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review 2019-04-27 07:18
Dragon Fire (Vale of Stars, #3) - Juliette Cross


He’s been hiding in the last place his Morgon enemies might find Kieren Moonring while he recovers from his injuries. She can’t stop or disguise her growing attraction for the man hiding in her their convent, not to mention that Sister Liana has past that is best kept buried. When Kieren’s greatest fear comes true and his enemies target Liana, he will murder the whole world to keep her safe.


This gripping 'Vale of Stars' romance is full of stunning twist that not only knock the Morgon and human world to their knees but the readers as well because this story holds them spellbound and the strong, vivid characters demand readers’ complete attention. The romance of this story has Kieren falling more and more for Liana but she is a Sister in the convent which means she is forbidden but Liana holds a deep dark secret that could change everything or make him want nothing to do with her, which keeps this HEA is suspense as well as keeping emotions high and the passions burning hotter and hotter throughout.


Exhilarating suspense builds throughout this fast paced plot with lots excitement, thrills and some really stunning twists that takes readers by surprise. The story is so vividly descriptive with all the wonderfully unique and fascinating characters that readers have to come to love that it easily captures the imagination and brings to it life so that readers thoroughly immerse themselves into the story from beginning to end.




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review 2018-08-21 13:47
#46 - Of fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst
Of Fire and Stars - Audrey Coulthurst


I just marked this book as finished on my Goodreads and I noticed that there were a lot of bad reviews. But as far as I am concerned, I think it was a great and entertaining book.

I really had fun reading it; it was fast-paced, the characters were nice, and the setting was original. I wish the magic system was a little bit more developed though, I feel like there should have been more explanation about it. I was waiting for something that never came.


But we all agree to say that the most important part of this book is the romance. I could describe this book as an impossible love in a magical setting. Because I think I know why people are disappointed; when you read the description of the book, you may expect something more than that. But, this is “only” a romance novel. But that was totally fine with me.


I think the romance is cute and I liked learning more about those two characters. However, it is true that everything that happened beyond that was not relevant and I did not really care about the supposed war. The story could have happened in a contemporary setting it wouldn’t have made any difference to me.


I recommend this book to anyone looking for a cute (same sex) romance.

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review 2018-05-27 21:46
Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst
Of Fire and Stars - Jordan Saia,Audrey Coulthurst

Dennaleia (Denna) is a princess of the northern kingdom of Havemont. She's engaged to be married to Crown Prince Thandilimon (Thandi) of Mynaria for political reasons I can't recall. Denna has a secret: she can perform fire magic. Unfortunately, Mynaria is becoming more and more anti-magic. Recusants, illegal magic users, are being hunted down, and things only get worse after a member of the royal family is assassinated by someone who is likely a Recusant.

While everyone else is quick to blame the Recusants and the nearby country of Zumorda for Mynaria's recent problems, Denna and Mare, the Mynarian princess, are the only ones who suspect something else might be going on. As Mynaria prepares for Denna and Thandi's upcoming marriage, Denna and Mare work together to uncover the truth...and gradually realize that they've fallen in love with each other.

I'll start by talking about the good. For the most part, the progression of Denna and Mare's relationship from rocky, to being friends, and finally to falling in love was pretty good. Although Mare would have preferred to have as little as possible to do with Denna when they first met, she was forced to help Denna learn how to ride horses (riding isn't a thing people do in Havemont) and got to know her more than she probably would have otherwise. Their eventual romance had a solid foundation and didn't feel like it appeared out of nowhere.

I was also happy to see that homophobia wasn't one of the things standing between Denna and Mare. From what I could tell, bisexuality was the default in this world. As far as marriage went, however, things were a little fuzzier. It sounded like same-sex marriages existed, but also like same-sex political marriages were less likely than political marriages between men and women.

Now it's time to get into the things I didn't like, and unfortunately the list is long.

