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url 2019-09-19 06:00
Buy Online Clone Golf Clubs - Monark Golf


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review 2019-01-04 10:31
Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

I enjoyed this book a lot but I did have a few issues with it.First of all the pedant in me got really annoyed at the use of the incorrect pronoun on a couple of occasions. I went back and read the passages a few times as my mind does wander and I thought maybe the character had changed but no, 'he' was used for a female character in one place and vice versa. Aside from that there was a significant piece of the plot that I just couldn't understand. Not sure if aforementioned wandering mind had gone somewhere for another little jaunt. Anyway, there were some interesting ideas in the story and I like that in a book,I like something to mull over once I close the covers. For me though, the characters didn't quite ring true. If life was cheap because there was always another one when you died, and assuming you weren't tired of living, wouldn't you be panicked to wake up and find everyone murdered (including yourself) and no chance of another body to slip into? Knowing this was your last chance, would you really be working calmly alongside your own potential murderer? The end was not as tense as I would have liked it to be. There was a brief moment of excitement then not alot. I make it sound like I didn't enjoy it but that isn't true, I just think there should have been more atmospheric development, I wouldn't have minded a few extra pages. It would be interesting to find out what happens to the people on the ship when they get to their destination. Sequel, please!

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review 2017-10-13 05:57
The Dragon Factory - Jonathan Maberry
Patient Zero - Jonathan Maberry

I kind of can't even handle how ridiculously pulpy this series is so far. Patient Zero pretends to a kind of scientrism, wherein the zombie outbreak our intrepid heroes race to thwart has, like, a modicum of scientific plausibility, I guess. Baltimore cop and chiseled jaw hero Joe Ledger gets tapped by one of those shadowy X filesy governmental organizations to track down a terrorist with a name like The Jackal. The leader of said alphabet soup organization eats cookies as his ominous tic; Joe has to murder a terrorist twice in a week; international pharma phuckers are the absolute worst. Patient Zero is good fun, with lots of kickass and a fullblown zombie outbreak to salve your need for bloodshed. 


But it's The Dragon Factory which really swings for the cheap seats. There's literal Nazis, genetically engineered chimera, Neanderthals, evil albino twins with a side of incest, clones, and more, so much more. SO MUCH MORE. I kept cackling through this novel, unable to believe how fucking bonkers everything was, and just when I got a handle on it, it would get MORE BONKERS. Uff da, I haven't had as much fun with something this silly in a long time. I'm going to read the shit out every single Joe Ledger novel as long as they stay this goofy, 

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review 2017-07-12 00:00
Shame of Clones (Karma Inc. Files #3)
Shame of Clones (Karma Inc. Files #3) - ... Shame of Clones (Karma Inc. Files #3) - Melanie James Book Reviewed: Shame of Clones (Karma Inc. Files #3)
Author: Melanie James
Publication Date: 7/12/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

Book three and it's one heck of a hilarious story. Kelly and Ezzy are at it again in this one. Witches council? End of Karma Inc?
Not if Kelly has a say in it but can anyone figure out what is happening? And will Barney the frog get a new body as promised? Well grab this gut buster and read it for yourself. I totally enjoyed it.

I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.

[a:Melanie James|8109273|Melanie James|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1428986587p2/8109273.jpg]
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review 2017-07-08 18:53
Helix (Terran Times, #69) by Viola Grace Review
Helix - Viola Grace

Harmony suffers regeneration on a world that should not exist and meets a man who defies impossibility to declare himself her match.

Harmony enjoyed her life as a courier for the Alliance, but it all came to a halt when she was sucked into a storm of light and gas that her computer could not see. Agony is her final thought, but when she wakes again, she finds that her body has been recreated because the original…the less said the better.

Nero has been working as a restorer for three hundred years on a world where the only new members of the population fall from the sky. He sees spirit in Harmony, and when she declares that she only wants him for his body, he is smitten.

They face the stars that brought them together and work in their different ways to bring their community into harmony with a world as trapped as they are.




A great romance within a unique world. There are wonderful explorations of questions as well about cloning. The action is well down and romance is one you want to root for. Excellent world building.

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