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review 2019-08-14 12:20
Jesse was HARD work!
Enough - Matthew J. Metzger
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jesse loves Ezra, he just can't say the words while he's waiting for Ezra to realise that Jesse isn't good enough for him. It takes an accident to make him see what Ezra does: that Jesses really is more than enough for him! For the most part, I did enjoy this. Besides one glaring reason, which I will tell you shortly, the other reason is a little less glaring and might just be the reason other people love this book. And it's Jesse himself! You know the saying, if you hear it often enough, you'll start to believe it?? Well Jesse does not believe Ezra when he tells him he loves him. Jesse does not believe Ezra when he tells him he does NOT want his ex. He does not believe Ezra when Ezra tells Jesse that his family are homophobic and will hate Jesse on sight but that's only because Jesse is a MAN and not for Jesse himself. And I found this bit hard to deal with! I mean Ezra tells him often enough, enough to get a little bored hearing Ezra repeat himself time and time again. Jesse talks himself down so much, I started to get negative feelings for him, and wanted to slap him upside the head and MAKE HIM SEE, but it's not until he realises he might actually LOSE Ezra, that Jesse takes stock, and finally, halle-flipping-luiah, prasie the God he doesn't belive in, Jesse FINALLY can see, that he really is what Ezra wants, WHO Ezra wants! It just took him far too long for my liking! And the glaring thing?? Only Jesse has a say. Yes yes I know I say it often enough to be as annoying as Jesse is here, but come on! Ezra NEEDED a say, to balance out how negative Jesse was for most of this book. Ez is quite a chirpy soul, and I think this may well have been a 5 star read, had Ez been given a voice, and we got into HIS head, when he was telling Jesse over and over how much he loved him and wanted him. It's heavy on steam and passion, but at one point I thought it might come out almost clean. It wasn't til it was clear it was NOT going to be clean, that I noticed it had been up to that point, and,to be honest, this book would have been great (previous points aside) had it been totally clean. I didn't dislike that it came out not clean, but I would have liked it just as much if it had, does that make sense? Does to me, so hope it does to you! The after effects of the accident is described in great detail, graphically so, and that really IS needed, to get the full picture. Not easy reading, but you do need it. This is the first I've read of this author, but another of his books is sitting on my "languishing on kindle" shelf. I might pull it forward! So, because Jesse was a little grating on the nerves, adn because ez doesn't get a say. . . . 4 solid stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-07-15 17:34
4 solid stars!
Runner - Parker Williams
After being assaulted when he was a teenager, Matt retreats into himself and uses habits and cleaning to get through. When a jogger starts running past his house every day, Matt calls his brother, the police chief, to talk to the jogger. But Clay is worried about Matt and says he will, if Matt asks the jogger his name. When Matt manages to do just that, he is surprised how easy he finds it to talk to Charlie. Then one day, Charlie doesn’t come, and Matt goes into a tail spin. Can he leave his house, to see what happened to Charlie? Ordinarily, I would write a bit about the book, then about the audio but I might not be able to do that here. Since this book is written in the first person and ONLY from Matt’s point of view, the book and the narration kinda merge into one, and so I’m sorry if this review goes a little off tangent. Right from the very beginning, we are made aware of what happened to Matt, and what happened after. We get his slow spiral into a smaller and smaller world, and what that does to Matt, and how he deals with things. He is a recluse and does not like people in his space. The jogger throws Matt off, even though said jogger is only going past his house, and not coming NEAR it, Matt struggles. Talking to Charlie, though, was surprisingly easy for Matt, once he got over that initial. . . hiccup. Getting used to Charlie helps Matt in ways he didn’t know Charlie could help him, in ways he didn’t know ANYONE could help him. Charlie not coming one day, well, that messes Matt right back up, and Matt is pushed way beyond his self-imposed limits. Matt voice is clear throughout most of the book, but this is where my review bits merge. At points along the way, especially when Matt is *thinking* the narrator dips his voice, low, so very low. I usually have no problem with low voices and speech tones, but the narrator also lowers the volume of his voice, and I’m sure I missed some important musings from Matt because of this. Patrick Zeller is a new to me narrator, not having listened to his work before. For the most part, it was very good, with Zeller getting all of Matt across at some difficult points, emotionally devastating points to be fair, and you do get all that. It’s just the DIPPING I struggled with. Therefore I gave the narration 4 stars. His voices for all the characters are very different and clearly defined, and I had no trouble differentiating between who was speaking in multi person conversations. I won’t write him off, not just yet though. I went and had a look at his other work, and while nothing jumps out at me there, should another book narrated by him become available, I would give him another go. Parker Williams is also a new to me author, although I have listened to a couple of his collaborations before. Runner is the first book of Mr Williams I’ve read/listened to and I hope it’s not the last! I like the way he tells this tale. It’s not overly explicit, but then again, Matt is suffering from a sexual assault. It is extremely well written, though, the blossoming relationship between Matt and Charlie, and there is a good deal of evidence of research by Williams in Matt’s . . . .what’s the best way to put it. . . .coming out of himself, and beginning to live again, I think best fits. Recovery isn’t quite the right word, but very nearly. My only reason for giving the book 4 stars, was only MATT has a say. Because of COURSE I needed to hear from Charlie! Ya’ll know I need to hear from everyone, but especially here. I wanted to know what Charlie was thinking when he actually meets Matt, rather than just waving at him in the window, even if that first meeting is a little bit of a hiccup. What he was thinking when Matt finds him when he doesn’t come by the house, and when Matt discovers what Charlie and Clay did. I needed Charlie and I don’t get him, even if it would have been in the first person. So, 4 solid stars for the book, and for the narration too. **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-06-28 15:04
my only fault? No Brian!
