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review 2018-05-14 10:00
Release Day Review! Planet Dragos (Elder Races #9.8) Thea Harrison!
Planet Dragos - Thea Harrison


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the final novella featuring Pia and Dragos…

Pia’s latest pregnancy has become a daily challenge, her relationship with Dragos strained with argument. That hasn’t stopped them from achieving a compromise and traveling to Las Vegas to celebrate their friend Rune’s wedding to his mate Carling.

From the moment they arrive, the trip goes awry. Death walks in Vegas, and Pia is kidnapped as an ancient enemy makes a move to destroy the Great Beast once and for all.

But the Great Beast has other plans.

On Planet Dragos everything goes the way he arranges it—unless someone decides to cross him, and God help them then, because he doesn’t know how to back down, and he doesn’t ever, ever let up….




Planet Dragos is a thrilling and fantastic send off to Dragos and Pia as some exciting events take place and brings about major changes to their world. 


As always the characters of the Elder Races universe are strong, bold and easily draw readers in and hold them hostage until the very end. In Planet Dragos, we meet up with Dragos, Pia and friends as well as meet some new characters, one of whom is Death which adds quite a bit of excitement and chilling anticipation to the story. There is never a dull moment in this fast paced story which full of thrills and suspense which keeps readers on the edge and since most of those events are life altering continuously builds a sense of nail-biting anticipation throughout the story as well. 


The Elder Races series is exciting and full of wonderful characters that constantly surprise readers and brings them lots of enjoyment and I have to say that Pia and Dragos favorites of readers everywhere including me, so I was quite thrilled with this book and I found it to be quite energetic and exhilarating from start to finish. And while I am disappointed about one of the decisions that Dragos and Pia made (sorry no spoilers), I am also looking forward to finding out what Thea Harrison has in store for us readers next.




Planet Dragos is # 9.8 of the Elder Races series which includes (in reading order):


  1. Dragon Bound
  2. Storm’s Heart
  3. Serpent’s Kiss
  4. True Colors
  5. Oracle’s Moon
  6. Natural Evil
  7. Devil’s Gate
  8. Hunter’s Season
  9. Lord’s Fall
  10. The Wicked
  11. Kinked
  12. Dragos Takes a Holiday
  13. Pia Saves the Day
  14. Peanut Goes to School
  15. Night’s Honor
  16. Midnight’s Kiss
  17. Dragos Goes to Washington
  18. Pia Does Hollywood
  19. Shadow’s End
  20. Liam Takes Manhattan
  21. The Chosen
  22. Planet Dragos



  1. Divine Tarot
  2. Destiny’s Tarot
  3. A Dragon’s Family Album

A Dragon’s Family Album II


Planet Dragos is available in ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   iBooks   Kobo   GPlay   A-UK   A-CA   A-AU



Website   Goodreads   Twitter   InstaGram   Facebook   BookBub





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review 2018-05-01 10:00
Release Day Review! Dark Queen (Jane Yellowrock #12) Faith Hunter!
Dark Queen - Faith Hunter



Jane Yellowrock used to hunt vampires, but now she must fight--and win--beside them.

As Enforcer to the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans, Jane Yellowrock stakes her reputation and her life on keeping her territory safe. But Leo has been issued a blood challenge by the emperor of the European vampires, who seeks to usurp all of his power and possessions. If Leo loses the match to the death, the city will be forfeit, and the people of New Orleans will suffer the consequences. Jane can't let that happen.

Preparing for the duel requires all of Jane's focus, but with so much supernatural power in play, nothing goes according to plan. She has to rely on herself and the very few people she knows she can trust to stand and fight. Only two things are guaranteed: nothing is sacred, and no one is safe.



The Dark Queen is a thrilling and fascinating story in the Jane Yellowrock world.  The characters are strong, compelling and easily draw readers into their world and Jane is such a kick ass heroine that readers can help but get caught up in all the exciting events that takes place. Being an urban fantasy means that there is not a whole lot on the romance front but Jane definitely has a love interest with lots of sizzling chemistry flowing between them and along with all the other fascinating characters in Jane’s world keeps things on a fast track with lots of thrilling action that keeps readers on the edge of their seat and ensures they never have a dull moment and well anticipation and suspense keeps readers holding their breath. 


In this story, things are really exciting a war is coming and the suspense builds throughout the story as Jane and her family prepare as best as they can to keep everyone safe and hopefully come out on top and, which is enough to have even the most stout hearted person reeling but the emotional turbulence inflicted by this war is only a small portion of Jane’s turmoil as an unexpected person shows up at her doorstep is a most exciting fashion and has chaos unfolding in her personal world.


