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text 2016-09-25 06:00
Lightning Fire:The Blue Moon's Calling -TWO DAY FREE DOWNLOAD
Lightning Fire: The Blue Moon's Calling - Marsha Gomes-Mckie

Review:  Five star: 

"Oh for the love of Green eyes, strong chests and bare-chested shirts!!!!! This book has paranormal, werewolves, fairies, magic, sex, and more sex and a lot of sensual romance......... oh I am melting!!!! Thank you Ms Gomes-Mckie for sharing this amazing story with us, the readers!"


Synopsis: Almost 200 years ago the Fairy world turned to the Lycans for protection after a deadly vampire attack took away their flying magic. Although safe, they are faced with the reality that this same alliance have weaken their blood line and made it impossible for them to complete a successful blue moon ceremony since, to restore their magic.

With two months away from a blue moon’s rising, the monarchy is sure that crown Princess Lily is the key to save them, but as luck would have it a Lycan Alpha dies and Arn the new Alpha is not interested in signing a renewed alliance without a bride. Faced with choosing between the safety of his borders and the hand of his pure daughter Monarch Alcazar is forced to reveal that his daughter is a twin and offers Luna instead, in hope that she would please the wolf and buy them enough time to complete the ceremony.

Luna enters a world that not only unlocks the secret of her lineage but she realizes in a most embarrassing way that she actually has a powerful light that only comes out of her when Arn brings her to an orgasm. Arn commits to helping her master it and it triggers a suppressed memory from his childhood, which reveals what really happens the night his parents died. This insight into his past proves to be the key to helping him uncover the fact that he has inherited a complicated rule filled with betrayal, murder and strife. With pure nerve and brute force Arn fights to uncover the conspiracy which threatens to devastate the continuance of his pack. While Luna is called upon to step in and complete the Blue Moon ceremony herself when Lily fails, placing her in harm’s way.

Their ultimate success will only come when they both join forces to reconcile their past in time to save a world that depends only on the strength of their love to survive.

This book will be free to download on the 25 and 26 September 2016.


Please download, read and leave a review.  





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review 2015-03-28 00:07
Only Lycans Need Apply - Michele Bardsley

Lets see... It's been a long time since I visited this series. Too long. See, I strongly prefer to read books in dead tree format, and for some very strange reason, none of the *3* booksamillion, nor the barnes and noble ever stocked this. They have others in the series. I finally caved and ordered it from Amazon - after it had been out for 2 years. So... I spent a good bit of time trying to remember the who/what/when/and where of the series.


Also don't remember that the others were in first person, but that might just be a memory short circuit.


Our h has been on a quest she inherited - to find the lost pyramid containing 2 of the missing Ancients. She just doesn't know it. She also doesn't know she's The Last Unicorn (cue ancient cartoon here). Drake and co save her from being kidnapped, glamour her so she'll forget, rescue her from being kidnapped, and... Woohoo happens at the behest of the pyramid - sex magic you see.


Issues - she didn't know what she was. How was it that her rescuers didn't notice that little oddness? They thought her human. How? She's not purebred unicorn, but all unicorns are female. Uh.... (this, btw, was used as a reason why she couldn't shift)


In the end, the H informs her "they aren't through" (of course not; he's a werewolf and he's found his mate), the bad buy is vanquished, her friend is rescued, Patsy and Gabriel are gifted with the special prize the bad guy was after. The end. Hurray.

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text 2014-11-24 16:00
Triple Threat: Romance Novel Heroes or Heroines who are Triplets
At the Edge (Psychic Triplet Trilogy, #1) - Cait London
Prescott Pilot Anthology - Becky Barker
Dressed to Slay - Harper Allen
Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace
Draw (Gentry Boys #1) - Cora Brent
Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters, #1) - Joanne Jaytanie
How to Seduce a Duke - Kathryn Caskie
Must Love Lycans - Michele Bardsley
Mysterious Stranger (Silhouette, Special Edition, No. 1130) - Susan Mallery
Offside - Juliana Stone

I am imagine that being a triplets entering adulthood is a startling experience. All your life everyone knows you as a triplet, then you go off on your own and no one you meet now knows you are a triplet unless you tell them.  


Here are some wonderful Romance where the Hero or Heroine is a triplet.  Enjoy the plenty!


My lists are never in any particular order.  I am a cat. I can't make up my mind. 


1. Dressed to Slay (Darkheart & Crosse Trilogy #1)  by Harper Allen

2. Midnight Secrets (Wildefire, #1)  by Ella Grace

3. Draw (Gentry Boys, #1)  by Cora Brent

4. Chasing Victory (The Winters Sisters, #1)  by Joanne Jaytanie

5. Mysterious Stranger by Susan Mallery

6. Must Love Lycans  by Michele Bardsley

7. Offside (The Barker Triplets, #1) by Juliana Stone 

8. How To Seduce A Duke by Kathryn Caskie

9. Prescott Pilots by Becky Barker

10. At the Edge (Psychic Triplet Trilogy, #1) by Cait London 


There are actually more! To vote from the best of the best go to my Goodreads list: Triple Threat: Romance Novel Heroes or Heroines who are Triplets. 

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review 2014-05-27 00:00
Bonded (Law of the Lycans, #0.5)
Bonded (Law of the Lycans, #0.5) - Nicky Charles This book maybe free but I took the authors suggestion about donating to a shelter and put a pledged to save a cat on https://www.facebook.com/UrgentCatsOfFloydCountyAnimalControlRomeGeorgia?ref=br_tf my pledge 15.00 that's how much I loved the book. This is better then Tina Folsom Vampire series any day. Oh snap, I did just say that LOL.
Full review will be coming soon.
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review 2014-04-18 00:19
The Mating by Nicky Charles
The Mating - Nicky Charles

I had read some really good reviews about this book, and it was FREE so I decided to try it out. Considering it was free that made me view it a little more highly than if I had paid for it. The story is about Elise being forced to mate with the Alpha of another pack to keep the pack's alliance. She doesn't know this Alpha at all, and he doesn't know anything about her, but they are quickly thrown together to mate. And then as soon as they mate she's forced to leave her home and friends behind to move to his territory. 
I enjoyed the story to this book, it was very interesting. And I liked Elise's character, she was very brave even though her whole life was changing she was still trying to make due with what she had. And she wanted to do her duty for her pack by mating with the Alpha she didn't know. 
Throughout the book I didn't really get a grasp on Kane's personality or emotions. He seemed almost like a void to me even though he was a round a lot. And I truly hated the fact that "Marla" had Kane wrapped around her finger. It made me think way less of Kane, and it also made me dislike the book. I can not stand books where the women has the man believing something that's not true it really bugs me when these kinds of character's are thrown into a story because I absolutely hate them!! So that is why I'm saying this book is only okay. It wasn't that long either, so if your looking for a werewolf story to pass the time but not leave a huge impression I recommend this book.

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