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review 2017-12-16 19:05
Review: "Draakenwood" (Whyborne & Griffin, #9) by Jordan L. Hawk
Draakenwood (Whyborne & Griffin Book 9) - Jordan L. Hawk


~ 4.5 stars ~


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review 2017-12-16 02:58
Review: A Letter from Lancaster County
A Letter from Lancaster County (Lancaster Discoveries) - Kate Lloyd

A Letter for Lancaster County is a good sweet story. It seems about a redemption and learning to deal with death and grief. What a lovely plot. Katie Lloyd does a good job with it. We get the perspective of the main characters named Rose and Angelina.


They get a letter from their aunt Sylvia. Both girl are dealing with their own problems and grief of their mother. Will they learn that letting go and have faith? There a budding romance going on as well. What could that be and can Glenn and Rose being a match? You will need to find out by reading.


Can Angelina figure out what going on at home and her husband and family. To find that out, you will need to read to determine that. They find out that their Aunt Sylvia is sick, Will Rose decide to stay or will see go back to her home in Washington? This is a lovely and sweet story of love, friendship and redemptions.


Book themes for Calan Gaeaf:
Read any of your planned Halloween Bingo books that you didn’t end up reading after all, involving witches, hags, or various types of witchcraft –OR– read a book with ivy or roses on the cover, or a character’s name/title of book is / has Rose or Ivy in it.



Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2017/12/review-letter-from-lancaster-county.html
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review 2017-12-15 21:08
Current Last in the Aurora Teagarden Series
Sleep Like a Baby: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries) - Charlaine Harris

I got hooked on this series after seeing the movie version. While the movie version was good, the books were better. I read the whole series and was sad that they ended, but was elated to learn that she was writing more to the series because of the movies. 


Roe and her husband, Robin, have had their new baby and Roe's half-brother, Phillip is still living with them. He is packing and getting ready to go to an author's convention where he was nominated for an award. Roe doesn't want him to miss out on this and so sends him on his way, but he knows she is getting sick and hires the nurse to come back and help at night. One night, Virginia can be heard talking to her boyfriend, but the next moment when she wakes up, she hears her baby screaming and Virginia is gone. When she has finished caring for the baby, she wakes up her brother and they search the house and find a body in the backyard. The stalker is back, but now she is dead. Roe calls the police and the gossip and search is on. The search for Virginia and the murderer. 


While this happens, Roe's step-father has another heart attack and she goes to the hospital to be with him. She brings a diaper bag containing only her driver's license and baby things she would need when Robin brings the baby to the hospital for feedings. When that is stolen, she really wants to find who did what and where Virginia is. 


The story was really interesting and I did read it a bit faster. I was curious to know if what I thought was correct and will admit I was partially correct. 



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review 2017-12-15 17:37
Perfect Catch by N.R. Walker Review
Perfect Catch - N.R. Walker

Calvin Lynch and Troy Hoffman have been best mates since they were fourteen years old. They’re both hard-working tradesmen, both love weekends away fishing, both gay, but have never been single at the same time. Until now.

What is supposed to be a weekend away fishing with a group of mates, changes at the last minute when friends bail out in an attempt to give Cal and Troy some alone time.

With more than just hooks on the line, can these two see what’s been right in front of them the whole time?

The Perfect Catch is a short story about falling for your best friend hook, line, and sinker.

A 20K short story which was part of the It Was Always You anthology





Awwwww. This is a super sweet and super hot friends to lovers romance with two best friends who finally take the risk of telling each other how they feel.


This is a feel good love story with a great setting. 

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text 2017-12-14 19:47
Kindle Paperwhite 3 i dwa czytniki Tolino znacznie taniej

Kilka czytników czytników książek wciąż można kupić teraz na rynku niemieckim. Polskie sklepy nie rozpieszczają przecenami, tymczasem za Odrą potaniał Kindle Paperwhite 3 oraz kilka modeli Tolino.


Kindle Paperwhite 3 oferowany jest za 119 EUR w niemieckim Amazonie (źródło: amazon.de)


Kindle Paperwhite 3 za 119 EUR


Niemiecki Amazon przygotował jeszcze jedną obniżkę cen Kindle Paperwhite 3. Teraz można wspomniany czytnik kupić za 119 EUR. Dostępna jest ">wersja z czarną i białą obudową. Wciąż w promocyjnej ofercie jest Kindle 8 oraz używany Kindle Voyage.



Kindle Paperwhite 3 (nowy, czarna obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 119,00 EUR (ok. 505 PLN)


Kindle Paperwhite 3 (nowy, biała obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 119 EUR (ok. 505 PLN)


Kindle 8 (nowy, czarna obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 62,00 EUR (ok. 265 PLN)


Kindle 8 (nowy, biała obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 62,00 EUR (ok. 265 PLN)


Kindle Voyage (odnowiony, wi-fi)

cena 164,34 EUR (ok. 700 PLN)



Wspomniana w tabeli cena zawiera już polską stawkę podatku VAT. Zamawiając do Polski z niemieckiego Amazonu, nie ponosimy kosztów przesyłki do Polski. Przeliczenie na złotówki należy traktować orientacyjnie. Ostateczna kwota zależy od prowizji banku i kursu euro.


Dziś  zamówiony czytnik, powinien zdążyć pod choinkę.


Planowana data dostawy dzisiejszego zamówienia, to 20 XII (źródło: amazon.de)


Tolino Vision 4 HD za 155,50 EUR

Zwolenników regulowanej temperatury barwowej powinien zainteresować Tolino Vision 4 HD. W tym modelu można regulować charakter wbudowanego oświetlenia - nie tylko natężenie ale również barwę od zimnej białej do ciepłej. Tolino Vision 4 HD jest wodoodporny. Można go teraz kupić za 155,5 EUR (z przesyłką do Polski) w niemieckiej księgarni ebook.de. 



Tolino Vision 4 HD (nowy, czarna obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 155,50 EUR (ok. 660 PLN)



Tolino Shine 2 HD za 106,50 EUR

Z kolei inna niemiecka księgarnia Hugendubel, ma najtaniej kolejny model Tolino - Shine 2 HD. Posiada on ekran 300 ppi (najlepszy obecnie dostępny dla sześciocalowych czytników, podobny jak Kindle Paperwhite 3). Ta księgarnia również wysyła zakupy do Polski. Zamówienie Tolino Shine 2 HD, to obecnie koszt 106,50 EUR (z przesyłką do PL).



Tolino Shine 2 HD (nowy, czarna obudowa, wi-fi)

cena 106,50 EUR (ok. 455 PLN)



Korzystając z moich odsyłaczy przy zakupach czytników, motywujecie mnie do dalszej pracy :)


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