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text 2017-04-16 14:40
Crazier than a box of frogs
Harley Quinn, Volume 1: Die Laughing - Amanda Conner,Jimmy Palmiotti

I had mixed feelings about this.
HQ and Poison Ivy. Although Harley and her merry crew made Ivy seem sane.
The Artwork. Excellent.
Red Tool. By far my favourite character. Come on. He's a parody of Deadpool, who is already a ripoff of Deathstroke. It's perfect. He needs his own comic!
Cons: The stories get a bit confused and random in places. Maybe this intentional to reflect Harley's mind. It just came across as messy to me.
How is Harley in two places at once? Coney Island in this and locked up with the Suicide Squad in the other comic.


Not my favourite title but not awful either.

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review 2017-04-16 01:28
This is getting right back on track
Suicide Squad (2016-) #15 - Rob Williams,Dean White,Adriano Lucas,Jeremiah Skipper,John Romita,Danny Miki,Richard Friend,Eber Ferreira,Eddy Barrows

I've been loving this storyline, but this is even better than I expected given what came before: it's twisted, it's in character, and it shows just how determined Waller is to get her way.   She sacrifices herself, and her life, to keep her family safe.   And yeah, the world, too.   


She takes control of the Suicide Squad again, reveals that she's been using one to play against them, under her orders, and discovers that, with Hack dead, they still have someone working against them in Belle Reve.   This wraps up a storyline, sets up the next one, and does so much character work, as well.   Loving this more than I thought I would, and I'm more excited than I have been in a couple months to get the next issue!

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review 2017-04-08 01:36
Last Bombshells I own
DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) #18 - Marguerite Bennett,M.L. Sanapo

I like the later issues more than the earlier ones, to be honest .  More characters from the regular DC universe, and it really gets into resistance against the Nazi's.   Those from the ghetto in Berlin are almost killed, but find a haven in this issue.  


And I kinda cried a little at some of the speeches that Mera made in this issue, as her storyline and those of the Ghetto survivors intertwine.   The last page introduces a new character in this world, although she'll be familiar to those who read Justice League.   And I'm excited to see what happens with her.   Thinking of splurging on Comixology soon and getting more of this series.

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review 2017-04-08 01:22
Still in love with this series
DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) #17 - Marguerite Bennett,Ming Doyle

The ghetto goes to war: Bombshells, Huntress, the Swing Kids, the Jews, the magic users, everyone.   And even while Zantanna realizes that she's been duped by The Joker's Daughter, and that the Nazi's know where they are and what they're planning, a new heroine arises: an unsurprising choice of a female Shazam.   Still, it's nice to see a Jewish girl wield this kind of power in the midst of the Holocaust.   (And look at me, reading about the Holocaust, which I couldn't do at all a decade ago!)


It's even nicer to see her own inner strength and belief that they would be okay and that they would win, even before she got her powers.   


Overall, a really hopeful series despite some really awful circumstances.   Looking forward to the last issue I got when they were on sale - the next issue.   After that, I'll be reading some comics from Black Mask I haven't gotten around to yet.

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review 2017-04-08 00:44
Love, love, love!
DC Comics Bombshells #16 - Marguerite Bennett

I don't have the background, true, but DC did another excellent job of not losing me completely.  On the ground, the girls are gathering in Berlin to plan an attack against the Third Reich.   Batwoman tells the story of how she and Renee adopted a child named Jason in Spain, and how he was murdered.   (Must be Jason Todd.)   I love how they add more and more of the modern mythology and make it fit flawlessly into the new continuity. It also means that if you know some DC background, you get a lot more from this. 


There's also a second story about Mera and her sister Hila, who is Queen of Atlantis.   Her husband is a despot and Mera is determined to take him off the throne.   When she gets to Atlantis, she finds another on the throne - another she'll have to fight if she wants to take the throne and right the wrongs of the former king herself. 



There's a lot of coming together in the first storyline and Mera's story is more about a family coming apart, from her backstory to the current story.   There's a lot going on here, and a lot of small, and personal interactions that I really, really enjoyed.   Especially the Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy moment where they smooch.   Apparently they're a couple in any continuity - and I kinda love that.

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