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text 2016-11-22 16:57
Jenseits der Dunkelwelt - Roman - Taschenbuch und Ebook




Der psychologische Roman entführt den Leser in die Welt einer inneren Zerreißprobe des verzweifelten Familienvaters Karl Sandhauser nach seiner wahren Bestimmung. Auf der Suche nach mehr Freiheit wird er zwischen familiären und beruflichen Alltagspflichten und Sehnsucht nach einem anderen Leben zerrieben. Für seine Ziele schreckt er auch vor Verbrechen nicht zurück und landet schließlich in der Psychiatrie. Dort begegnet er zwei geheimnisvollen Frauen, die ihn über die erweiterte Wirklichkeit aufzuklären beginnen und damit sein Wesen langsam verändern.


Alles was er nun plant und ausführt steht unter der Grenzmarkierung von Wahn und Wirklichkeit, Bewusstheit und Unbewusstem, Realität und Fiktion.
Ertrinkt er im Strudel der Ereignisse? Und steckt nicht in uns allen auch die Energie der Verzweiflung, die selbst vor Verbrechen nicht halt macht, wenn nur der innere Druck groß genug ist?


Restbestände der Taschenbuch-Ausgabe sind über die Homepage der Autorin zu beziehen: www.christa-schyboll.de


Ebook: Jenseits der Dunkelwelt - Ebook


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review 2016-10-05 00:00
Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis - Rob Rosen Book – Midlife Crisis
Author – Rob Rosen
Star rating - ★★★★☆
No. of Pages – 182

Cover – Good
POV – 1st person, one character
Would I read it again – Maybe

Genre – LGBT, Romance, Crime/Mystery, Midlife Crisis

Reviewed for Divine Magazine

Midlife Crisis is that mix of all the things you're looking for in a pick-me-up book: Mystery, romance, sexy stuff and a good giggle. It certainly picked me up on a God-awful day.

I love a good who-dun-it, so the mystery aspect of this one really worked for me. Sure, parts of it were a little incredulous, but that was the whole fun of it. The book didn't take itself too seriously, so I as a reader didn't either. This was more your Miss Marple – someone stumbling into something they, on paper, shouldn't be stumbling into – rather than your Poirot, where a profession gets sucked into another case.

Jack was a hottie, with money, but a love-loser life. He had everything and nothing – great parents, who were a hoot, a great best friend, a good job/money and a nice home, but he didn't have love, luck or even the closure of a past love to keep him going. So began his adventure. And, boy, it was a doozie!

I don't want to give the plot away, but I will say that I loved all the main characters – Jack, his mother!, Monroe, Dave and even Bing. But it was really in the last 10-15% that you really saw their true colours shine through so bright. And that was brilliant too.

Down side? Well, this is an unedited and unformatted ARC, so I had some trouble reading it. There were a few editing issues – nothing that needed to really be taken into account for my rating, because I'm sure they'll be fixed before publication. The formatting was also negligible, since I knew going in that it was unformatted. I only mention it, because it was tiring trying to follow the story while there were a few spaces missing, so words blended together. BUT, this is nothing anyone needs to worry about; it's all the unedited/unformatted part and nothing that will appear in the published version.

So, why is it a 4 and not a 5? I can't honestly pin-point it. I had a good giggle and I was surprised by some of the mystery/crime resolutions – which rarely ever happens to me! – but I guess there was just something indefinable missing for me. Possibly that something that would make me read it again? I'm not sure. It feels like the kind of book you'd read and it stays with you, so re-reading isn't really necessary, if you know what I mean?

Overall, though, it was a well plotted, well written piece of slap-stick comedy, with enough romance, mystery/crime and slap-and-tickle (sorry, I couldn't help myself. It felt so appropriate!) to satisfy any reader of the genre.


Favourite Quote

“He wants us to go on a diet together. I promised to love, honor and cherish. There was no mention of a diet. I would've remembered such a thing.”

“Dave might've been quick, but no one was quicker than Ma. Ma knew when I was up to no good even before I was awake. Ma had my punishment figured out a week in advance.”
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review 2016-08-16 19:43
The things we do for love, the things we do for love...
Midlife Crisis - Rob Rosen

Like walking in the rain and the snow
When there's nowhere to go
And you're feelin' like a part of you is dying
And you're looking for the answer in his eyes.
You think you're gonna break up
Then he says he wants to make up.

