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text 2018-09-21 08:00
How to Crack an SAP BW Interview?

If you are planning to give an interview related to SAP BW interview question for any kind of job, then it is recommended that you do a little homework before you finally step out. You must give yourself a 'mock' interview. Your friends could perhaps help you with that. You need to be careful with the timings. Do not reach the spot at the last minute, as you may land up feeling nervous. Dress up appropriately, talk gently and walk confidently and needless to say, smile!


The first round of the interview will be made up of technical questions and these could be challenging. This may be divided into several rounds, and different lineups may be hard-hitting and lengthy too.


Make sure you have put in substantial efforts in your resume and it would be very closely examined. You may like to be a little crafty and customize it a bit also. You ought to be well aware of the content of the first few pages of your resume.


You must present yourself and your merits in an appropriate manner. Make sure you offer yourself exactly as per the needs and type of the job. In case of a junior level job, you should look keen and fervent. If you go for an interview for a higher-level job, showcase your experience, familiarity, and command over things. You may be given a specific situation, and then asked about your approach in resolving it.


Some interviewers will even base their questions on your resume, some on the present scheme status quo, and few on the management type practical questions.


Don’t project yourself as 'Mr. Perfect'. Tell them about your weaker points. This will also increase their confidence regarding you. Don’t give a hint that you have very limited grasp over customization.


In the subsequent round, the interviewer can test your caliber with the management related questions. Depending on how well you perceive these, could be easy to crack. They may be keen to know how well you will be able to cope up the team-work, besides knowing about your forthcoming objectives to be defined precisely. This is generally conducted by Venture supervisors/ Program directors, Project promoters, Patrons and other individuals. Some organizations even like to be a part of this interview on the same days and others may like to be kept on another day.


Only if you are applying as a full-time employee, that’s when HR round will test you. This is the final round. This is mainly designed to get a sneak peek into the background and life-history of the interviewee the dealing is finalized in this round generally, such as the working procedures, remuneration, plusses etc.

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text 2018-08-22 11:09
Corporate Training Courses in Madurai

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Corporate Training Courses We Offering,



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Source: www.ececskillschool.com/services/corporate-training.html
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text 2018-08-14 12:40
Blog Tour: Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill with Interview, Review and TWO Giveaways


Today is a special stop for Chloe Neill’s Wild Hunger. We will have info about the book and author, an Interview with Chloe,my review of Wild Hunger and two awesome giveaways. Make sure to check everything out and enter the giveaways.

Happy Reading :) 





As the only vampire child ever born, some believed Elisa Sullivan had all the luck. But the magic that helped bring her into the world left her with a dark secret. Shifter Connor Keene, the only son of North American Central Pack Apex Gabriel Keene, is the only one she trusts with it. But she’s a vampire and the daughter of a Master and a Sentinel, and he’s prince of the Pack and its future king.

When the assassination of an ambassador brings old feuds to the fore again, Elisa and Connor must choose between love and family, between honor and obligation, before Chicago disappears forever.





Buy Links 


Available TODAY 


Amazon ***  B&N *** Kobo 




Thank you Chloe for taking the time to answer some questions :) 

When came the idea to have a spin off series?


 As soon as I started writing Chicagoland Vampires (in about 2005), I knew Elisa had her own story to tell.



When you first had the idea for the spin off, was it always the characters we have now Elisa and Connor, or did you have someone else in mind first?


 It was always Elisa. Connor was a bit of a surprise; I figured him out a little later on.



How different was it for you to write Merit and Ethan out of someone else point of view? Both are pretty strong and forward characters, was it difficult to keep them in the background?


Not really. Elisa is very much her own person, as are the supporting characters in WILD HUNGER. But I definitely enjoyed seeing Ethan and Merit again. They are old friends.



What excited you the most about coming back or staying in the Chicagoland world?


 Probably the fact that I get to delve more deeply into the shifters and Packs. I haven't had nearly enough of an opportunity to explore that world.



Are there any other projects you working on and can tell us about?


Sure! I'm currently working on the fourth Devil's Isle novel, my post-urban fantasy series set in New Orleans. This is the finale, so there's a lot of action and excitement in the book!



