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text 2020-01-30 14:37
5 Steps You Should Absolutely Follow When Cleaning the Windows


At first sight, glass surfaces may appear easy to maintain. Unlike other areas at your place, you would be involved in a window cleaning process only once in a while. Yet like any other chore, this one requires a certain level of knowledge and suitable tools. Having dust-free windows is essential for the well-kept presence of your home both inside and outside. Here are some simple to follow instructions for a window cleaning job precisely done.


  • Choose a proper time – a cloudy day may not seem good for a walk in the park, but it is the perfect moment to wash the windows. Hot sun rays heat your windows, which makes the cleaning product dry out or vaporize faster. To avoid streaks on the windows, run the errand on a cool, shady day.


  • Prepare your window cleaning kit – before starting with the job, you need to put together some window cleaning items. Glass surfaces require that you get a specific glass cleaning product. Your options here vary a lot since the market offers a great diversity of solutions. You can also prepare a homemade cleanser just by mixing vinegar and water. As you have already decided on detergent, you should use a clean microfiber cloth or paper towels. Both methods guarantee shiny streak-free windows. The squeegee approach is rather controversial since some experts believe that the job may be done way too messy. So if you are a window cleaning newbie, maybe you should skip using a squeegee.


  • Make the surfaces ready for wiping – you are well-familiar with removing dust since this is among your most regular assignments at home. It is not simply about the floors, windows need some dust cleaning as well. Otherwise, these tiny particles will turn into a mess when sprayed on with a window cleaning solution. In fact, removing dust from the window is probably the most crucial moment and it is a step you should never skip. How to complete the task depends on the type of windows you have and how dirty they are. In some cases, simple vacuuming will be enough, while in others you may need to clean the window frames with a damp cloth and then let them dry. In more severe situations, when frames are filthy, it is wise to take them off and wash them with hot water first. Of course, you should be very careful not to damage the frame during the process.


  • Plan the operation – even if you have too many glass surfaces at home, you have to take proper care of them once or twice a year. So divide the process by rooms. The best way to clean the windows is, to begin with, the top ones. It is not OK to start the other way around, because dirt will flow down and splash the bottom windows. If you have windows that are hard to reach, don’t forget to get equipped with a ladder.


  • It’s time for the actual cleaning – it may seem that you are done with the hard part, but you are only a step away from spotless windows. Start spraying the surfaces with powerful cleanser and be lavish. Some spots are tough and they may need more than one spritz. First, apply the detergent at the top of the window and then move down. Wipe gently and be alert not to leave streaks. 


Providing glossy windows is not as tedious as it looks. For sure it is a task you don’t long for completing. Even so, relying on an effective detergent and a wise plan of action truly facilitates the process. 


© London Domestic Cleaners


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text 2019-11-08 01:30
Tips To Do Cleaning Under The Bed Easier


There are a lot of cleaning struggles to deal with in the house. And many of those cleaning woes sometimes do not have the easiest solutions. Under the bed is one area of your home that is hard to clean. Children may be scared to take a look under the bed because of monsters but for adults, what scares them most is the amount of dirt that they’ll find.


But don’t fret! If you are having problems trying to find a way to get to the hard to reach areas under your bed, there are some tips you can use to make cleaning under the bed a lot easier.


Duster With A Long Handle


Even though there are countless products in the market to help you make cleaning easier, but it seems like cleaning the pesky spots under your bed remains a struggle for many. Fortunately, you don’t need any fancy equipment to get rid of those pesky under the bed dust. All you need is a duster with an extendable handle, and you’ll get to clean every inch of space under your bed. Of course, be sure the duster and the handle are long enough to cover the actual size of your bed.


Use Your Vacuum’s Attachment


If you have a vacuum at home, you know very well that it comes with a set of tools, many of which you may not know how to. Each of these attachments has a purpose. For instance, you can use an extension wand for tight and hard to reach places or the mattress attachment to clean every side of your mattress. If you can’t find your attachments, there is one thing you can do. Flatten the vacuum and push it under your bed.


