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review 2018-03-05 09:34
Logan runs and Jessica stumbles along
Logan's Run - William F. Nolan,George Clayton Johnson

I am still very much into dystopian fiction and Logan’s Run seemed like a classic must-read to me.


The story in a nutshell would be a future earth society in which everybody has to go or is being put to „sleep“ at the age of 21. If you want to live longer, you can try to run. But you will most likely be hunted down by the so called Sandmen or be killed by some renegades, outlaws, cyborgs or robots. Logan and Jessica run, survive various adventures, fall in love aaaand happy (yet kind of open) ending.


The novel has a classic late 60s setup – a strong, smart, goal-oriented, enduring white male protagonist and a pretty, quiet, cooperative, helpless female companion who stumbles and falls down a lot or who gets stripped naked and tied to a rock, waiting for rescue. And these rescue manoeuvres sometimes get quite ridiculous. I mean, at one point, Logan is forced to have sex with six lovely ladies in order to get an antidote and to save Jessica. Need I say more?


Logan’s Run is an okay entertainment, definitely no world-class literature and filled with 60s sexism, racism and all sorts of prejudices, also, the writing sometimes jumps between first and third person narration. But, let’s face it – it had me with words like „rebel hipsters“ or „pleasure gypsy“ on page one.


…just a side note: this is one of the rare occasions in which I think that the movie really is way better, because the story (in the movie) makes more sense and is less focused on showing what a tough guy Logan is.

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text 2018-02-21 07:27
Here's How To Determine If A Supplier Of Luxman Amplifier Is Reliable

An audio amplifier is an electronic device designed to increase the strength of audio signals. Simply put, this device improves the audio quality of recorded and live music, which makes it audible to the listeners. Due to its amazing features, many people who want to have a complete audio system are considering to buy a Luxman amplifier.

For those who like to get the most out of their audio equipment, this amplifier is one of the items they should have. So if you're somebody who is intending to get such device, recognise that it's important to only purchase from trustworthy sellers in the market. To assist you with this matter, these are some of the things to bear in mind when finding a reputable Luxman amplifier supplier.

1. They supply new and pre-owned devices
A seller who provides a great number of products is certainly the one you need. Check out their products and ask if they sell new and pre-owned amplifiers and other products. The great thing is, you can acquire the device you need regardless of your spending budget. In case you're needing a new item, you can expect that its price may be a little higher than the secondhand ones. Meanwhile, when you're on a tight budget, then you can always choose a pre-owned device.

2. They conduct product demonstration
Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the retailer should let you try the amplifier you’re planning to purchase. Bear in mind that it's not a great idea to just pick then get the product. So before getting excited and spending money on such item, verify that the seller offers an in-store demonstration. A reliable one will make the effort to try out the item even before you demand it. If you’re testing out the amplifier, the supplier must provide other audio devices just like speakers in order to see if the product works effectively in boosting audio quality.

Also, they should permit you to try and compare several models as well as the other items they provide. Once they conform to such term, you can be certain that the seller is sincere in providing only quality products for purchasers like you.

3. They have additional sound system devices
In case you're getting a sound amplifier, it's likely that you will require extra equipment just like speakers and other audio systems. That's why, if you're seeking for a good seller, ensure that they supply a number of sound equipment. That is advantageous if you are looking into setting up an entire audio system and not just a single amplifier. Do not forget that a seller who supplies a broad range of sound equipment is skilled and knowledgeable in utilising these devices.

These are a couple of points that you must think about when selecting the best Luxman amplifier provider. By taking into consideration the points listed above, you won’t just locate a good seller but you can even ensure to get the right electronic tool that you need.

