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review 2020-03-12 05:52
Review: Day Zero by Kelly deVos
Day Zero - Kelly deVos

To sum it up in one sentence, this book wasn’t very good but wasn’t completely without redeeming qualities. The writing was solid. A bit too much tell versus show at times but the narrative was engaging enough that it didn’t bother me. I liked the introductions to all the characters and felt that those early chapters gave me a really good handle on who everyone was. Except Toby, for the first few chapters I kept forgetting who he was and I am still not sure why I couldn’t remember him.


Jinx was a terrible main character. I could tell that she’s supposed to be smart but she really enjoyed acting like she wasn’t. Her father prepared her for the apocalypse for years, she knows what she should do in the situations presented in the book. She just decides not to do it. And then regrets it once everything goes horribly wrong. Just once I wanted her to follow the lessons of her father and go along with the disaster plan. But, alas, she did not. I tried really hard to like her as a character but I just couldn’t do it.


Charles was an absolutely delight as a character, which was completely unexpected for me. I did not expect to like him but he stole my heart. I wanted to protect him in his anxiety and fear. And to quite frank, he was a lot smarter than his older sister too.


My biggest problem with this book however was the political overtones. I don’t mind books that are commentaries on the current political climate. But, is it really so hard to disguise that a tiny bit? Somehow the current political parties have been replaced by The Spark and The Opposition. I have no idea how that happened because the author didn’t bother to tell me. The Spark is basically the Democrat party. Socialist, popular with “educated” folks who majored in political science, and the goal is take rich people’s money and spread it around so that everyone has a mediocre existence. They have been in power for about 10 years according to the book. Their leader is Rosenthal. Everyone in the book repeats the party catch phrase ad nauseum “Everyone’s for Rosenthal.” And if anyone in the book even hints that they might not be for Rosenthal they are immediately attacked with “so you just hate people? you just want to hoard your stuff instead of take care of people?!” Yawn. Boring. The Opposition is the Republicans, allegedly. Led by Ammon Carver, an enigmatic billionaire who owns the largest bank in the country and since “Everyone’s for Rosenthal” he obviously cheated in order to win. Is this sounding familiar at all? Oh yes, everyone in The Opposition wears red hats, carries shotguns, has a poor command of the English language, has a pickup truck, and obviously wants the world to descend into anarchy so they can keep all their stuff. Oh and every other character immediately labels them a Neo-Nazi seemingly without any evidence of that at all. Is this sounding familiar now?


I didn’t mind the political themes at first because after the first 20 pages or so they seemed to largely move on to other things. But then it comes back at the end in such a heavy handed way that I wanted to scream. It felt like the author was beating me over the head with a MAGA hat screaming “I’m talking about Trump and 2016!!!” I get it. Okay? Honestly. I get it. I am not so stupid that I didn’t see your glaringly obvious theme. I was so tired of it by the time we got to the big twist at the end that I mostly just wanted the book to end. I don’t mind politics in my books, but please refrain from beating me over the head with your own opinions. I don’t need the brain damage.


And then we come to the twist. It wasn’t that good either. I started figuring it out about halfway through the book. I was completely sure that I knew what was going on shortly after. It was so blatantly obvious that even another character basically says to Jinx, “Hey isn’t all this stuff weird and suspicious? Do you think there might be something odd going on here?” And Jinx just laughs and says “Of course not!”. Then she is oh so shocked when the traitor is revealed. Um, that other character literally told you all that stuff about 40 pages ago. Are you really that dense?


Overall, not a good book. I won’t be reading the next book but it gets some credit for the exciting middle portion and for Charles.

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review 2016-08-10 00:00
Prepping Made Easy: The First Steps For Successful Prepping
Prepping Made Easy: The First Steps For Successful Prepping - Terry Garreth Lots of good information.
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photo 2014-05-25 02:19
Z-Burbia - Jake Bible
Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell (Volume 2) - Jake Bible
Z-Burbia 3: Estate of the Dead - Jake Bible
Happy Caturday Zombie Style




I'm on a zombie kick again. Since I've tried to devote Saturdays, today, to cats; I'm going to theme Sundays on my blog to zombies. Recently I finished Zburbia 2 and had to immediately start the third book in the series, Zburbia 3. I just discovered that Jake Bible, the author, it's going to continue this series with a fourth book. How am I going to read any other book? I have so many. 


I'm planning on writing up a prepped book for cats and other pets. Think this it's something worth reading? Curious as to what pointers others might have on an apocalypse and the survival and protection of their pets....and perhaps how to convert their pets into the ultimate fighting and defense tool for their bug out routine. Please write any suggestions below.

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review 2014-04-18 00:00
Organic Oren's Gardening Guide: Planning, Prepping, Planting, Feeding, Maintaining, Harvesting and Storing Your Organic Food
Organic Oren's Gardening Guide: Planning... Organic Oren's Gardening Guide: Planning, Prepping, Planting, Feeding, Maintaining, Harvesting and Storing Your Organic Food - Oren Macintosh,Tim Johnson Received this book through GoodReads First-Reads Giveaway.

Found this to be rather interesting to read, especially on what not to do to ensure that your garden remains organic. I did like the mention of vegetables, how to maintain the garden, and all the worm farm mentions. Learning what bugs were good and which were not was rather informative too! The use of tools was informative, though more would be beneficial.

I did have a few issues, such as in certain areas the water probably has more chemicals in it than other places, such as chlorine, arsenic, and flouride. While that may be fine, they're still chemicals none the less and in some places water supply which is not good. Another issue was that I would have loved to have had more information on fruits and vegetables, especially fruits. I would love to know more about them, especially strawberries and blueberries. I'd also like to know more about the places where certain plants thrive and do well in.

This is a really great guide, especially if you're first starting out in it as it helps you get everything started and going to understand what it is you're doing. It also shows that to have organic fruits and vegetables, you don't have to spend that much money and you can provide a healthy meal for your family. It does take work and he does stress that a lot!
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