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review 2020-02-13 09:45
LOVED this book!
Snow One Like You - Ashe Winters
Independent reviewer for Gay Romance Reviews, I was gifted a copy of this book. Oh yeah, I LOVED this book! So much! Angelo and Spencer have a great deal of . . .not hatred cos that is too strong a word, but they really dislike each other, with a passion. And it's that passion that spills things over into something much more, something neither of them dreamed of. So much passion, from these two, it burned the page! While what they say to themselves is hatred of the other, deep down, they both know that there is something more between them and getting stuck in a snow storm together is the time to let it all out, and just FEEL, you know?? So much the feels! I loved the speed at which these guys fell, once they admitted to themselves at least what they were actually feeling. Usually I don't but the whole book (bar the epilogue) takes place over a few days, some 125 pages, so for it to work, it has to be fast. I loved that they were all in. Both guys have a say, in the first person, so we get it all from them both. How much Spencer riles Angelo up. How much Spencer gets a kick out of calling him Angel. How much what they both want from the other means to them. LOVED these guys, I really did! Can't see that I've read anything else by this author, and now I want more! 5 stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2020-02-02 14:38
much better read for me from this author!
Run with It (MacAteer Brothers #1) - ML Nystrom
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This NEW series from Nystrom is a spin off from the Dragon Runners series. You don't need to have read THOSE books for this one to make sense, indeed, I've only read book one and half of book 2. I didn't much care for those books, and I have no idea why. This one, however, is a whole nother story! I really REALLY enjoyed this! I was surprised I enjoyed it so much, since I didn't care for the Dragon Runners, and I cannot tell you why, either! Bev has her say in the first person, and Connor in the third. Different, but quirky and I liked it! Wasn't sure Connor would get a voice, but he does. The chemistry builds for these two, right from the start, but its way WAY late in the book that they finally get any time together, what with Connor's work, and Bev's kids and dealing with a shitty ex and his new partner. I liked that it took time for them to come together. They do bandy about the L word early, to themselves at least and I didn't like that very much but it didn't spoil my reading. Connor's builder family are in one of the Dragon Runners books, as they rebuild the Clubhouse/Bar (I forget which, and I didn't read Connor's sister's book, Stud, book 2) There is quite a lot of hints to the tension between Connor and some of his siblings, but the ones who turn up here are close to Connor. Bev's family are almost non-existent! I had to laugh at Bev's friend, signing her up for a dating app, cos been there, done that and got the bloody t-shirt! I felt for Bev, on those dates, I really did! I really cannot tell you why the Dragon Runners didn't work for me, and this one did, but I really don't care. I hope I can read the future books about these brothers, I have a feeling they will be fun to read about. 4 very VERY good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2020-01-29 20:07
a sweet and sexy read
The Bucket List - Douglas Black
This was a really great read! Kade got dumped, his mates made him a Bucket List. What could go wrong? Well, nothing really, cos Kade meets Blake right near the top of that list, and Blake pushes Kade to make some changes to his life, to himself. But ONLY because Kade wants to make those changes, nothing is pushed onto him, bar the list. The situation with Kade’s ex unravels itself beautifully. It’s not all laid out for you, and the pieces and clues come in dribs and drabs at first but then when you see what’s coming, they come at you faster, I thought! It’s hot and steamy in places, but I didn’t think it got especially emotional, or I didn’t FEEL that emotion coming off the page. It’s well written, and well delivered. But only Kade has a say, and I think this could have been a 5 star read had Blake been given a voice, I really do. Still, a delightfully sexy, sweet story that passed a couple of hours on a quiet Sunday evening at work. 4 good solid stars


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review 2019-11-01 14:13
awesome read!
First Impressions (Auckland Med. #1) - Jay Hogan
This is book one in the Auckland Med series, but I am reading this AFTER I read book two, Crossing the Touchline. This book has been re-edited and tidied up, and is a re-release. I did not read the original version, so I can’t comment on any differences there may be. But THIS version? Was brilliant! Michael runs into Josh at a very inopportune moment, with his trousers round his knees, and his junk on display. That Josh immediately pushes ALL of Michael’s buttons and THEN some, is irrelevant. Josh does not want a player and Michael does not want a relationship. So why can they not stay away from each other? Michael’s reason for not wanting a relationship and Josh’s for not wanting a player in his life are made clear to us very early on, but it takes a LOT of time for them to open up to each other, and it really is painful watching them get to that point! I mean, neither wants *this* thing between them, that much is clear, but they cannot keep apart, and the chemistry between them of off the charts but emotionally?? Neither is ready for anything. And then, the pesky emotions do their thing and both of them, separately of each other, decide that maybe, just maybe they can make this work. Then something happens that sends them both into the unknown abyss and Michael runs clear across the world. It took me all day to read this, because I alternatively wanted to punch both Michael AND Josh in the face, and to wrap them both up in cotton wool and love hard on them! I still don’t know which is the more dominant feeling, I really don’t! I had to keep putting the book down, to get over whichever was higher up at the time. And trust me when I say, I rarely verbally react when READING (listening is different) and I did swear at this book a time or three at this book, I really did! These guys have some serious chemistry, let me tell ya! I was *NOT* being sociable, and reading at the mother in law’s house and she kept asking me if I was too hot, cos my face was flushed and I had to tell her I was coming down with a cold! Along with the noises, and I think she thought I was nuts! I can’t go into much, for spoilers, but this book twists and turns all over the place, and just when you think it’s all sorted? Boom! It goes off again! I loved that Cam, from book 2, takes a huge part and we see a different side to him here. Even though I know this has been edited and stuff, I would have loved the first version, I know. Don’t know who is next, I really don’t care, so long as I can get my grubby little mitts on it! 5 full and shiny stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-08-14 13:31
Interludes Box Set - Aliyah Burke
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this box set of three books. Because I read these books back to back, as a set, I’m writing one review for the whole bundle, rather than three separate reviews. And let me tell ya, I loved these books! Well, I LOVED books one and three, two didn’t quite hit that spot, but still! These books landed right in my queue when I needed them the most. I read a lot, A LOT, a lot and a huge chunk of those books are male/male romance of some description or other. Now, I’m not picky, I like to think I’m an equal opportunities reader, I will read most pairings so long as the blurb grabs. But it’s been a while since I had such great male/female pairings that were so bloody sexy! There is instant and powerful attraction between Roxi and Sam in book one. Tuck and Ariel pussy foot around each other for the better part of two years before they act on their feelings in book two. Maya and Brent, in book three, had a one night stand some time (but I was never really clear on how long ago that was!) in Hawaii and when Brent finds himself face to face with Maya again, he wants to pick up where they left off. Each book is well written, with both male and female lead having a say. All the characters have very different voices, and tell their stories in the third person. Each book has a Marine or two as the lead, and there are a whole host of other Marines that pop up in each book. There is a huge supporting cast, spread over the three books, with some very interesting people who I want to have a story of their own. Some massive hints? Clues? Teasers, I think is probably the best word, to their stories and I need to know will there be more in this series?? I read tow of these books in one day, and had I not had to up at stoopid o’clock the next morning, I would probably have read all three! First I’ve read of this author, and now I want to read more. Her back list is massive though, and it may take some time to choose! Like I said, book two did not quite hit *that* spot, but I’m still giving the whole set. . . 5 full stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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