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review 2020-07-01 21:27
Lost in a Fantasy – Blood and Ashes by Katie Zaber @Zaberbooks
Ashes and Blood (Dalya #1) - Katie Zaber

I shared Ashes and Blood by Katie Zaber for a tour, but I didn’t read and review it until the author asked me if I would like a copy. Of course, I said yes and I am so glad I did.

I have a thing for trees and love the cover. How about you?


Ashes and Blood

Amazon / Goodreads




I was first drawn to Ashes and Blood by Katie Zaber when I saw the cover. I love trees, whether real or fantasy.


What would you do if you are ambling along a familiar trail, and all of a sudden, you find a tree that was never there before? I think I would run, but before they can decide to do the same, things begin to change with every step they take and they are whisked away, into another world.


Sarah, Dana, Ciara and Megan are in for the time of their lives and I am along for the ride. Katie Zaber did a fantastic job creating a world filled with wonder and magic. I quickly became immersed in her world, created in vivid detail with characters I immediately became involved with.


Of course, we have to have one who is in the spotlight and that will be Megan, though all peripheral characters have very important parts to play to make this book a whole. Each has their own personalities and talents that will come in handy. They are tight and their ‘family’ grows as the adventure moves along.


Action and adventure abound and they find their destiny in a place they never could have imagined. Of course, we have to have a bad guy, and he hits very close to home, but there is someone involved who never shows their face. Are they there to save her, or want her for themselves. AND why do they want her? I am curious about who this ‘person’ is and maybe I will find out in the next book, which I hope Katie is rapidly writing.


As I searched around, Ashes and Blood is the only book I have seen by Katie Zaber. If this is her debut novel, she did a bang up job and I can only imagine what is to come. I plan on being along for the ride.


If you are looking for a story to get lost in and escape the real world for a while, I highly recommend Ashes and Blood by Katie Zaber.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Ashes and Blood by Katie Zaber.

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Source: www.fundinmental.com/blood-and-ashes-katie-zaber
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text 2020-07-01 21:07
June 2020 Wrap-Up
Maerlin's Storm - Nav Logan
Crystal Zodiac - Katie Huang
The Brothers York - Thomas Penn
The Secrets of Ayurveda - Harish Chandra Verma,Gopi Warrier,Karen Sullivan

I haven't bothered with these monthly wrap-up posts in recent months because I've got so little reading done and with moving my account, it just got lost in the shuffle.


So anyway, four books finished in June. Only one fiction that I chose to read and it was pretty good. Three non-fiction from Netgalley. I seem to have a backlog of those all of a sudden. Some of them are a bit woo but I do take an interest in all sorts of things.


I'm reading several books at once so I may have more books done by the end of July. I'm still getting back to normal reading after the end of the world in march so I'm just glad to be reading again!

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review 2020-06-21 11:00
Crystal Zodiac
Crystal Zodiac - Katie Huang

by Katie Huang


This is the first book I've seen that melds crystal healing with astrology. Interestingly, I've recently been reading a book on Ayurvedic medicine and found precedent for this combination there. It starts off with some very basic information about astrology that would be useful to someone totally new to the subject, but already familiar to anyone who has read anything else about astrology.


This is followed by similarly basic information about crystals, but this veered into belief rather than practical instruction and I found it of little use. After a bit of woo, it got to the part I was looking for; segments on astrological placements and which stones would be useful for specific purposes.


It goes through each of the twelve signs, giving an overview followed by small segments about the significance of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, assigning stones to each, then covers the "personal planets", Venus, Mercury and Mars. The book does not address the outer planets but explains how they are slow moving and tend to affect generations more than individuals.


It gives a few basic spells, mostly based on visualisation and covering basic things like love spells, communication and personal insight. While I found the information a bit light, I did see it as useful and would certainly recommend it to someone new to these subjects and of use to people wanting to expand work with crystals.

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review 2020-06-19 18:58
Ashes and Blood (Dalya #1) by Katie Zaber
Ashes and Blood (Dalya #1) - Katie Zaber

@Archaeolibrary, @Zaberbooks, #NewAdult, #Fantasy, 5 out of 5 (exceptional)


Ashes and Blood is the first book in the Dalya series and it starts off with a very weird tree! Even though this book is listed as New Adult I still, somehow, managed to convince myself it was Young Adult. So it was a bit of a shock when I read about them drinking and swearing. Still, it was my error and one I quickly got over as I immersed myself in their adventure.

The details in this story are simply amazing. The descriptions given help the reader to see every tree, person, and situation so clearly. The action is non-stop and with enough twists and turns to keep anyone happy. There is romance but not with the main character (or at least, not yet. I'm hopeful for the future!) which made a nice change.

And speaking of characters, the ones in here will jump out at you. They are so well described and three-dimensional, you will have no issue with remembering who is whom. I loved the girls' different attitudes and capabilities PLUS how Tristan was the one to watch, even though he came across as the most easy-going!

This was a fantastic start to the series and I really can't wait to read more and return to Dalya. Absolutely recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/post/ashes-and-blood-dalya-1-by-katie-zaber
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review 2020-06-14 04:44
Kim Michele Richardson: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek (Unabridged edition) - Katie Schorr,Kim Michele Richardson

In 1936 in Troublesome Creek, KY lives 19 year old Cussy Carter, who is last female with the rare Blue People Ancestry. She only has her Pa to keep her company so she decides to join the Pack Horse Library Project of Kentucky. Riding across the treacherous mountain ranges rain, shine or snow to deliver books to her patrons, she is determined to win them over and show them the amazing information and world that books can bring people. The more she visits and the farther she travels she slowly creates a network of friends. But hardships are part of Cussy's life and even though she makes many gains with her patrons, many people in Troublesome Creek see Cussy as problem, devilish for her blue skin and would stop at nothing to sure her of her "problem".

Now this book may seem like a fantasy to begin with as the main character Cussy, aka Bluet, is blue skinned, but assure you this book is based upon a rare condition known as Argyria and is caused when silver builds up within the body. The skin will appear blue especially the places that get the most sun exposure. Now that we have determined this book is not a fantasy one, I just have to say, I Loved this book. It was a great story centered around Cussy and her just trying to live her life the best she can as a Blue but also trying to spread the amazing ability of reading to those who are unable to get to town to read or need help learning to read. You get to see throughout the book the amount of lives that she touches, changes and how just delivering books, any type of books, she has made those people's lives better, and Cussy relishes each time she is able to achieve this.

Cussy is a beautiful character, strong in both mind and will, she tackles so many obstacles through her life, and only makes herself better for it. Even when she gets beaten or is afraid she gets back on her mule each time she makes sure to get the books to those she knows will bring the people joy. She is selfless throughout the book, and though her Pa may not like it, it is who Cussy is.

This book truly highlights the racism that people experience for being different, and in this case a different color. Cussy is seen as inferior to those around her, and that her blueness must be caused by something unnatural or devilish (this is what one character believes and believes he can beat it out of her). There is heartache after heartache, test after test in this book by the white characters and Cussy's amazing character shines through it all. Honestly, you think more cannot go wrong for her and yet there is always a new low that other people can sink to in order to put people down. Unfortunately, there are many points within this book where the same rhetoric is used today or some of the same beliefs, maybe not toward the Blue people as it is a known medical condition, but towards people of color and visible minorities.

I really enjoyed this book and the story that Richardson weaved with the research she has done on Argyria disease as well as the book providers of this time. I highly recommended this book, it is a amazing story.


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