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review 2017-05-23 02:25
Only human
Sensational Sinners - Peter Styles

Wyatt thinks he has finally found the perfect man.  Who knew an app could help out with these kinds of things?  There are secrets that his new man will not reveal.  What will happen with everything gets real?


Lincoln has things he feels he needs to hide.  He has a very public alter ego.  The private him is thrilled to catch Wyatt's interest.  Can they compromise enough to find a future?


These guys click right from the start!  The sexual tension, the heat, the banter.... it is all so very good.  There is always an obstacle, however, and these two have to leap over the elephant in the room.  I really enjoyed reading about these two characters.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-05-22 15:30
"The Trout", by Peter Cunningham
The Trout: A Novel - Peter Cunningham

This is a well-crafted crisply written, gripping story of one man search for the crucial secret locked in his memory since childhood and the ability of whole societies to deny the evidence of their eyes.

When writer Alex Smyth receives a letter at his home in rural Bayport Ontario containing only a fishing lure, unsettling childhood memories are triggered. Alex thinks he may have killed another boy when he was seven, he then decides to return to Ireland to seek answers from his father.

Alex is the narrator and recounts events from both a child’s and an adult’s perspective. His voice is gentle almost mesmerizing it is easy to adapt to his tone. As the tale unfolds, the author artfully spins several stories at once: Ex: when Kay, Alex’s wife, alone has doubts about their marriage and has fears of a stalker we are into some interesting interludes.

It takes time to connect with the characters but when several layers of tension are introduced and memories crisscrossed with the present they immediately become accessible. The short chapters and a credible narrative keep the pages turning and the pacing holds up to the tension beautifully when it picks up. Serving simply as a metaphor and to provide a connecting thread in this delicate and powerful tale, the author has intercepted his narrative with brief and cogent paragraphs with the art of fly-fishing and its pursuit of the trout. (Interesting).

I had a hard time getting into this psychological thriller and staying focused during the initial section, it drags too much as it recounts the couple peaceful existence in Canada till mid-way threatened by Alex’s visions everything meshed and I understood where the author was leading. From then on I was hooked.

The last half of the book reveals the monstrous crime that took place in a country populated by good people who are conscious of the truth but prefer to leave it deep beneath the surface till one day they uncover the truth….it burst to light like the beautiful trout....

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss

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review 2017-05-21 22:36
Ein sehr interessantes und informatives Buch, das absolut lesenswert ist!
Unsere Vögel: Warum wir sie brauchen und wie wir sie schützen können - Peter Berthold


Peter Berthold legt in seinem neuesten Werk "Unsere Vögel" äußerst anschaulich dar, wie schlecht es gegenwärtig um den weltweiten Vogelbestand steht. Es wird bereits nach den ersten gelesenen Seiten deutlich, dass diese Entwicklung ein schon länger andauernder Prozess ist, dessen Ausmaße sich jedoch insbesondere in den letzten Jahrzehnten drastisch verschärft haben. Als anerkannter Ornithologe und Forscher auf dem Gebiet der Vogelkunde behandelt Peter Berthold das Thema nicht plakativ, sondern schildert die Inhalte anhand vieler Beispiele und diverser statistischer Erkenntnisse oder Belege sehr eindringlich und gut verständlich für jeden Laien. Die Artenvielfalt scheint bedroht und vielmehr noch der Fortbestand einzelner Vogelgattungen. Berthold beschreibt mahnend und doch immer sachlich die Auswirkungen dessen, wenn die Vogelpopulation weiterhin derart drastisch abnimmt. Dabei blickt er auch auf die Einflussnahme der Landwirtschaft und Bebauungsmaßnahmen der Städte, auf veränderte Lebensweisen, Anpassungen an die jeweiligen Lebensräume, sowie die Problematiken, die durch die, bzw. mit der Technisierung der menschlichen Arbeitsweise für die Vögel einhergehen. Zudem gibt Peter Berthold dem Leser noch diverse Möglichkeiten mit auf den Weg, wie jeder Einzelne im Grunde dazu beitragen kann, den rasanten und anhaltenden Abbau des Populationsbestandes der heimischen Vögel aufzuhalten.

Man muss dieses Buch wohl auf sich wirken lassen und stellenweise auch die statistischen Angaben (z.B. die nüchternen Zahlen) und Inhalte erst einmal „verdauen“. Alles in allem ist „Unsere Vögel“ jedoch ein wirklich informatives, sehr interessantes und durchaus auch schockierendes Buch, das daran erinnert, wie zerbrechlich und vergänglich unsere Vogelwelt doch letztlich ist! Absolut lesenswert, deshalb 5 Sterne.

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review 2017-05-15 13:24
Judy Moody Saves The World! - Megan McDonald,Peter H. Reynolds

I am a big fan of the Judy Moody series.

Judy is such a strong character. She's not afraid to be herself and stays true to her beliefs. She isn't scared to express herself and her opinions.

This is a great continuation of the series. I love that is it educational about environmental conservation, but is still fun and entertaining. I also love how McDonald worked in environmental language into the narration such as referring to the class as an ecosystem and using animal similes such as hooting like a howler monkey.

A wonderful, hilarious read.

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review 2017-05-13 00:07
Judy Moody Gets Famous! - Megan McDonald,Peter H. Reynolds

This is a great continuation of the Judy Moody series.

A quick, but entertaining read, filled with humorous stories of how Judy tried to get famous.

I love Judy's character and how McDonald allows her to feel all sorts of emotions (not just happy), teaching kids that it is okay to be in a bad mood sometimes.

Very simple, but extremely funny.

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