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text 2019-02-14 23:22
Reading progress update: I've read 37 out of 384 pages.
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black

Enjoying it so far 

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text 2019-02-04 05:32
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Sweet revenge - River Laurent


Sexy story 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-01-28 19:19
Book Review : Emergency contact Mary choi
Emergency Contact - Mary Choi

Jan 9- 26

For Penny Lee high school was a total nonevent. Her friends were okay, her grades were fine, and while she somehow managed to land a boyfriend, he doesn’t actually know anything about her. When Penny heads to college in Austin, Texas, to learn how to become a writer, it’s seventy-nine miles and a zillion light years away from everything she can’t wait to leave behind.

Sam’s stuck. Literally, figuratively, emotionally, financially. He works at a café and sleeps there too, on a mattress on the floor of an empty storage room upstairs. He knows that this is the god-awful chapter of his life that will serve as inspiration for when he’s a famous movie director but right this second the seventeen bucks in his checking account and his dying laptop are really testing him. 

When Sam and Penny cross paths it’s less meet-cute and more a collision of unbearable awkwardness. Still, they swap numbers and stay in touch—via text—and soon become digitally inseparable, sharing their deepest anxieties and secret dreams without the humiliating weirdness of having to see each other.

Review : I loved this book . Penny is ready to get to collage her and her mom are always butting heads . When she gets to college she meets her roommate's friend they all meet at a cafe House where Penny meets Jude and where she also meets Sam. Sam is going through a lot his crazy ex girlfriend tells him she's pregnant and he's freaking out and ends up having a anxiety attack on the side of the street that's where penny finds him and they agree to be each other's emergency contact so they just end up texting . They end up talking a lot until her mom vists and they go to house and sam told her he would call her and he never did Sam got depressed his ex wasn't pregnant now . Penny was dealing with school and her writing and then she gets an email from Sam and she shows up at house and tells him they should be actual friends who hang out . They never told Jude they were friends and she find out when she gets a text from Sam and Jude is pissed at her . Penny 's mom is in the hospital cause she had a weed brownie for her birthday so she called same and they drove to the hospital and when penny found out what happened she left to go back to school . She spends the night with Sam and they end up kissing and she bolts . Jude and Sam end up talking and she asks Sam about Penny . Penny's mom shows up and they talk it out and Sam shows up and they talk and he's into her it was a cute ending . 

Quotes : “Penny believed with her whole heart that there were moments - crucial instances - that defined who someone was going to be. There were clues or signs, and you didn't want to miss them.


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-01-28 18:32
Book Review : Jack of hearts and other parts L.C Rosen
Jack of Hearts (and other parts) - Lev A.C. Rosen
Dec 11 - Jan 23

Pretty Little Liars meets Dan Savage in this modern, fresh, YA debut about an unapologetically queer teen working to uncover a blackmailer threatening him back into the closet.

Jack has a lot of sex--and he's not ashamed of it. While he's sometimes ostracized, and gossip constantly rages about his sex life, Jack always believes that "it could be worse."

But then, the worse unexpectedly strikes: When Jack starts writing a teen sex advice column for an online site, he begins to receive creepy and threatening love letters that attempt to force Jack to curb his sexuality and personality. Now it's up to Jack an his best friends to uncover the stalker--before their love becomes dangerous.

Ground-breaking and page-turning, Jack of Hearts (and other parts) celebrates the freedom to be oneself, especially in the face of adversity.

Review : I loved this book this is about Jack who is gay and very open to have sex just no relationship he wants to have fun . His friend Jenna asks him to do a column on sex for her site and he finally agrees . He starts getting these pink notes and they start to freak him out they were creepy as fuck . They start get threatening his friends Jenna and Ben . And they get mad when he continues to hook up with more guys and he starts getting depressed . until one day when he's in the boys bathroom and he hears the three girls who gossip about him one of them has paper cuts and he fugues it out it's Caitlin first I didn't expect it to be a girl . He records her confessing and gets her expelled good that girl had issues . Jack is back to his self and enjoying his life . 

Quotes : “Jack?” Mom calls from outside my room. “You home?” “Just a sec, Mom,” I yell back. Peter stares at me, gives me a “what do I do?” look, and I just shake my head. I throw my sheets in a pile on the bed as Mom knocks on my door. “Mom, I have a friend over,” I say through the door. There’s a pause. Somehow I can hear the expression on her face. I look over at Peter, who’s gotten his clothes on, and shrug apologetically. He smiles—this is funny to him, now that he’s dressed. I open the door. My mom is standing right up against it, her expression matching Peter’s. “Hi,” she says, her voice innocent. She looks past me at Peter, who waves. “I’m Jack’s mom, Ruth.” “Hi,” Peter says, and to my relief no one offers to shake hands. Peter hasn’t washed his yet. “I’m Peter.” “Nice to meet you

I know it’s not the same—gay and asexual—but I want to tell you as someone who thought they were broken, and everyone was staring at them and knew, that you are not broken. Plus, you might not be asexual, you might just not be interested in sex now, or only be interested in sex with people once you know them and have a bond with them, or maybe you’re only turned on by a very particular kind of sex or fetish that you haven’t discovered. But as long as everyone is consenting, there’s nothing wrong with your desire, or with your not having desire. We’re all wired differently.

in that moment, I get to be me. And if you don’t like that, fuck off.

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text 2019-01-27 03:27
Reading progress update: I've read 391 out of 391 pages.
Emergency Contact - Mary Choi

Very good

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