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review 2020-02-23 08:59
Out Of Darkness
Out of Darkness - Jason D. Morrow

I took Out of Darkness from the dark depths of my rather too-long TBR. It had been there since a time where I devoured (post)apocalyptic stories, although I have to admit that recently I've become a bit weary of them.

Mora has left the relative safety of her colony to try and safe said colony by bargaining a deal with what clearly is an evil entity, exchanging goods for protection. One of the many things however that she has sadly overlooked, is that she is in no position to the bargaining on behalf of her colony. Also, cars run out of fuel, she didn't think of that. Obviously, she never makes it to her meeting, but is rather taken up by another colony. Here she can see what the 'protection' she is looking for, looks like.

I didn't like Mora. It was a miracle to me that she survived long enough to become the main character, because she does one stupid thing after the other. Besides, she has special abilities and the future of the world lies in her hands. There is - once more - two brothers fighting over Mora's favor.

The worst part however, was the lacking world-building. I realize it is difficult enough nowadays to have a slightly original zombie (eh, greyskin) story, but it was lacking here. The big reveal was hardly a reveal at all, and I was left with a lot of questions. But not in a good way.

No more Starborns for me.

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review 2016-01-27 06:37
Prototype D by Jason Morrow (Audiobook Review + Bonus Author Interview)
Prototype D - Jason D. Morrow,Jason D. Morrow,James Foster
Had some difficulties connecting with this post-apocalyptic tale, but I’m a fan of the protagonist Des.

A hundred years after the world is decimated by nuclear wars, humanity has been reduced to a surviving city of people called Mainlanders. They have food, water, and a wall that separates them from their enemies - the Outlanders. Branded as savages, the Outlanders have grown in number and their attacks against the city have become more brutal. Increasingly, they threaten to overtake the city, bringing with them the doom and destruction that has plagued mankind for over a century. What the Mainlanders need is a weapon.

Disclosure: Hovering over the cover and purchasing may give me a small commission (yippee, book $).


SERIES INFO: This is Book #1 of a series that, according to the author, will have 4 books in total. The ebook of Book #2, Prototype Exodus, was recently released and the audio should be available in April.

I am sad to say that this book never rose above average for me, due to the difficulties I had connecting with the majority of the characters and with the plot. However, I really liked Des and am looking forward to reading his further adventures.

Character comments: Hazel (Des’ inventor) - Her neglect of her father and treatment of Esroy made her hard to like. / Esroy (A.I.) - I couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. / Gizmo (the Pollyanna style companion robot) - he would probably drive me nuts if he were mine, but he was fun to read about.

The beginning was great. I loved Des right away and felt like the opening chapter presented his situations clearly and sympathetically. He was the true heart of the story. I also liked his interactions with Hazel’s father. I only cared about the rest of the story in so far as it dealt with him.

The book has some well-written and intense action sequences, for people who like those. The ending resolved the current situation, but leaves many changes to be dealt with.

Note: this book contains no significant swearing and no sexual content, which was much appreciated.

NARRATION: Smooth and nice sounding, no falsetto females / Listened on 1.25 speed (my usual)

FAVORITE PART(S): The opening scene, where Des awakes and immediately begins to demonstrate his humanity, despite being a robot. / Quote: “he had never seen the sun before. He could have scanned the archives embedded in his memory, but having knowledge of the sun and actually experiencing its warmth were two different things.”

WARNING: Some intense “fear of heights” scenes

--Enjoyment: AVERAGE
--Re-readability: LOW - but I am planning to read the sequel.
--Narrator Impact: AVERAGE

I received this book free in return for an honest review, courtesy of Audiobook Blast dot com.

Prototype D by Jason D. Morrow; read by James Foster; produced independently in 2015 / Length: 10 hrs 42 min (Unabr) / Available through Audible & Amazon plus iTunes

If you think you might like it, but aren't sure, the Kindle version is currently free on Amazon here.




Tell us something about your lead character(s) that we don't already know.*

Near the beginning of the book, Hazel, the creator of Des, has to use an activation code in order to make Des come to life. The activation code is 03311596. This is the birthday of the French philosopher and mathematician, Renè Descartes (pronounced day-cart). Des is named after Descartes because of the philosophers writings entitled Passions of the Soul. That, and I like the name Des for a robot.


Another character, Esroy, is a lot less involved. My wife and I were teaching in at a school in South Korea last year and there was a little boy who went by the name S. Roy. I thought it sounded like another good robot name and I came up with Esroy.


I love to sprinkle little bits of my life into my books. Oftentimes it has to do with locations. If you ever find coordinates or familiar-sounding towns or cities in my stories, there’s a good chance I’ve been there.