Faith Hunter’s fascinating world just keeps getting better, I never know what to expect and I definitely never get bored as I stay glued to the pages of this intriguing world and its wonderful characters.  The author makes it so easy to enjoy her world as she paints vivid images with every written world and infuses her world with unique elements and great dialogue that adds spice to each and every story. There was no way I could put Dark Queen down until I had read every last world which made dinner a bit late, but they will just have to get over it as I am sure it will happen again when the next Jane Yellowrock book comes out.



Dark Queen is the 12th book in the Jane Yellowrock series.


The Reading Order from the author.


The Jane Yellowrock series includes:


  • Skinwalker
  • Blood Cross
  • Mercy Blade
  • Raven Cursed
  • Death’s Rival
  • Blood Trade
  • Black Arts
  • Broken Soul
  • Dark Heir
  • Shaow Rites
  • Cold Reign
  • Dark Queen


And is connected to the Soulwood series.


Dark Queen is available in ebook at:

Amazon   B&N   BaM   Hudson   IndieBound   Powells   Target   iBooks   GPlay   Kobo


Faith Hunter can be found at:

Website   Goodreads    Facebook   Twitter   BookBub




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review 2018-03-01 10:00
Release Day Review! Dangerous Dreams (Obsidian Flame #1) J.C. McKenzie
Dangerous Dreams (Obsidian Flame Book 1) - J. C. McKenzie




As a dragon shifter in hiding, Lara Stone wants nothing to do with others of her kind or finding a mate. No way, no how. She's perfectly content to work for a security company, masquerading as a simple mage. When the leader of all the dragon clans personally requests her as a bodyguard, Lara fears her secret is blown, or worse. What danger could possibly make Rafael Dragoi, the powerful Astarot, seek protection?



Dangerous Dreams is a fantastic start to J.C. McKenzie’s new urban fantasy series Obsidian Flame.


The characters are fascinating and full of life and the chemistry between Lara and Rafael is electrifying and there are plenty of sparks flying in every direction from every page of this story. Suspense builds throughout as Lara hides her secret while trying to handle being a bodyguard for the hot Rafael which she finds quite difficult.


I loved J.C. McKenzie’s Carus series so I was looking forward to starting this new series and I have to say that so far the only thing I find disappointing is that it was too short. This new world promises to be an adventurous one full of snark, passion, thrills, romance, danger and wonderful characters and I can’t wait to read the next one.



Dangerous Dreams is the 1st book in the Obsidian Flame series.


The story will continue in Dangerous Liaisons will be released in a box set on May 22, 2018.


Dangerous Dreams is available in ebook at:



J.C. McKenzie can be found at:

Website   Goodreads    Twitter    G+   BookBub  




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review 2018-02-14 10:00
Review! Dragon's Guard (The Dragon Shifter's Mates #1) Eva Chase



The last of her kind. Four hot alpha mates. A legacy of bloodshed. 

When Ren Landis goes looking for excitement on her 21st birthday, getting kidnapped is a little more than she bargained for. So is finding out that shifters exist—and that she’s one too. As the last of the dragon shifters, she’s got a role to fulfill: Take the alphas of the four shifter groups as her mates and unite all shifter kind. No pressure, right? 

Too bad Ren’s fate isn’t as simple as getting it on with four scorching-hot guys. Someone is out for dragon shifter blood, intent on finishing the massacre they started years ago. If Ren can’t figure out how to kickstart her buried powers, her life’s about to go down in flames. 

*This steamy new reverse harem paranormal romance series is intended for readers 18+. Expect sexy situations, intense action, ongoing storylines, and a quartet of alluring wolf, bear, jaguar, and eagle alpha shifters you’ll wish you could make your mates.*




I have to admit that this story is quite a bit different from what I was expecting which while surprising is a good thing. The story to me falls more in the urban fantasy genre than the romance category. Don’t get me wrong, it has romance, lots of steamy passion and sizzling chemistry but is also full of intrigue and thrills that keep the adrenaline pumping and suspense builds throughout the story keeping readers glued to the pages. The characters are strong and compelling and draw the readers to them which makes it easy for the readers to become caught up in the unfolding story as they find themselves facing their lives that are taking a disturbing turn.


The author brought her intriguing reverse harem world to vibrant life with well written words that makes it easy for readers to picture the events as they happen and I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning although I have to admit it was a bit disappointing when it ended in a cliffhanger, so I must warn you that is a serial romance.



Dragon’s Guard is the 1st book in The Dragon Shifter’s Mates series.