Nine Small Sips (Tales Of Bryant #2) - V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. This is NOT a stand alone, you really MUST read Tales of Bryant before this one, it is a continuation of Isamu and Brian’s story. Brian and Isamu have a wedding coming up, and with an over sensitive-to-change wedding planner, a grandmother who demands traditions and a job that could take Isamu away from Brian so soon after their wedding, things are not going to plan! Again, only the fact that Brian does not have a say is the only fault I can find with this book! Adrian, the wedding planner, provides hysterical moments, that made me laugh out loud, cos the man simply does NOT like to change his wedding plans. But as Brian points out, it is NOT Adrian’s wedding, it is Isamu and Brian’s wedding, and Isamu needs to stand his ground. Isamu’s grandmother and parents provide the serious side to this tale. Baba wants Isamu to embrace his Japanese heritage and include a ceremony that would honour his grandfather. I loved Isamu’s family. While they were still unsure about the age gap, they could see that Brian loves Isamu, and Isamu loves Brian. We catch up with Isamu’s boss, Canada, oh, sorry, Caiden (love that Brian calls him Canada!) and with Isamu’s friend, Devon. Devon and Caiden have instant and powerful attraction, and I hope they get a tale of their own! Its sexy and steamy in the most sweetest way, not quite as sweet as Tales of Bryant but still sugar rush enducing. Like I said, just the fact that Brian isn’t given a voice, is the only reason I can’t stretch to 5 stars, and I am sorry for that! 4 very good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-04-11 12:28
so bloody sweet, but so SO good!
Tales of Bryant - V.L. Locey
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in here, cos let me tell ya! This book landed on my kindle at silly o’clock on a Monday morning. I did not have to be at work for a couple of hours, so I jumped into read a few pages before I must move. And boom! Book finished before 930! I loved this book! Bar one thing, but I will come back to that. This is actually billed as four shorts, across the four seasons around Bryant Park in New York. It is, though, the story of a relationship that starts in Byrant Park, between Isamu and Brian, which spans the year. And it is so bloody sweet! I mean, any sweeter, and it would be pure sugar! Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s steamy, and sexy. It’s emotional and dreamy. It made me choke up in places and laugh in others. But my underlying feeling (ya’ll know I’m ALL about the book feelings!) was that this book was SWEET. And I LOVED it! Isamu is young, a student of film, delivering sweet treats to the park. Brian is an executive (not really clear of what, but hey, who cares!) He’s been oogling Isamu for months, and the feeling is entirely mutual. Isamu makes sure to be the one to deliver Brian’s treats to the park, just to get his own sweet fix. When Brian eventually plucks up courage to ask Isamu on a date, he jumps at the chance. The rest, they say, is history. Until that is, Brian says something that makes Isamu run. My only niggle, the thing that stopped it getting the full 5 stars? Only Isamu has a say. And I really NEEDED Brian to have a voice! Isamu makes Brian think, challenge his own rules, makes him WANT to have that relationship he swore off so long ago, and I needed to hear him say WHY Isamu does these things. And he doesn’t. I’m all for saying if a single point of view book carries the full 5 stars, but here, I really needed Brian and I don’t get him. Isamu though, is lovely! A sweet young man, trying to find his muse for his final assessment, his camera going everywhere with him. And I do mean EVERYWHERE! Loved that Brian was not at all phased by the camera in his face a huge amount of the time! This author is fast becoming a favourite of mine, and I look forward to reading more! 4 very sweet, but very good stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2019-03-14 14:21
Dane needed a say!
Snowed In: Dane and Heath - Rafe Jadison
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Dane is a good boss, until he makes Heath stay late and they get caught in a snow storm of epic proportions. But after a few beers and some secrets, Dane and Heath find they have more in common that they thought, and neither can deny it any longer. CUTE!! My first thoughts on finishing this book was, needs to go on the "too stinking cute" shelf! It's rather sweet, with a little bit of sexy time, some secrets exposed, not overly emotional, but enough emotion comes across in the right places. All the descriptions of the weather, what's happening outside, when the car nearly crashes into the tree, they all came across beautifully, and I reacted verbally to some parts. I don't usually, when reading, but do when listening. But when the car went skidding?? I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Phew, when it stopped! Only Heath has a say, though, and I think that's why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. Even for such a short book, some 48 pages, if Dane had had a say, if we had gotten into his mind, I think this might have been a 5 star read. Dane has a lot to say here, and not all of it is voiced. I have one teeny tiny comment about the editing though. In one particular place, Dane's is transposed for Heath's name. I carried on reading, not really noticing UNTIL something happen that DANE did to HEATH, which had happened where the names got mixed up. Just a comment, is all. Really REALLY cute read, and the first I have read of this author. I'd like to read more, something longer with more bite, a bit more in depth. 4 solid stars (but really only cos Dane doesn't have his say) **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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