Try A Robot Vacuum


Vacuuming can be a good form of exercise. But if you don’t want to break a sweat then why don’t you consider purchasing a robot vacuum. From hard floors to carpets, you can pick out a robot vacuum that will make the most sense for your home. Set it up and then charge it and put it to work.


Use A Blower To Get Rid Of All Those Dust Bunnies


It may sound silly but you can actually use a blower to get rid of all those dust bunnies is a swift and effortless manner. Just be sure to keep your broom, duster, or vacuum close to you because you will need them once the dust comes out from under your bed.


Duct Tape Is Useful, too!


Even though you can use the end of a broom to clean the spot under your bed, the handle could be as effective if you try this simple trick. Wrap the handle with duct tape and use it to clean under your bed just like how you use a link roller. If the area is dusty, you may need to replace the tape with a new one and do a few passes for before it is thoroughly cleaned.


© FastKlean



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text 2019-08-22 04:19
Eight Steps to Clean your Living Room Faster


Nowadays, the living room has become a synonym to the apartment itself. Most of us spend a significant part of our time there. We all know those days when you get back exhausted from work, take off your shoes and crush on the coach. Then suddenly, you open your eyes, and it is time to go to work again. 


The living room is also where you welcome your guests and spend time with them. Playing some board games, watching some funny TV show or just drinking a glass of wine (or maybe two, three), this is where all those moments are being shared.


Because of all the above, you will want to keep your living room at its best state.

Unfortunately, this is maybe the place that gets dirty with the speed of the light. 


Cleaning the living room includes multiple small (or not that small) steps that are often either forgot and missed by accident (or due to laziness depending on which one excuse sounds better). This is why you need to build your small cleaning routine for the room and below you can find some tips on how to do that.


  1. Start from the top of the room. You will be probably wondering what you will be searching for at the ceiling. Most of the time, it will be clean enough, but you might not notice the small spider at the corner trying to build his mansion there. Wipe the blinds and curtains, or push the latter in the washing machine if possible. You can also use the vacuum to achieve even better results. This way, all the dust that was covering them will be pushed on the floor or the rest of the furniture which you are going to clean next.

  2. Get a moistened microfiber cloth and dust all the shelves and furniture placed on the walls. Temporarily remove all the books and artworks placed on them so you can clean the surface underneath which often keeps a quite good amount of dust. Use the microfiber to collect any leftovers from the books and the pictures. You can also use a small soft brush if needed.

  3. Open all the drawers and clean the insiders using a cloth. You will be surprised how much dust is there too.

  4. Clean the windows. Get a window cleaner and a squeegee and quickly remove all the nasty fingerprints or spots from them. If you are missing the “cleaning tools” you can improvise with newspapers and liquid, which is a mixture of soap and clean water. Even the cleanest windows look better when cleaned again.

  5. Clean sofas, armchairs, and beds. Take the vacuum cleaner, use any additional brush attachments and move slowly around the entire surface. Pay attention to all the places which seem hidden but gather enough dust at the same time. If the covering is made from leather (doesn’t matter artificial or not), then the vacuum cleaner is only the first step, and you will need to use additional leather conditioners.

  6. Clean all other furniture using the microfiber cloth you have already used cleaning the shelved. Start from the big stuff like tables, TV stands, dressers/buffets and then move to the smaller ones like nightstands, for example. Finally, dust the electronics and any light stands left.

  7. Take the vacuum cleaner and first clean all the carpets if present. If possible, take the carpets out of the house and clean them separately since they are like magnets for dust. When finished, move to the floor and use any kind of floor disinfectant to kill any bacteria left.

  8. Disinfect the telephone and all remote controls. People often misunderstand the importance of this step. We are often using them right after we get back home or we have done with the family barbeque, so they gather dirt from many different places. 


© FK Domestics Ltd


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