*I received a free copy from the publisher via Netgalley and chose to leave a voluntary review. Thank you!*



4 ½ ★


I have read and loved The Chicagoland Vampires Series, (mostly) so when I saw this will be released I was really psyched to get my hands on it. I should say that it also can be easily read if you have not read the first series, everything that is important will be mentioned and explained. So if you have not read it and don’t plan on it you still can read this book and not be lost. After reading it I can say that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It was a perfect mix of old and new , the old Chicagoland we know and love and the new with fresh new people to love just as much if not a bit more . Familiar faces and storyline being brought over to the new faces and new problems with Chicago. We still get to see Merit and Ethan but out if the eyes of their Daughter Elisa which I not only liked but it was different. But obviously this being Elisa’s story they stay pretty much in the background but still poke their head in sometimes. Which was nicely done. I really enjoyed Elisa, she was strong, unique funny and really working on distancing herself from her parent’s legacy and wants to stay on her own two feet. But what nobody knows is that she fights an internal battle with a monster inside her since she was pretty much born. A possible side effect if the way she was made and or born?! Only one person knows a little about it and that is Connor Keene. Speaking of Connor I really enjoyed him, sexy strong alpha male with a sense of humor. I really loved them together and their banter, it had many laugh out loud moments. But there was also a tender and really honest site to them that I loved. Overall I just really liked them. The few awkward moments between them made it just so much more realistic and fun read. I also enjoyed Theo, thought his role in the Ombidubus office was great, I just hope we will not see a love triangle here. I also enjoyed Lulu, the daughter of Malory and Catcher who decided to ban Magic in her life, but I think that will change and we will see some kind of conflict with herself. Of course we also see the faeries again and of course they up to no good. We learn more about their magic and history but also more about Magic in general that also involves the vampires and wolves. The seen prophecy we heard about before is hinted at but we still don’t know what it is or what was seen……but I think it will be a major part of the series. Overall, I really enjoyed it was fresh and funny, the writing was smooth and it was easy to fall in love with the characters. The final battle I thought was a bit anti climatic but overall it was great first book and I ‘m looking forward to reading the next one already.


I rate it 4 ½ ★





Photo by Dana Damewood.


Chloe Neill is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Devil’s Isle, Chicagoland Vampires, and Dark Elite series. She was born and raised in the South, but now makes her home in the Midwest.  When not writing, she bakes, knits, Pins, and scours the Internet for good recipes and great graphic design. Chloe also maintains her sanity by spending time with her boys–her favorite landscape photographer/husband and their dogs, Baxter and Scout. (Both she and the photographer understand the dogs are in charge.)

Chloe is represented by Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency. Chloe is a member of the Romance Writers of America. 




Twitter *** Facebook *** Pinterest *** Website *** Instagram 



There will be two giveaways to this tour, one over on Chloe's site,which will include


A Wild Hunger tote bag and bookmark A Stuffed “Connor Keene” Wolf Keychain A gorgeous box of Ladurée French Macarons (You’ll find out why in WILD HUNGER!) Amazon Kindle $50 Amazon gift card Bookmarks and swag


you will be able to find that here.



And one giveaway right here, which will run from today until August 18th.  Prizes include 



A Wild Hunger tote bag and bookmark A Stuffed “Connor Keene” Wolf Keychain A signed Chloe Neill book Assorted Chicagoland and Devil’s Isle bookmarks and swag


This second giveaway will only open to the USA( sorry) 



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Week One

Monday, August 6 – The Consummate Reader Tuesday, August 7 – Moonlight Rendezvous | Books of My Heart Wednesday, August 8 – Book Dragons 24/7 Thursday, August 9 – MeliH Friday, August 10 – A Book Fanatic Obsession | Silence is Read

Week Two

Monday, August 13 – Loves Great Reads Tuesday, August 14 (Release Day) – Snoopydoo’s Book Review Wednesday, August 15 – A Great Read | Book Nook Nuts Thursday, August 16 – Urban Fantasy Investigations | Goldilocks and the Three Weres Friday, August 17 – Dawn’s Reading Nook | Besties & Books

Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/index.php/2018/08/14/blog-tour-wild-hunger-by-chloe-neill-with-interview-review-and-two-giveaways
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text 2018-07-31 13:04
Author interview with Johanne Levesque + "Trouble & Strife" Giveaway



