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review 2018-10-17 14:01
Bound Gods, Book 5 - Crocuta Crocuta
Bound Gods: Crocuta Crocuta - Adrienne Wilder

Another amazing couple...but damn just heartwrenching as well.  Damn.  

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review 2016-10-10 14:14
Evenfall - DNF at 59%
Evenfall - Ais,Santino Hassell

Well...I tried but clearly this series is just not for me.  I find myself just frustrated most of the time...from this Agency to things done out of character to just continued stupidity and then find myself agravated that I really love them a lot.  I want them together...because they do have amazing moments together and see each other for who they are, and I love that. But I can't turn off my heart and my emotions and be thicker skinned to deal with the bullshit which they will endure moving forward in the next several thousands of pages in this series.  Maybe it is worth it for others but it is not worth it for me.


Kudos to those who can endure this.



Marco, I am sorry for leaving you.  Best of luck with this.

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review 2015-04-10 08:25
Roving Pack - Sassafras Lowrey

Yeesh, what to say about this book.


Okay first of all I liked it, I liked the setting I liked the writing I liked the main character.


However, this book is FUCKING TERRIFYING. In that it romanticises the SHIT out of violent sex acts - with NO prior discussion of them. Ie: surprise violent sex! Romantic, apparently. Not rape. Abusive relationships - romantic apparently. There are a lot of them in this book. Nobody seems to understand or care about consent in the slightest.



Also, the ending is horrible and depressing and leaves you at pretty much the worst time in the protagonist's life when everything has just fallen apart. Like, great, thanks, that wasn't a betrayal of your reader's trust or anything. It's not like I'm sitting here frustrated and unsatisfied and feeling like the whole thing's not ended. L2conclusion&denouement.


(spoiler show)


Oh, and it is in dire need of some editing. There is nothing misspelled, but there are words missing and extra words thrown into places they shouldn't be (like 'a the' when it should be just 'a' or 'the'. etc), and at one point an entire repeated page, that cut into the text at odd times, cutting up sentences either side.




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review 2015-04-09 14:05
Good but Frustrating
The Night Watch - Sarah Waters

Well-written and engaging, with intriguing characters and a lot of drama.


However, a lot of the intrigue comes purely from it being written backwards - the book is split into 3 parts, starting out in 1947, then 1944, then ending in 1941 - it feels contrived and frustrating, for it to constantly refer to things the characters know that it is deliberately not telling you. It also has the bonus effect of making it feel like it doesn't have a proper end. If you were wondering what was going to happen to the characters in the first part you were reading, you're screwed, it never goes back to the 'present day'. It sets you up with a lot of drama, then goes through the backstory of the drama, but never /resolves/ the drama.


In short, I enjoyed reading this book until it finished, and then felt cheated due to the lack of a conclusion and denouement.



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text 2015-03-03 02:41
Where am I going wrong?

Those of you who download Amazon e-books and then convert them to another file format: where am I going wrong? I've only done it twice so far, and both times involved more steps than I expected for something I've been told is "easy."


First off, "Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited" means DRM-free, yes? If so, both books were DRM-free, which should have been a regular file conversion in Calibre. I've done that before. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more complicated than that.


My steps: I couldn't figure out how to download directly from Amazon's "Your Media Library" page, so I downloaded the books to Kindle for PC. I could import them into Calibre, and the file sizes were right, but when I tried to open the books all I got were the cover images and a bit of white space. I can't convert a book I can't even properly load. The only thing that's worked for me is finding an online mobi-to-epub converter, using that, and then loading the resulting file into Calibre. I've never heard of anybody who uses Calibre needing a step like that, so I figure I must be doing something wrong.

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