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review 2015-02-13 16:25
Angelica, the BLUE LADY has it all...
Angelica has it all; the designer gear, an abundance of money, and a high-powered job. However, she does not have Shawn, the man of her dreams. When she finds out that they will be working together, she devises a plan to ensnare him, certain that he would not be able to resist the charms of her alter ego, The Blue Lady. However, Angelica had not taken into account Shawn’s masterful re-creation of himself since their previous relationship fizzled out, and also the new hindrance of Sondra, an unplanned spanner in the works. Will Angelica and Shawn get back together? You will have to buy the short story to find out!"


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review 2015-02-06 20:29
BLUE LADY: The Angelica Mason Series
SHORT AND SAUCY, February 6, 2015
This review is from: Blue Lady: The Angelica Mason Series (Kindle Edition)
Short, saucy in a clean way, the beginning of a series.Do we always think we know what we want and then discover we might be wrong? Without giving away any of the details this is a piece of fiction one can feel the writer's enjoyment in telling the story - nice clothes, a fancy car, a job woth a great future - would you give it up in search for the love of your life? I enjoyed the story - the worst thing is I have to wait for the next sequel.
Source: www.amazon.com/review/R179G5SYVOCCG7/ref=cm_cr_pr_perm/?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00SM24YKU
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text 2015-02-04 17:13
BLUE LADY: The Angelica Mason Series

"Angelica Mason is no joke. In ten short years, she made a name for herself. Her designer bookshelf of awards and citations shouted her accomplishments in perfect harmony synchronized to the beat of her up-tempo 'do it my way' lifestyle.


After graduating from the University of Georgia, she took advantage of two of the many graduating gifts she received: a set of Louis Vuitton luggage from her god-mother and an all expense paid trip to Italy from her parents. For five months, she enjoyed the Mediterranean and authentic Italian cuisine while showcasing her five years of studying Italian. She'd never admit -out-loud anyway-that her cerebral experience at the Sistine Chapel was overshadowed by her shopping spree in Milan's Montenapoleone. St. Peter's Square and the Vatican were no match for Dolce & Gabbana!


Refreshed and invigorated by the ancient leaders of Western civilization, she returned from Italy heading to the political powerhouse of the 21st century; Washington, DC. Here she planned to match the political theory behind her Masters degree in political science with the realities of US politics. She was off to a great start when she learned just before her return that she landed a spot in the Presidential Management Fellows Program. She fast tracked through the program when the Director of Immigration learned she scripted the white paper on 'Immigration Reform: Constitutional Issues and Exploration'.


She excelled in her position in the Director's office earning quite the reputation for trouble shooting: the big and the small. Initially she thrived on living life in the fast lane and with the powerbrokers that refused to use signal lights or warning signs or so she thought until she learned to read their unwritten, not to be violated, rules and moves.
Suddenly, and if asked, Angelica could articulate in great detail the moment she made the conscious decision to no longer interpret the unwritten DC maneuvers and machinations: 6 PM, Monday, January 1st."

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review 2014-10-19 14:18
Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista
Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista - Aven Ellis

Recent college graduate Avery Andrews is ready to begin a new life in the big city. She’s landed an apartment in Chicago’s famed Lincoln Park neighborhood–and has her eye on the cute commodities trader just a floor above.

If Premier Airlines knew about her fear of flying, they never would have hired her to be their marketing assistant—but it’s not like Avery wants a lifelong career. Right now she simply wants a job to pay her bills…and fund a few little shopping excursions, too.

Her new lifestyle comes with a price tag, as Avery is not only faced with paying a ridiculous rent but finds she’s perceived as one of the vacant, husband-hunting fashionistas who live in the area. Avery resents this stereotype—so she doesn’t want a lifelong career, and she loves fashions she can’t afford, but that doesn’t mean she is empty-headed and spoiled, does it? 

When an opportunity to participate in a documentary at work arises, Avery finds a two-fold solution to her problems. She’ll earn extra money for it, and the documentary will show her as a serious career woman, enabling her to shed that husband-hunting fashionista label for good.

When the camera is on, Avery attempts to be a motivated professional woman. But when she is challenged by Deacon Ryan, the videographer assigned to cover her story, Avery finds herself wanting things she was never supposed to want—like a lasting career—and Deacon. And Avery might just gain more from the experience than a perfect career image and extra cash to put in her Tory Burch wallet…

Oh man I have been waiting SOOO long for this book. I'm one of Aven's Beta Baes so she has been dangling this book in front of me like a piece of meat for months. Getting me to help with the cover and all the while I just wanted to read the book. (Patience is not one of my strong suits.) Anyway she finally sent it to me and I, quite obviously, bumped it to the top of my TBR pile. While I was reading this I was quite glad I wasn't a beta reader for this book because I think I would have killed Aven. The amount of times I said to myself I'll just get to the end of the chapter and it was left on a cliffhanger so I just HAD to read the next bit would have driven me insane.


Avery made me laugh a lot. She had landed her self a job at Premier Airlines but is petrified of flying, I mean talk about ironic. So her job it's just to pay the bills and buy clothes right? She doesn't care about a career she just wants to find a nice rich man and then look after their future children. The problem is that because of this she's being stereotyped as an empty-headed fashionista.


Then Avery somehow lands herself a role in the documentary about Premier Airlines. So she starts to pretend she actually cares about her work. Her videographer, DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) Deke sees through her pretence and really challenges her. He makes her re-evaluate what she want's from life. He makes her see that just because things don't work out how you thought they would or they are 'supposed' to doesn't mean that it's not the better outcome.


Aven has a knack for writing the perfect man. I mean in Connectivity we had William, hmmmm then we had Harrison in Waiting For Prince Harry who didn't love him, and a Aven has a  few WIP men which let me tell you are scorching, I can't wait for you to all read them!!! Deke is of course no exception. With his old t-shirts and his challenging questions how could you not fall for him. Oh and did I mention he is hot..like DDG hot! He's also a little bit damaged. I really felt for him and when he opened up to Avery. I was sitting on my sofa crying, thinking boy this man needs a hug...


The JFK scene really got me. It was so sweet but it also showed everything that Avery had learnt, that you should fight for the things that are important, no matter what it takes.

I honestly can't give this book enough praise and I don't think this review has done it enough justice but I hope you all one click this right now.

Source: wp.me/p4cAal-zP
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text 2014-10-14 11:33
Free Today on Amazon
A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court - Mari Mancusi
Delicate Freakn' Flower - Eve Langlais

I've read both of these books and I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of either... That being said, free is a good deal and I'm sure other people will enjoy them more than I did.


A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court


Delicate Freakin' Flower



And a personal note: My life at the moment has been in a bit busy so there haven't been many updates and I haven't been keeping up with posts as well as I normally would. I'm hoping things will even out a bit in November once we get moved. I miss all my book people!

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