We're happy to welcome Johanne Levesque and her debut novel Trouble & Strife. Keep on reading to get to know the author better, and win a review copy in the Trouble & Strife Giveaway


Trouble and Strife - Johanne Levesque


Trouble and Strife - Johanne Levesque  


Sometimes the smallest voices make the deepest impact.
Josephine Hadley, a 1930s Canadian housewife, fills her days looking after her children, her indifferent husband and a stream of Depression-era visitors. Her contribution to her guests is a bowl of stew and an open heart.
Her small world, however, is soon shattered by a tragic event which forces her to become the breadwinner. Can she run a business without sacrificing herself? And is it possible to act on a long-buried desire without remorse?
Johanne Levesque’s first novel, Trouble and Strife, is a poignant and heartbreaking look at a woman’s life in a fast-changing time. With intimate details and a deft poetic touch, Levesque has captured the spirit of an age where war and economic hardship altered the workplace, home and women’s lives forever.



What are you reading now?


Middlemarch by George Eliot

Middlemarch - George Eliot 



Was there one event that inspired your decision to become a writer?


Yes, it was the recession in 2008. My husband was a landlord and he lost a couple properties and he sounded like Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh. I told him, “I wonder what it was like for a landlord in The Great Depression. He challenged me to write about it.


Can you tell our readers more about your book Trouble and Strife, and who gonna love the story?


It is about a family with four children living in Toronto Canada during the Great Depression. The husband is a landlord and the wife stays at home to take care of four children and she find ways to help others during this financial crisis. Things get more and more difficult for the family and she struggles to cope under difficult circumstances..



How did the book story emerge?


Curiosity about what the Great Depression was like for people living in Toronto during the 1930’s. I riffled through archive newspaper for 10 years, going through microfiche to make the story as accurate as it could be with the historical events of the time included in the story.






You studied Psychology. Do you / How do you use your knowledge and experience from the psychological field to create your stories and characters?


Because I studied who what where how of human behavior I have a good grasp of motivation of my characters and why they act the way they do.



What are your writing plans?


I am in the process of writing the sequel of Trouble and Strife. The story will continue into the Second World War and we will see how the family copes during the difficult years of 1940-1945.



In your short bio we can read I only spoke French for the first 18 years of my life. I learned to speak English by reading One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest using a French English dictionary for most words. Does it mean literature was always important in your life and your life decisions?


Yes reading was my solace as a kid. Our house was filled with violence and chaos and my escape was books. Reading was my safe place where I could travel to other countries, immerse myself into a character and feel his or her thoughts and feelings. My only exercise was when I took my bike to the library and back. If I had to play dodge ball at school I placed myself where I could get hit right away so I could go back and read my books. I would get into a theme, like a whole series of books about a flight attendant and her adventures. I would read everything I could find about Apartheid, or Martin Luther King or the Holocaust before I was a teenager. I am afraid to say I preferred books over people. I am still a loner but I am much more social now...



Who are your favorite authors and genres? Have they influenced you and in what way?


I like the classics, Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Nathaniel Hawethorne, Gustave Flaubert, Wilke Collins, Louisa M. Alcott, Leo Tolstoy, Harper Lee. They have influenced me because I love the old English way of speaking and I feel it is a pleasure and an education to read such great works.



You mentioned running 7 marathons. What are you doing when not writing?


I injured my Achilles tendon twice now so I am retired from running long distance. I am lucky enough to have a beach walking distance and I try to swim for one hour 5 days a week. I have a 4 month old Doberman puppy that I walk three times a day and when he is fully mature I will take him on short runs and hopefully swimming with me. I take him to obedience classes and take him to all my book shows. When he turns one year old he will take a test with the Red Cross and if he passes, he will be a Therapy Dog and we will visit retirement homes together. I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society in a program called Minds in Motion where I facilitate a group of people who have Alzheimer to exercise physically and mentally through games. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy it tremendously.



Three titles for a holiday break?


In January we always go to Tanga, Tanzania to visit an orphanage which we have sponsored for the past 5 years. We make sure they can afford to go to school, have backpacks, uniforms, shoes, tuition money. When we have extra money we do repairs on their building. We take them out somewhere. Last year we took them to a resort to dance on New years eve. And we took them on a local safari.