The Things We Do For Love

by 10 CC (with a little editing from me)


Sometimes when I'm reading a book things just pop into my brain randomly and 10CC's song 'The Things We Do For Love' was one such thing as I read this book. I haven't read a lot by Rob Rosen but I have to admit I'm glad this was one of them. 


'Midlife Crisis' was both a mystery and a romance with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in. Jack is 35 years old and his latest relationship has just ended so he's having a bit of a pity party when his friend Monroe stops by for some Coke (of the cola variety) and to dispense a bit of sage advice in the form of a walk down the memory lane of Jack's love life which culminates with the memory of Jack's first love who of course was also the one that got away...Bing O'Malley (hey, I did not name this guy, sadly someone thought his parents should be allowed to. What the hell, it worked for Bing Crosby, right?). It's with a great deal of determination that Jack decides to go back to his hometown of Ono, California and yes, it is pronounce oh-no! trust me it's appropriate. This is where his search for Bing and in many ways his journey to get his own life back on track begins.


While Jack may have been the main character in this story he definitely was not the only 'character' there was Jack's mother and his father but especially his mom. She was one unique individual, Chompers the dog, David the hospital nurse and former high school bully who it turns out was more in the closet than bully, there was of course Bing, Monroe and his husband Paul, and just for good measure lets add in a host of small town characters and more twist and turns than a piece of abstract art.


I loved that like most of us Jack's hindsight was considerably better than his foresight and he was fully aware of this and like most of us it was more than a little annoying at times. 


I'm not really sure how to explain the humor in this book, it was quirky and at times it was even a bit lame but in a rather entertaining way. It just really, really worked for me. I was totally entertained and amused from start to finish and yet there were a couple of things that didn't work too well for me and honestly I'm not going to delve into them because in the overall scheme of things they didn't spoil the book for me or take away from the entertainment factor so really not worth spending any time on. 'Midlife Crisis' is however, worth considering if you're looking for a romantic, mystery that tends to poke at life and love with a very tongue-in-cheek and totally irreverent attitude.



A copy of 'Midlife Crisis' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-08-07 19:41
Men and sheds
A Shed of One's Own: Midlife without the Crisis - Marcus Berkmann

Witty, insightful, poignant and thought-provoking, for men of a certain age Marcus Berkmann's book provides a useful compass with which to navigate those twilight years, with humour rather than resignation, grace rather than grumpiness. Should be compulsory reading for all men with the potential to age predictably.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1521167368
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review 2016-07-19 00:00
Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis - Rob Rosen

Jack is a 35 year old college professor and unwanted single. Again. Not that his last boyfriend of 6 months was his dream man - actually he has mixed feelings about their break up: relief and concern. Because a good fuck is not the same thing as a good relationship. And at thirty-five Jack wishes for nothing more in his life than to find Mister Right. At last. Like Monroe, his best friend since after college, who is happily married and ten pounds overweight (but since he is already married and doesn't have to worry about).

I think we all have situations or just moments in our lives, when we wonder how our first love/date/kiss/sex is doing? Is he/she happy and how it would be to meet her/him again?


It is exactly what Jack thinks in the aftermath of the recent relationship crisis.

Bing O'Malley was his first kiss, first fuck, fist boyfriend. He hasn't thought of him in years, and now, going through the photo albums (with Monroe), he suddenly realizes that they have never actually broken up, Bing went to college, Jack went to college, they left their home town and since then never spoke again. But what if Bing is single now and what if he is THIS Mister Right? What if the first love is our last one?

I am envy of college professors/teachers because they have summers free.
The fact that Jack became single in the beginning of summer gives him a splendid possibility to go back to his home city to find Bing.

What seemed like an easy summer-searching-for-the first-love fun at the beginning turned into a case full of secrets, lost endings, withheld information and life-threatening danger. And not only for Jack, but also for his parents! Murder mystery sends its greetings!

Without giving too much away, what will happen to Jack:

image He'll find Bing
image Jack will fall in love
image Jack will be in deadly peril

I adore the first half of the book, but I have a problem with HOW the events developed in the second part of the book, and how the story ended. I had more eye-roll-moments later than laugh-moments. I think it is a matter of taste, and I can't blame the author for lack of imagination, but I personally don't like how he interpreted a comedy genre. You might find it creative and clever, I found it kinda a turn off.

But it is my subjective opinion.

All in all:
If you're looking for something hilarious(the first part of the book) and murderous(that is mostly the second part of the book), you should give it a go.

***ARC provided to Gay Book Reviews by the author in exchange for an honest review***
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