*He revealed it here first!


Audiobook / eBook / Paperbooks? Which is your favorite and why?

I use all of these. Audiobooks are a must for long trips across the country. Ebooks oftentimes offer a great deal since it costs nothing to produce a copy. But a book with pages always feels right. I mostly like paper books because you can always tell how far you have to go by where your thumb is placed. Turning that last page is always a bittersweet moment, too.


How long did it take you to write this book?

From start to finish, Prototype D took about two months to complete. Once I have a book planned out, it doesn’t take very long—just the daily grind. The editing process can take a while. It can be the most fun part and the most frustrating, but it’s also the time when you get to see the whole book come together.


What is the hardest thing about writing?

I think sometimes the hardest part (but also the most exciting) is starting a book, particularly the first book of a new series. For me there is a lot of planning involved and getting everything together to try and make the best story possible. In this stage you have to decide what is worth pursuing and what has to stay behind. One of the hardest parts is discovering that a storyline you love ends up getting edited out because it simply isn’t necessary to the overall plot.


That said, I wouldn’t have written eleven books now if I didn’t enjoy it. And there is always more on the horizon. In fact, I just released the sequel to Prototype D last week. It’s called Prototype Exodus. Ebook versions are available everywhere, and the audiobook should be ready in April of this year.


Readers can sign up to my mailing list by visiting jasondmorrow.com. I don’t send spam and usually only send out an email when I release a new book. Also, if anyone is interested, my wife and I have a blog and youtube channel for our travels across the world. goodmorrows.com or youtube.com/morrowsinkorea

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review 2014-07-21 19:34
Anywhere But Here (The Starborn Ascension) - Jason D. Morrow


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review 2014-06-23 01:27
Review: Even In Death: Book Three (The Starborn Uprising) [Kindle Edition]
Even in Death - Jason D. Morrow

Will death win over evil?


You have 24 hours. The madman who is responsible for all of this death & destruction is still alive. The man that you love is held captive. And you need to protect your town that was just raided by the greyskins. What do you do?

This story is Mora's story, but more than that it is the story of her friends and family. It's realizing that a stranger met just weeks before was someone who held you while you cried six years ago. It's realizing that sometimes sacrificing your life to save your family and friends is the only thing that you can do. And it's finding both hope and redemption after the greyskin plague was created 60 years ago.

I mentioned in my review of book two that I guessed that book three would be the soul of the trilogy, and I was correct. I laughed. I cried. But more than that... I learned. I learned that giving up hope isn't an option. I learned that sometimes love and friendship can conquer all... or at least the worst of it. I learned that while some people are just plain evil with no redeeming qualities, these people are few and far between... even the "bad guys" are often there only because they were forced to be.

I highly recommend reading this book and the other two in The Starborn Uprising trilogy.


Even in Death, the third book in The Starborn Uprising trilogy can be found for $2.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EW4P2JY/?tag=shasworofboo-20


Or you can purchase all three books in The Starborn Uprising trilogy for $4.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EW6KD3M/?tag=shasworofboo-20

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review 2014-06-21 08:55
Review: If It Kills Me: Book Two (The Starborn Uprising) [Kindle Edition]
If it Kills Me - Jason D. Morrow

Evil wears a smile...


If It Kills Me, the second book in Morrow's "The Starborn Uprising" series, luckily does not suffer the dreaded second book curse that some trilogies have. Instead of being a placeholder between the beginning of the book and the grand finale, this second book succeeds in providing both plot and action, as well as telling the story of how the plague first started and how the world evolved between then and now.


Jeremiah is still as evil in this book as he was in the first, Mora is still as confused regarding her feelings for Connor and Aaron, and the greyskins are still trying to kill and eat everyone. So what makes this book even better than the first? Character Development. While the first book presented you with the characters and gave you their basic backgrounds, this book really delves deep into the hearts and memories of the characters, giving you a reason to hate Jeremiah as much as they do, and wishing for a moment of peace so that love can blossom. The first book is the mind of the story, giving you a basic plot and storyline. The second book is the heart of the story, showing a depth of emotion that surpasses many books that I have recently read.


If this trend continues, I can only hope that the third book is the soul of the trilogy - helping us find ourselves and an ending that gives hope and life. These are not stand-alone books, and I have a feeling that I won't feel the full impact of this story until I finish the third novel, Even in Death.


The kindle edition of If it Kills Me can be purchased for $2.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E59N2P2/?tag=shasworofboo-20 or you can purchase the trilogy, The Starborn Uprising: Books 1, 2, and 3, for $4.99 at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EW6KD3M/?tag=shasworofboo-20

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