The three book I have chosen for this trip is Drood, by Dan Simmons, Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.


Drood - Dan SimmonsDombey and Son - Charles Dickens,Jonathan LethemA Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens



Paper book or ebook?


Always paper. I love the smell, the touch and feel of a book, I have to say I mistreat them, they are earmarked, highlighted, water stained and food stained, I use and abuse them.



Shelfie time! Please share your home library photo. And your writing spot, as well :)


My library is in an unfinished basement and my books are in boxes right now. My husband will build me a library but in the meantime there is not much to see. I work on a recliner in my living room also unfinished. Sorry no pics this time, maybe in the future...


But I can give you a picture of my husband and I with the orphans. My husband and I with the orphans. We do a fundraiser on Go Fund Me before we leave every year and make sure each child can go to school. Even the ones who got older over the years we pay for their college too. One is studying to be a nurse and one to be a teacher. We pay for their tuition plus all things related to school.



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Author interview with Olga Goa + Romance Giveaway


Today we have a real pleasure to present you an interview with Olga Goa, a romance books fan and a romance books writer! Read the Q&A to get to know Olga a little bit better and request Olga's debut book FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION in our giveaways



What are you reading now, Olga?


Quintessentially Q by Pepper Winters 

Quintessentially Q - Pepper Winters 



Tell us a few words about yourself - whatever you want to share about your personal and professional life.


I was born in Russia, Moscow. I was always too attached to literature in my younger years, and my big dream was to share my creativity with a lot of people. I like to read romance and especially dark romance where things are so close to real life and make the readers sympathize with the book’s heroes. Such genre inspired me to write my first dark romance novel FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION that I published in August 2017. It became the hardest and the most emotional work in my writer’s life. But I am happy that I did it, and I am totally satisfied with it. It’s my most favorite labor to which I dedicated my soul and heart.






In my free time, I like to listen to music or watch movies, play the piano, read books, and enjoy walking in the forest. Especially the last one inspires me to write about a lot of things. It’s a big inspiration for originality—a source of obtaining the best ideas of what to write. I also enjoy traveling around the world, because a new place makes me fantasize and create new plots for upcoming books. I am so passionate about my works and plan to create a lot of stories, even in Teen Fiction or maybe another genre like Thriller.



Was there one event that inspired your decision to become a writer?


I suppose it was the books that I read. I said to myself, “Why not try to write down the ideas in your mind and share them with people?” And I was happy to see that readers on Wattpad liked my books and some of them reread them when they have a free minute.



Can you tell our readers more about your books and series you’re writing?


Now I am working on continuing the series of my first novel that I mentioned before: “FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION” (FIP) and my new novel “CLUB DRUNKEN CHERRY” (CDC) that I published recently, in March 2018. My second book “HOT SHORT STORIES” (HSS) 1st Collection came out in November 2017, and I also have some plans to publish the continuation of HSS – 2nd Collection.


FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION: Dark Billionaire Contemporary Romance (Veneziani Family Book 1) - Olga GoaCLUBHOT SHORT STORIES: 12 Steamy and Naughty Blowminded Stories - Olga Goa,Sanaullah Sayem


FIP is a part of Veneziani Family Series I planned to start a long time ago, Spring 2013 precisely. I really attempted to narrate the story about a broken man and an orphan girl who were abandoned by their parents and didn’t experience true love. They lived in a grey world not seeing any bright colors until they met each other. They don’t know what will happen to them and how they will solve their problems, but they are really liked each other. Readers must find out for themselves: do my characters love each other? Didn’t they cross that line where people cannot really live without their soulmates? These series show the difference between LOVE and PASSION, and at the same time show how hard is it to live with a man who has a mental disorder. I gave a hint to readers about the character’s state, but I didn’t let the cat of the bag. I want my readers to be puzzled about the reason why one of the main characters behaves that way and also find out for themselves the key to his emotional temper. I do hope that readers will see what I try to tell them between lines and will be attentive to my own reasoning about LOVE and other events that happen to the main and minor characters as well.


