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review 2019-06-10 08:36
The Witchkin Murders - Diana Pharaoh Francis


The world exploded with wild magic and the supernatural world declared war on humans and Kayla life went straight to hell. She used to be a detective and now she’s witchkin and a scavenger trying to hide her secret. But any chance she had of escaping her past and keeping her secret disappears when she discovers a murder scene that screams whit signs of black magic ritual. She has to work with her old partner who hates her for abandoning the department and if she screws this up, Portland will be wiped out.


This new urban fantasy screams suspense and magic and while most of the story doesn’t have a lot of romance per say, it does hint at the possibility of a romantic feelings between Kayla and old partner Ray. The chemistry burns hot and heavy throughout the story as they clash, sending sparks flying in every direction. The relationship is chock full of emotional upheaval due to secrets that stem from what happened when magic fell. These two strong, bold characters along with strong supportive characters easily draw readers into their story as they struggle to come to terms with working together again and with how they really feel.


Readers can’t stop reading very fast paced and suspenseful story that is full of stunning twists that change everything in this post-apocalyptic world full of wild magic and monsters where the divide between humans and supernaturals is boiling over the top. Unique elements and a wonderfully descriptive futuristic setting makes it easy for readers to imagine so they really can’t help but this energetic and stunning read.


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review 2017-09-22 00:00
Across the Darkling Sea (Magicfall Book 1)
Across the Darkling Sea (Magicfall Book ... Across the Darkling Sea (Magicfall Book 1) - K. Ferrin Evelyn lives in a small town where magic is illegal and this makes her very curious about it so one day she sneaks a little bit of magic into the town. When she is caught the whole town including her mom and dad want to kill her. She is rescued by the witch in their town. The witch tells Evelyn a story about a man coming to town a long time ago that used his magic on her and explains to Evelyn who she really is and about the curse this man placed upon her and her family.

So with everyone wanting to kill her Evelyn or now Ling as she wants to be called and with nowhere to go decides to set out to find this man and get him to remove this curse or for a way to break it. On her journey Ling meets some good people and some not so good people and some downright mean and awful people who take advantage of her in more ways than one.

Ling has to cross the Darkling Sea to reach her destination so she stows away on ships but she finally finds a captain that is willing to help her out and give her a ride on her ship across the Darkling Sea. Ling finds a few people on this ship willing to help her out but she must be very careful because some of these people may not be what they seem or portraying and may just stab her in the back. After all of her harrowing experiences she has no idea who to trust.

Across the Darkling Sea has been an amazing journey. I loved their journey across the Darkling Sea it was magical and so awesome. I would like to have seen Ling use her magic on her own but maybe we will see her come into her magic in future books. Or at least I hope she has magic and she doesn’t know how to use it yet maybe.

If you like to read magical books then I think you would truly enjoy Across the Darkling Sea. Come join Ling on her journey Across the Darkling Sea.
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