Books 2 Dragon’s Tears & 3 Dragon’s Desire is already available and #4 Dragon’s Fate will be available February 21, 2018


Dragon’s Guard is available in ebook at:



Eva Chase can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Tumbler   Facebook   Twitter   BookBub

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review 2016-08-24 17:24
Can of Wyrms: One Good Dragon Deserves Another | Review
One Good Dragon Deserves Another - Rachel Aaron,Vikas Adam

A little less Urban, this Fantasy is still just as much fun


After barely escaping the machinations of his terrifying mother, two all knowing seers, and countless bloodthirsty siblings, the last thing Julius wants to see is another dragon. Unfortunately for him, the only thing more dangerous than being a useless Heartstriker is being a useful one, and now that he’s got an in with the Three Sisters, Julius has become a key pawn in Bethesda the Heartstriker’s gamble to put her clan on top.



Buy Now | +Goodreads

Whispersync Deal Alert*: Kindle + Audible = $6.98.

Disclosure: GMB uses affiliate links, clicking and making a purchase may result in a small commission for me.

Source: I borrowed this book from a family member, and definitely plan to purchase it. The audiobook is available exclusively through Audible & Amazon.



One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron, read by Vikas Adam, published by Audible Studios (2015) / Length: 18 hrs 9 min



This is Book #2 of 3 (so far) in the "Heartstrikers" series. Book #3, No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished, is out now and will be available on audio 9/13/16.


**This review contains spoilers for the previous book(s).**



I am still a huge fan of Julius & Marci, and am beginning to develop some appreciation for a few of the other dragons as well.


One of the strengths of this series is the way it takes some very common fantasy elements and uses them in a unique way. And I really like the narrative voice.




Julius: I like that he is growing without changing his basic nature. He is still the "nice dragon" but not so much of a doormat, a trend that continues in this book. One of the things I liked in the last book, but referred to only vaguely in that review to avoid any hints of a spoiler, is the contrast between Julius' status & abilities as a dragon versus as a supposed human. He is seen as a weak and "pathetic" dragon with little strength, magic, or power. Yet he is so much stronger & faster than any human that he struggles to control it in order to avoid outing himself.


Marci: I like that Marci continues to be more dragonish than Julius, but is also proving herself to be a good partner for him. She makes decisions that are right for others and not just those that are best for her. She does sometimes let her enthusiasm and/or self-confidence get her into hot water when she should know better.


Marci & Julius: In the first book, we got one (overly tired) kiss; and when Julius chose to be a gentleman, Marci felt rejected. In this book Julius is so grateful to have a real friend that he's afraid to risk that by trying for more (and unlike many books with clueless best friends, he recognizes that she would quite possibly be open to trying but isn't ready to take that step). There were however some hints that a relationship might be possible afterall. I especially like how he puts up with her junker of a car because it has sentimental value to her (in the first book, he knew she wasn't some other dragon's human since none of them would tolerate it). And she puts up with them losing money due to his softheartedness.


Amelia (yes "A"melia) - I really feel for her, stuck between the rock & the hard place. I like how she is shaping up. (And I love how see calls Julius "Baby J") / Chelsie - this book revealed a lot more depth to the Enforcer, as well as an intriguing mystery. / Quetzalcoatl - although he died long before the series began, his role as the one responsible for all the brutal blood sacrifices is contrasted with his apparent tendency to be a doting father & grandfather in an interesting manner.



In addition to the DFZ, we get to visit the Heartstriker's headquarters (it can hardly be called a home) and a very interesting place on another plane. The worldbuilding is strong and very descriptive.


There are lots of interesting revelations about dragons, spirits, and the nature of magic.



I was looking forward to seeing Marci & Julius working together in their business, so I am glad we got that before everything went haywire.


This definitely isn't one of those middle books were nothing much happens except some set-up for the next books. (It helps that there will be more than 3, so this isn't actually the middle.) A LOT happens, including some very big changes. Much of what happens is tied up in some very complicated effects of having seers and manipulating the future, so I had to read those parts twice.


The situation from this book is completely resolved, but then we get some great big teasing cliffhangerish revelations.



  • Julius' determination to be there for Justin.
  • Marci makes a very difficult and self-sacrificing decision that totally hit me in the feels.
  • Marci sees Julius in his natural form for the first time.


I COULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT: a small bit of swearing / severed heads


OTHER CAUTIONSCaution: Ian & Svena continue to be lovers. / Amelia is an alcoholic



Character voices differentiated = Most definitely; I particularly liked Algonquin’s voice, it managed to sound both feminine & waterish. And Ghost's voice gets really creepy (in a good way) / Opposite sex voices acceptable = Yes / Accents good = Yes / Phrasing, Pacing & Pronunciation = Good / Emoting = Good (very) / Speed = a bit slow; listened on 1.5 speed, instead of my usual 1.25


There were a couple of small production issues - the quality of the sound changed - but they weren't too distracting



One Good Dragon Deserves Another (The Heartstrikers #2) by Rachel Aaron, read by Vikas Adam, published by Audible Studios (2015) / Length: 18 hrs 9 min Buy Now | +Goodreads

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