CDC is a part of Fighters with Darkness Series that open the most gloomy world of the mafia, their deeds, and their power. I tell a story about the sex club where everyone can do what he wants and ONLY if a member of this club breakes the rules would he answer for his deeds. This book shows the most disgusting and at the same time scaring facts of our life, things that we don’t want to know because they are so terrible. This story also explains how the education of a little boy can influence his own life and how important it is for parents to love and be mindful of their attitudes towards their child. Some people don’t ponder over this but think that their children don’t need a good education and other good things in life at their youthful age. Life is a complicated thing, but we have to teach our kids how to survive and not to show them cruelty or indifference. I am absolutely sure that without love and support, kids will never choose the right way, only some of them will if they have the strength inside. I also continue the theme of love and hate in these series as I did in FIP. But here you can see how people can sacrifice their own lives to save other people, how sinners want to be righteous men and how secrets can destroy or damage our lives.


HSS was created just for fun on Wattpad. I never thought that these series could garner 2 million views. It was really not expected. In making this collection, I wish people can forget about their problems and just enjoy hot steamy stories that can paint the stressed days off with love, explicit games, and even laughter. You can imagine anything with the heroes of HSS, and be anyone you want to. I think these series is a good therapy for our mind and body. 



Your titles are all about romance. Why have you chosen to write in this genre or did the romance genre chose you?


I started studying psychology and philosophy a long time ago while I was in the school. I was interested in human relationships and enjoyed to explore more things about them. I read a lot of articles about people’s emotional state and was glad to study it myself and explore. I was never fond of science, fantasy and other genres that could make me start a book based on them. I think Romance will always affect people minds because a man consists of a body and a soul. Without the soul we are nothing, we are unable to live. That’s why people are always curious about that genre. We get used to sense adrenaline and hyper emotions. This is our nature, and we cannot deny it.



I have also thought about writing a horror story someday. But I am not sure if I won’t add romance to it. The romance was and will always be my favorite genre.





Do you consider changing the genre or will you follow the writing path?


Never say never – the great proverb of humanity. So I think someday I may change the genre if I will discover all the themes of psychology that bother me nowadays.



Do you have any writing tips on how to write a perfect love story?


Yes, but I think every author chooses the best ones for himself because it depends on his experience and his personality.



My main tip on how to write a perfect love story is TO BE A UNIQUE AUTHOR. It means: do not copy other stories or copy scenes even because it won’t speak well of you if you are a writer. This idea of writing will not give you more fans because they will compare you with bestseller authors that have already written stories like you did and they wouldn’t see your originality. Although if you picked the same theme that another author discovered in his story, but you decide to show it from another point of view, such an idea can be a ticket to reach more readers and gain popularity. But I think that a good story is only born when an author knows what he wants to say to his readers. He must know WHY HE’S WRITING HIS NEW BOOK. If he doesn’t have any purpose why he needs to write? I suppose it’s better not to write anything at all if he has no message to convey. A great story must impact on the people and makes them participate in a thinking process. Readers must be immersed in a plot that forgetting it after reading won’t be so easy. The best story is the story that makes people reread the book, again and again, searching for verities on how to live and even how to love.



Who is your favorite bookish love couple?


I cannot reply. This is such a hard question that came as a puzzle me at the moment! Ha-ha! I have a lot of favorite couples that could be taken from the books by Sylvia Day, Pepper Winters and much more. Even from classic – Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, etc.



What are you doing when not writing?


Sleep! This reply can be really weird lol, but writing takes a lot of time in my life. Anyway, of course, If I have free time – I watch the movies, listen to music, walking, traveling around the world (if I have the money) and relax.



How do your love stories emerge? Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from?


Basically, from my head. They emerge like a movie that has no “stop” button. I put the main details of the stories on a paper because our memory sometimes can let us down. You know it yourself. My fantasy helps me to write my new stories and give me more ideas. I am like a director of a movie that wants to create a masterpiece. Stories that my friends narrated also help me in my writing, plus I might have got a big inspiration from what I watched already or would see. Other inspiration may come from books, music, video clips and movies. All of them have such a good emotional base that anyone who can feel it can create as many stories as his mind can imagine. There’s one thing you must have – endless fantasy!



What are your writing plans?


