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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-03-18 08:50
Bright Mouths by Shukyou
Bright Mouths - Shukyou Bright Mouths - Shukyou

What an amazing read!


I enjoyed every moment of it. I had a bit of trouble at first in understanding the background but after that, the characters just pulled me in. I was fascinated!



I was on the edge of my seat through the whole story. At first, by the demon introduction. Then by the ways Tenzjin might hurt Mot since the young man seemed to fragile and sensitive to everything. Then the awful possibility that Mot might indeed be a demon. And the climax scene where there seemed to be only 2 choices, both dreadful: either Tenzjin would discover that his fears were unfounded but would hurt Mot badly or that Tenzjin would prove Mot to actually be a demon and have to kill him.


Shukyou did an amazing job in creating the suspense throughout the story and inserting little tidbits that only heightened the mystery and left me wondering what was real and what wasn't. I too felt the hairs on the back of my head stand when Tenzjin discovered the description of the "blood anger demons". Again when he learnt about Ngamotzjang, the death god. And the ritual...I felt that if Tenzjin had finished that ritual things would have ended badly no matter the outcome.


I just loved this story, for its style, the open-ended finale, the mystery sprinkled from start to finish for the wonderful way in which various elements were given a dual nature and could be either taken as a source of supernatural or explained by rationale. Wonderful!

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review 2014-03-17 14:17
The Sticks by JF Smith
The Sticks - J.F. Smith

Touching story about the hardships of life and how to move past them.

Each period of our life has a certain degree of hardship and bad times. And it is ourselves that must find the strength to carry on, it is us that must discover the good things and hold on to them until "this too shall pass".

A lovely story, despite the sombre subject.

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review 2014-02-28 16:41
Nothing Serious by Jay Northcote
Nothing Serious - Jay Northcote

A cute but ordinary coming out, romance story. I neither loved, not disliked the characters. They brought a smile to my face but I doubt I'll remember much about them in a year's time.


Mark has just come to terms with his sexuality and luckily stumbles upon a hot gay man while moving out from his girlfriend's apartment. He has trouble navigating the gay dating ritual but eventually finds the courage to confess his love and save his virginity as present.


Jamie suffers from dyslexia and is still living with his parents while attending school. He seizes the opportunity to help Mark discover the pleasures of gay sex and unknowingly falls in love.


The book focused mainly on the pair's games in the bedroom, with little room for development for the other characters, other than a perfunctory overview to fill in the background. The last 1/4 of the book had some angsty moments while each character realised they were in love but afraid it was unreciprocated.


The book is perfect for those unfamiliar with m/m romance and have a romantic side they like to indulge in. It wasn't something that caught my interest but it was pleasant enough to keep me to the end.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-02-21 22:12
Memory Kick by C.M. Torrens
Memory Kick - C.M. Torrens

I don't hate the book. I simply could not find one thing to make it worth my while for having read this. So it gets 1 star.

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review 2014-02-13 09:08
I Spy Something Christmas by Josh Lanyon
I Spy Something Christmas - Josh Lanyon


Can I say just one thing first? The killer was a complete surprise and totally out of the blue. I mean, after 3/4 of the book of Mark insisting his past had nothing to do with the shooting, we find out it actually does. And it was something so far back even Mark had trouble remembering. I found it a bit annoying to be chasing around town for supposed killers.


I was also a bit fed up with Stephen and Mark to be honest. It took 3 books for Mark to finally realise any argument he had with Stephen was not an automatic break-up. And Stephen always seemed to play the part of the wounded party, understanding and caring and unappreciated by Mark. The former spy did have a tendency to keep to himself, hide things or downplay them but Stephen wasn't all that great at communicating and sharing either.


So yeah, for some reason, I've had enough of them. They always have to hash things out, create this tension between them when I wanted them together against the world. They make a nice pair but don't think I'm interested in reading more about Mark and Stephen. I hope this is the end and they live their happily ever after.

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