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text 2016-03-03 10:36
*Book Review* The Affiliate by K.A Linde

Title: The Affiliate (Ascension #1)

Format: Ebook

Pages: 339

Published: 15th Sept 2015

Publisher: K.A Linde Inc

Source: Bought

Genre: YA Fantasy

Shelfability: Acquire

BuyAmazon UK / Amazon US

On the day of her Presenting, in front of the entire Byern Court, seventeen-year-old Cyrene Strohm's lifelong plans come to fruition when she's chosen for one of the most prestigious positions in her homeland—an Affiliate to the Queen. Or so she thinks.


When Cyrene receives a mysterious letter and an unreadable book, she finds nothing is as it seems. Thrust into a world of dangerous political intrigue and deadly magic, Cyrene's position only grows more treacherous when she finds herself drawn to the one man she can never have...


King Edric himself.


Cyrene must decide if love is truly worth the price of freedom. Find out in this first book in USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s new Ascension series.


I bought this a whim! It was only 99p on kindle and well that cover is amazing!! YA Fantasy is not a genre I usually read a lot. However, lately I have been finding the YA Fantasy is becoming a very strong genre within the YA books and the ones I have read are usually fantastic. The Affiliate is by far one of the more unique and fast paced ones. I can't wait to for next one.


 Read Full Review http://weeshubbasworld.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/book-review-affiliate-by-ka-linde.htm

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text 2015-09-25 11:57
*Book Review* All The Rage by Courtney Summers
Title: All The Rage
Format: eArc
Pages: 336
Published: 13Th August 2015
Publisher:  Macmillan Children's books
Source: Netgalley
Genre: YA Contemporary
Shelfability: Borrow/Acquire
**About The Book**
"My dad used to say makeup was a shallow girl's sport, but it's not. It's armour."

Kellan Turner is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is and Romy Grey knows that for a fact. But when she speaks up, she is branded a liar. Telling the truth has cost her everything, because no one wants to believe a girl from the wrong side of town. But when news of Kellan assaulting another girl gets out, the cost of staying silent might be more than Romy can bear.

With a shocking conclusion and writing that will absolutely knock you out, All The Rage examines the shame and silence inflicted upon young women in a culture that refuses to protect them.

May contain slight spoilers. 
I have mixed feeling  about this book. On one hand the story is very powerful and beautifully written. However, on the other hand I felt like the ending didn't give the readers any kind of conclusion to how things end up. And it ruin the book slightly for me.
Source: weeshubbasworld.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/book-review-all-rage-by-courtney-summers.html
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text 2015-08-05 13:47
*Book Review* On the Edge of Humanity by S.B Alexander
Title: On the Edge of Humanity (Vampire SEALS #1)
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 325
Published: 28th Dec 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Bought
Genre: YA Paranormal
Shelfability: Acquire
**About The Book**
How far would you go to save a loved one?
Natural-born vampires are born not made. Some humans, who roam the earth, are not even aware they carry such DNA
Sixteen-year-old Jo Mason is lost in a world where traipsing from one foster home to another is normal. She hates her life, she hates school and on most days, she hates living.
Her normal world shifts when she discovers her twin brother Sam has gone missing between Anger Management class and History Class.
She’s called to the principal’s office to meet Lieutenant Webb London, a Navy SEAL who is part of a secret team of natural-born vampires. His mission is to protect the twins from an evil cartel, but he’s too late. With Jo now under his protection, his team searches for Sam.
However, finding and rescuing Sam from the evil cartel may be the easy part. Jo learns she carries a dormant vampire gene that, if activated, could save him. As her normal world fades even more, pushing her closer to the edge of humanity, Jo must decide if her human life is more important than her twin brother


After reading Dare to Kiss by the same author I was looking for more of her work and found this  FREE on amazon! That is right! You can grab this currently for free and I highly suggest getting because it was such a quick and enjoyable read. It's not perfect but overall a really good story.
Source: weeshubbasworld.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/book-review-on-edge-of-humanity.html
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text 2015-08-05 13:43
*Book Review* Dare to Kiss by S.B Alexander
Title: Dare to Kiss (The Maxwell Series #1)
Format: Ebook
Pages: 325
Published: 30th Sept 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre:  Older YA, New Adult
Shelfability: Acquire
**About The Book**
When tragedy tears down everything she loves, his touch will give her a second chance.
Like most 17-year-old girls, Lacey Robinson loves her family. What makes her unique is her unmatched talent for baseball. With an unhittable fastball and a killer slider, it's no wonder Arizona State University wants to talk about a scholarship for its boys' team. She's living out her dream, until life throws a nasty and deadly curveball.
When she loses her mother and sister to a home invasion, baseball and her dreams die with them. Stricken with nightmares, panic attacks, and even blackouts, Lacey is diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Upon recommendation from her psychiatrist, the former baseball phenom moves across the country and tries to pick up the pieces from her life.
Now, only two things matter to Lacey--overcoming her PTSD and making the Kensington High baseball team. When she meets the tall, sexy, and drool-worthy Kade Maxwell, his magical touch awakens her feminine side, and his kiss erases her nightmares. As her symptoms start to fade, her sports dreams take a turn for the worse, as baseball captain Aaron Seever doesn't want a girl on the team.
But when Kade's arch-nemesis returns to town to settle an old score, Lacey's PTSD comes back with a vengeance. She'll need to learn how to push her demons away or she'll lose everything good she has left.
Strong language. Sexual content. Intended for audiences 17 years and older
I had never heard of this series until I was contacted to review book two "Dare to Dream". However, since I hadn't read this one I was kindly offered a chance to read and review this as well. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did because Dare to Kiss is fast paced, exciting, emotional and hot!
Source: weeshubbasworld.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/book-review-dare-to-kiss-maxwell-series.html
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review 2014-10-04 16:04
I laughed, I cried. Mostly I cried. Like, a lot.
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Fault in Our Stars is an improbable story, but it doesn't feel like one when you're reading it. It feels exactly right.


Maybe it resonates so strongly because of my life as a sick child and then a sick adult who lost most of her sick friends in childhood. Our lives were more predictable because we didn't have cancer, which is unpredictable pretty much all the time, but we were still surprised sometimes. We loved each other and sometimes we fell in love and once in a while the person who died was the one who wasn't supposed to.


What I'm getting at is that it's really weird being a kid and having a mental list of which friends are supposed to die first. Green captures that feeling, all of those feelings, better than anyone I've read who wasn't somehow one of us. I was sure that he had lost a child or a sibling to cancer, right up the point in the acknowledgements where he says he didn't. It's that good.


So it's also that bad. I felt Hazel's pain and joy and fear so completely it was frightening, even as I was jealous of her strength. Hazel is a beautiful creature, as is Augustus, and their love is a privilege to witness. 


Bonus points to Green for making up a book for them to bond over rather than using an existing one and turning it into a half-assed lit class. That was a real stroke of genius and made their world all the more real for being wholly fictional.

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