BIGGEST! I plan to finish FIP series because I have already made sketches of the continuation of Milano and Veronica love story that has a working title “INDIAN LOVE.” That book will also be a part of Veneziani Family Series. Another new book comes after “Indian Love.” I would round off CDC series this year but, I don’t know what my readers would want from me – the end or another book in that series; we shall see. I will finish HSS this year (I HOPE SO because writing three books at the same time is not an easy thing). I may continue HSS collections if I have more original ideas and a strong urge from my readers. Soon I will publish the story that I wrote a long time ago, but it’s awaiting its time to see the light. It will be a mix of fantasy and dark romance, so I am fascinated to show it to my readers. I have a plan to finish other sketches of the new stories; these are some of my secrets for now. I want to impress my readers so much that they couldn’t imagine what I will invent and present before their eyes. I like to shock them in a good way ;)



Who are your favorite authors and genres? Have they influenced you and in what way?


Dark Romance is my favorite genre of literature, so I enjoy reading books by Pepper Winters that I already mentioned. I adore her creativity and her writing’s style; it is so captivating and intriguing. I have read books written by Silvia Day, E.L.James, Christina Lauren, Sylvain Reynard, J.E.Malpas and much more that have influenced my style as well as my plots. It ’s so hard to name them all; they are so unique and unsuppressed, so I am afraid to miff them.

I love classic and modern literature. I enjoy reading books by my author friends that I met on Twitter and Facebook. Some of them influenced my writing as well, and their advice helped me to see myself from their point of view.



Please tell us about your day and your writing habits. Do you write every day, and for how long?


My day is full of job and writing. Sometimes I even forget to eat three times a day, but if I do, I will certainly eat at night. I am so devoted to writing that sometimes I think – it’s total madness! I cannot sleep if the scene came to my mind; I must finish it. Maybe that’s why I sleep about 5-6 hours in a day. But I am aware of the need to relax when putting the finishing touches on my books. This calls for a celebration for me, and I do buy something tasty and appetizing to please myself so that I will have fun in full. When I decide to rest from writing, it could be between 1-2 or 3 weeks. I need to come back to my stable in a relaxed state to start writing a new story. I think this is a good vacation for my brain.


I write in my free time between 1-2 hours in a day. Sometimes when I don’t have much work to do the next day, I could write up to 5-6 hours. I am a freelancer, following this routine helps me to be in form and to relax when I want. I don’t have plans on how and when to write, because whenever I compel myself to write, things don’t always turn out so good. Books would become boring, and this is not my way of doing things because it demotivates me. So I write when the inspiration comes.



You’re Russian. Can you please recommend top 3 Russian books to our readers.


Of course I can. If it is Classic – I can recommend Mikhail Bulgakov “Master & Margarita,” Leo Tolstoy “Anna Karenina,” Alexander Pushkin “The Blizzard” (Or Snowstorm) (Metel in Russian). These three books will really blow up your mind and heart. I love them.


The Master and Margarita - Mikhail BulgakovAnna Karenina - Leo TolstoyThe Blizzard / Metel [Annotated] (BRC collection (the best of Russian classics)) - Alexandr Pushkin,BRC collection


From modern writers, I can recommend Sergey Minaev “Duhless,” Boris Akunin “Turkish Gambit” etc.


The Turkish Gambit - Boris Akunin,Andrew BromfieldДухless. Повесть о ненастоящем человеке - Sergey Minaev,Сергей Минаев


Three titles for a holiday break?


Sleep, music, sea.



Paper book or ebook?


Paperback is the best. It gives you more emotions when you hold the book in your hands; it would seem like you are touching ‘eternity.’



Selfie time! Please share your home library photo. And your writing spot, as well :)


Well, I recently carried out some repairs in my apartment, and all my books were taken to different places. My sincerest apologies for that. Maybe later I will put them up on display in my blog ;)

This is my writing spot! ;)



 Thank you, Olga! 


Olga Goa's books on BookLikes:

HOT SHORT STORIES: 12 Steamy and Naughty Blowminded Stories - Olga Goa, Sanaullah SayemCLUBFATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION: Dark Billionaire Contemporary Romance (Veneziani Family Book 1) - Olga Goa



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