Source: www.fanthorpes.co.uk/martin-logan-speakers
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review 2018-01-30 00:08
The Ruby Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan
The Ruby Brooch - Katherine Lowry Logan

I was pretty excited to dive into this time travel novel because I played way too much Oregon Trail as a kid and this book is set in the mid-1800s along the Oregon Trail. Kit MacKlenna is a modern day paramedic living on her ancestral horse ranch. Yet she has questions about her heritage and a small package left to her tempts her into the past to discover her true roots. I really liked that she knowingly traveled to the past. She plans well, studying up on the time period and packing certain supplies. Now I will say that I was a little surprised by how many modern things she decided to take with her (flashlights, IVs, pregnancy tests, etc.) and I did worry that would lead to many, many questions for her later. Also, she chose to take her dog and cat along for the trip as well. While I do like having furry companions in any story, I did find this an odd choice and I deeply worried the pets were going to be Red Shirts for drama down the road.

Then we’re off into the semi-civilized lands of Missouri. She knows that it will be hard to get a place on a wagon train as a single woman so she’s hoping to find a group that will accept her. She’s capable of seeing to her own food, camping gear, and animals so it’s really a matter of bending the social norms of the time. At first, the mid-1800s characters held to their social morays but as the story progresses, I did notice that there were sometimes unlikely reactions to Kit’s modern attitudes. Those little breaks in character took me out of the story from time to time and I wish that Kit had to work harder to either hide her modern ways or win others over to her ways quietly.

There is a strong romantic element to this book. I did like Cullen though I found the insta-luv between him and Kit to be rather convenient. Cullen is an interesting character but once he becomes involved with Kit they had this silly emotional roller coaster. Flirting, fighting, showing off to one another, ignoring each other, kissing, making up, etc. I was much more interested in the historical elements of this story but, alas, those were rather lacking once the tale was set up and off and running. This is a romance story first and foremost and a historical fiction second.

Despite the silly romance, Kit is a woman who does get stuff done. She’s a good shot, knows how to ride well, and has her medical skills. She’s also skilled at sketching. So she has a lot going for her if she can just wrangle in her emotions and stay focused. This mystery about her true relatives eats away at her throughout the story. While I can understand how that mystery can drive a person, I did feel she was a bit too needy at times, forgetting all the good things her upbringing modern Kentucky did have. I can’t help comparing The Ruby Brooch to other time travel books by the likes of Diana Gabaldon and Connie Willis. This book isn’t on the same level as those works. It’s more romance than historical fiction.

Some of the other interesting characters include Braham McCabe, who adds a bit of comedy here and there.The Barrett Family was very good to Kit and I feel I got to know Mrs. Barrett and Frances the best among them. Elliot Fraser is Kit’s godfather in modern Kentucky and he provides wisdom and safe household to return to if needed. All told, 3.5/5 stars.

The Narration: Teri Schnaubelt was awesome as the narrator. I really liked her variety of accents and the range of voices she had for men and women. Kit cried so much in this book (a little too much for me) but Teri did a great job with all the emotions. Schnaubelt sounded engaged throughout the story and all her character voices were distinct. There were no technical issues with this recording. 5/5 stars.

➜ Susan received a free copy of this book from the narrator. Her opinions are 100% my own.

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review 2018-01-01 16:59
Home On The Range
Home on the Range: A Novel (Double S Ranch) - Ruth Logan Herne

Home on the Range was a nice change for me to read. It had little romance. It did it through family then set it all on romance like normal romance books. Ruth Logan Herne doe a wonderfully good job with her book.


This book is based on a single father raising his two daughters. Will he better than his father Sam Stafford. Nick wants to outdo his father and learn it hard to do. Being there for his girls is more important than it is being a ranch hand or owner.


Nick got to deal with this oldest daughter anger and to do that he goes to start therapy to help his daughter. He learns a lesson as well as help out a woman named Elsa as well. There seems to be secrets and twist and turns that ever page turned from binging to end. There seems to be forgiven and courage throughout the book. Will they get what needed or will it all fall apart?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2018/01/home-on-range.html
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review 2017-11-09 00:00
Seven Suspects (The Bobbi Logan Series)
Seven Suspects (The Bobbi Logan Series) ... Seven Suspects (The Bobbi Logan Series) - Renee James What a rush this book was. I loved it.. The characters were so funny and loveable. I highly recommend this book
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