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review 2019-08-01 11:00
New Release Review! A Spark of Light (Chronicles of Light #5) Chris Stoneheart!




Hello Readers! Today, I am joining Kaitlin as she heads to China with her daughter and ends up meeting the Monkey King and then returns home to deal with having to send her daughter off to college while keeping the supernatural world from harming her daughter. Enjoy and don't forget to add A Spark of Light by Chris Stoneheart to your shelves!






Book five of The Chronicles of the Light...


Kaitlin will get her chance to seek revenge on Gavin, and she desperately hopes to make an example of him so the other power players in the supernatural community will think twice before they come after Kaitlin or her family again. The Master Vampire gives her from sundown to sunup to torture his second in command, and maybe it isn't in her nature, but she'll have to figure something out.


Lauren is heading to New England for college, and Kaitlin needs to be sure she's done all she can to prepare her daughter. She wants her old teacher to train Lauren, but things aren't as they should be when mother and daughter arrive.


In China, the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance are ubiquitous, and the Monkey King frequently plays a part in both. Kaitlin is friends with the Lion King and Dragon King, and despite the fact this has nothing to do with the legendary Chinese lion or dragon, the implications are far-reaching once she's back in China. 




After getting her revenge on Gavin, Kaitlin steps away from the Chattanooga supernaturals and heads to China with her daughter, Lauren. While Lauren is studying with her old teacher, Kaitlin takes on a quest to right something that is wrong and ends up on a journey of knowledge with a little help but the Monkey King. Once Kaitlin and Lauren return home, it is time to see Lauren off to college and Kaitlin must ensure that Lauren is safe from Kaitlin’s enemies.


This ‘Chronicles of the Light’ story is a wonderfully fascinating & varied traveling experience as well as providing readers with some powerful knowledge that could be extremely helpful in Kaitlin’s future, of course there is the chance that this could bring her under further scrutiny as well. The plot is more steady paced that the others but very enlightening, intriguing and even provides quite a few chuckles alongside all the excitement of the Monkey King joining Kaitlin on her quest. 


Once the overseas part comes to end, there is no question that Kaitlin will see more action as the supernaturals in her life set out to see that Lauren will be safe while she is away at college. Some twists, turns and betrayals make the trip a bit more dangerous that Kaitlin was expecting and more of her abilities are revealed than she is comfortable with and readers can’t help but join right in with the heart pounding steps that Kaitlin must take to ensure that her daughter stays safe and out of enemies hands.






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A Spark of Light is the 5th book in the Chronicles of Light series


Series Links - 


Author   *   Goodreads   *  Amazon



1 Unhuman Light

2 Shadow and Light

3 Chasing the Light

4 Dark Light

5 A Spark of Light




#6 Light Warrior August 29, 2019



AVAILABLE in ebook


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Chris Stoneheart lives in a fifty-year-old house smack dab in the middle of The South, with what promises to soon be a full-fledged herd of retired racing greyhounds. Chris read The Hobbit in elementary school, and The Lord of the Rings in middle school, and has been addicted to fantasy ever since. (It’s probably best we don’t talk about what Chris read in high school.)


Chronicles of the Light gives us a world where weredragons, werewolves, werelions, three different species of vampires, and a variety of other mythological beings exist.


Stay up to date on releases by joining Chris’s mailing list at http://eepurl.com/gcNe7v




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text 2013-01-19 16:10
I Own You
The Enemy Within: A Short History of Witch-hunting - John Demos

John Demos The Enemy Within Purchased at The Village Bookstore (Bargain Book Section).

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review 2009-12-20 00:00
A Little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony
Little Commonwealth: A Family Life in Plymouth Colony - John Demos,Demos

An absolutely fascinating attempt to elucidate the social structures within the family, and the experiences of family members, during the first seventy years of Plymouth Colony. The evidence is scanty, and consists mostly of such documents as wills and deeds and records of court cases; personal letters and journals are almost absent. Demos is very honest about what he doesn't know and scrupulous about attempting to find evidence for every one of his hypotheses, pointing out just what is speculative. Nonetheless, he gets very far, and comes up with a very clear picture of a society in which there simply were no institutions outside the family -- even in cases where courts had to step in to dispose the case of some individual, they did so by directing some family to do it internally.

From a modern point of view the society seems very oppressive, as there was essentially no privacy, no one was permitted to live outside a family, and moral misbehavior was constantly scrutinized and repressed. However, for anyone who can tolerate living like that, it provides belonging from birth to the grave, and a certainty about one's course in life, especially given that there were very few vocational choices; young people learned their parents' trade (farming) by participating in it from a very young age, and moved gradually and naturally to independence.

To some extent, Demos depended on extrapolating from psychological theory to figure out what the responses to social circumstances might have been; this of course is where evidence is most indirect. Usually his hypotheses were quite plausible, although one of the most central, that the way child-raising was conducted and the circumstances of family life led to a great concern and fascination with aggression, seemed also among the weakest to me.

Add to the fine subject matter a smooth writing style, and you have a book I'll want to read again.

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