First and foremost, Of Fire and Stars was boring. It took ages for things to happen and for Mare and Denna's investigations to move forward. I wanted more tense political intrigue, and instead I got occasional badly executed spying attempts, some library research, and Denna stressing over the possibility that her magical abilities would be discovered. Most of that was pushed into the background after Denna and Mare realized that they loved each other. I should have been rooting for their relationship and instead I couldn't wait for the book to finally be over.

The book alternated between chapters from Mare's POV and chapters from Denna's POV (first person past tense). Mare was a tomboy who preferred dressing up as a man and going information-gathering in local taverns to putting on gowns and spending time at court. Denna had been trained to be a perfect princess since birth. Coulthurst could have alternated between chapters devoted to Mare's spying activities and chapters in which Denna made connections at court, collected potentially useful court gossip, and did a bit of research in the palace library.

Instead, readers got the former (sort of) but only the barest sliver of the latter. Both Denna and Mare dismissed court gossip as something only silly court ladies participated in, an attitude that boggled my mind. Was I really supposed to believe that only commoners in taverns gossiped about the current state of affairs in the country, city, and palace? In the end, the only useful thing Denna got to do was library research.

Denna felt like little more than a sidekick throughout much of the story, even going so far as to beg Mare to take her on one of her trips to a local tavern. Mare, meanwhile, didn't strike me as being nearly as competent as the author wanted readers to believe. She'd have died or had her identity uncovered many times over if it hadn't been for her best friend Nils, one of the few halfway intelligent and capable characters in the book. She was also annoyingly childish, kicking her shoes off at things (bushes, doors) multiple times.

The way Mare and Denna's romance played out caused me to dislike them both. They were both selfish and frustrating. Mare viewed Denna moving forward with her and Thandi's wedding as choosing Thandi over her. Never mind that it was a political marriage and that there would be consequences for both of their countries if Denna suddenly announced that she had fallen in love with Mare and wanted to marry her instead.

Denna had a similar reaction when Mare considered agreeing to a political marriage of her own that would have at least guaranteed she could work with horses on a daily basis. If Denna had had her way, Mare would have stayed by her side for the rest of her life, unmarried and perpetually available for stolen kisses. Never once did she consider Mare's feelings and that it might be best for the person she supposedly loved to find what happiness she could elsewhere.

Although the book has a proper ending, there's definitely room for a sequel, and I see that one is supposed to come out sometime in 2019. I don't currently plan on reading it.


There's a map at the beginning of the book. Somehow I didn't manage to see it until after I'd finished reading.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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text 2018-05-26 22:51
Reading progress update: I've read 389 out of 389 pages.
Of Fire and Stars - Jordan Saia,Audrey Coulthurst

Joy, I'm done with this. The ending worsened my opinion of this book even more, if you can believe it. Denna became ridiculously overpowered,

literally calling down stars from the sky.

(spoiler show)


There's room for a sequel. I don't plan on reading it.

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text 2018-05-26 20:30
Reading progress update: I've read 352 out of 389 pages.
Of Fire and Stars - Jordan Saia,Audrey Coulthurst

"But she had been wise enough to choose Claera at any cost, in spite of the objections of her family. One day they would find each other again."


This book is very "love above all else," even though 1) at least two entire countries full of people depend upon Denna and Thandi getting married and 2) Denna choosing Mare over Thandi wouldn't have guaranteed that she got to stay with Mare. Things that were more likely than Thandi saying "Okay Denna, you can marry my sister instead":


- The marriage is cancelled and Denna is sent back to her country, while relations between the two countries deteriorate.


- Mare is forcibly married off to get her out of the way. Denna ends up having to marry Thandi anyway.


- Mare is simply sent elsewhere to get her out of the way. Denna ends up having to marry Thandi anyway.


- Denna is forced to marry Thandi anyway and never gets a moment alone again for the rest of her life.


- Denna and Mare escape and attempt to make a life for themselves, but they're now branded as traitors. Since neither one of them knows how to live as a commoner (even Mare only pretended to be a commoner for a few hours at a time), they'd have problems even if they weren't constantly on the run.

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