


Magdalena Anna Sakowska

Fuga. Powieść polifoniczna


Olga Tokarczuk



Katarzyna Wierzbicka

To nie jest kraj dla słabych magów


E-bookową Antologię udostępniono na stronach Nagrody. Dostępne są trzy formaty: PDF, EPUB i MOBI. Zachęcam do pobierania i czytania. Pliki powinny być dostępne na stronie Nagrody (zajdel.art.pl) do końca tego roku.


Postaw mi kawę na buycoffee.to



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review 2023-06-21 05:18
Avidly Reads Screen Time by Phillip Maciak


Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this 
advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.  
When I read the description of what this book was about I was intrigued by the subject matter and the timetable the book covers. 
In the early 1980's my father worked for AT&T and I remember him telling my sisters and I that in the near future you'd be able to to see the person you are talking to on the phone on a screen!  It was such an exciting concept to me and as a middle-schooler I was hoping this technology would hurry up already!  (It wasn't fast enough for me!)
Phillip Maciak does a great job of covering all the bases of what screen time was way back when and the meaning of screen time in present day.  The memories of what it was like to have to sit in front of a screen at the exact time a program was being broadcast to VCR's, DVR's present day streaming services and everything thereafter; the internet, personal computers, tablets, smartphones and apps
I sometimes felt really nostalgic reading this book, remembering simpler days.  Maciak adds his personal touch to the book with stories of his family and screen time experiences.   When you think about it technology really has come a long way in quite a short time. This book presented a coherent timeline of various forms of screen time and gave information and research I hadn't thought about. 
If you're interested in the advances in technology over the past 30+ years and how it has changed how we communicate and entertain ourselves you will find this book interesting. 
Purchase on Amazon @
Avidly Reads Screen Time



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review 2023-06-21 04:23
P!NK Raise Your Glass by Annie Zaleski


Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this 
advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.  
I've always loved Pink's music and knew a bit about her
personally because she grew up about an hour away from my hometown. I remember seeing a lot on the news as she was starting out in the music industry and thought this would be an interesting read to get the full story on her life thus far. 
This book is a wonderful compilation of Pink's beginnings, struggles, triumphs, accomplishments and everything in-between. 
There are beautiful photos throughout the book that correlate 
with the timeline being presented in each chapter.  The author has added quotes from Pink taken from various interviews throughout her career.  The book is extremely reader-friendly with a comfortable storyteller approach.  
 I enjoyed reading about how some of the songs came about and now want to go back and listen to each of her albums and pay closer attention to the lyrics as I listen!  
If you're a fan of Pink's music this is a must read!! 
Purchase on Amazon @
P!NK Raise Your Glass



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review 2023-06-21 02:36
Late, Late At Night A Memoir by Rick Springfield
Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars
Let me start out by saying I was in elementary school (4th grade to be exact) at the height of the General Hospital frenzy and Working Class Dog album. I was not watching the soap, but some older neighbor girls were. And of course the music was all over the radio.  The movie, Hard To Hold was released in theaters in 1984 and I'm pretty sure I saw that a year or so after its release.  Throughout the 80's Rick Springfield had many other hits that if I heard them now I would recognize many of the songs. This was pretty much the extent of my knowledge about Rick Springfield. 
The very first thing that shocked (and I mean SHOCKED) me is that Mr. Springfield is only two years younger than my mother!!!  As I write this my my Mom is 75, Spring field 73!!!!
This factoid totally threw me for a loop!  I was very interested in his writings about his early years in Australia, his relationship with his parents, love of writing music, guitars and dogs.  The parts I could've done without were all the intimate partners he had throughout his life.  ( Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive about the rock star lifestyle, but I think Rick's 'adventures' were much more than the norm.)  He's described it as a 'habit' rather than sex addiction.  
I was unaware that he had some popularity in the early 70's in the United States and how editor-in-chief of 16 magazine, Gloria Stavers, was set on making Rick a teen idol just like David Cassidy. I also had no idea he dated Linda Blair from the movie Exorcist fame when she was only 15 years old!! 
 (Springfield was 25.)  
Rick will be married to his wife Barbara Porter, for 39 years on October 27, 2023.  This woman is a saint in my eyes. She endured Rick's infidelity for many, many, many years and it is beyond a miracle that the two of them are still together. 
Happy for them that they are, but a lot of turmoil in this marriage to say the least.  And he wrote the song "Don't Talk To Strangers" while he and Barbara were dating because HE was worried SHE was going to get involved with other people while they were apart!  He has said, "Back then, I was scared that she was f**king around because I was doing the same thing."  HA!!
The last thing I will leave you with in this book review is that Rick tried to commit suicide when he was 17 years old and has struggled with depression since puberty.  He references his depression as "Mr. D" throughout the book; I never in a million years would've thought that he struggled with depression.  
The insight to all he has dealt with throughout his life with depression is very sad, but extremely real. 
I commend Rick Springfield for laying out the nooks and crannies of his life in this book.  Although the writing style at the beginning of the book was a little choppy, he finds his voice throughout the book (with some flash forwards & flashbacks at spots) and he truly is an excellent writer.  Don't underestimate this guy, he is talented and I believe he has a great heart.
Purchase on Amazon @
Late At Night by Rick Springfield


Source: allaroundthecircle.blogspot.com/2023/06/book-review-late-late-at-night-memoir.html
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