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review 2019-12-09 19:23
Walk On The Dark Side with The Psycho Collection by B R Paulson @bonnierpaulson
Dictating Death - Bonnie R. Paulson



I’m going over the falls and into deep water. And I go willingly.


Maria hated waiting for the death part. The fun was in the lead-in to the final act – the revenge.


The creepiness of the cover drew me in and after reading the blurb, I was hooked. Knowing what’s inside only whet my appetite for blood. And I got it. Right from the getgo. From the opening pages the knife was cutting, the blood flowing, the torture beyond belief. It wasn’t enough to kill. It must be a long, drawn out, painful and excruciating death. And Maria reveled in it.


Samantha and Maria are at odds with each other. Samantha wants to love Doctor Luke Lawson, while Maria wants to kill him. Call them the Threat Specialists – one is proud, the other horrified. What is the end game? What creates someone so twisted, reveling in brutality, savagery, enjoying the kill? Maybe you will find out…if you read Dictating Death by Bonnie R Paulson


I voluntarily reviewed a copy of Dictating Death by Bonnie R Paulson

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos4 Stars




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Source: www.fundinmental.com/walk-on-the-dark-side-with-the-psycho-collection-by-b-r-paulson-bonnierpaulson
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review 2019-12-09 19:11
Walk On The Dark Side with The Psycho Collection by B R Paulson @bonnierpaulson
Psycho Inside Me - Bonnie R. Paulson



Action from the getgo.


The sheriff’s son, Deegan, helps the preacher’s daughter cover up the death of bad boy Bobby. They were friends, but this changed their relationship, brought them closer.

Her instinct was to take his ring for a trophy, but Deegan had a better idea. A tattoo.

The death changed her and now she is on the run. She is fueled by nightmares of Bobby, but determined not to be caught.


Are monster born or raised? That age old question, what creates a monster? I am always curious about what drives people to do some of the most heinous acts to others.

Justice doesn’t always come to the rescue and sometimes taking the matter into your own hand is the only answer. I do believe the world has a lot more grey, than black and white.


I didn’t see the direction Bonnie R Paulson was going to take with Psycho Inside me, but I do love the Bonnie and Clyde vigilante aspect. I can always relate to a vigilante and I guess that says something about me. LOL She is a badass psycho and I love her…and her boyfriend too. I feel her need to take down the bullies and pedophiles that prey on children. They do deserve the worst that can be heaped on them…and her name is Cassie.


She trained. She is only a young teenager, but she becomes a predator, created by those whotreated her as prey. I love how she is changing from her 13 year old innocent ways, forcing herself to become a calculating weapon of justice. Fine by me is she wipes out the perverts. You may feel the same way after reading about the degenerates.


The world is dark, with rays of sun shining through when the clouds lift in her mind.

How will this end? Will she be killed in one of the attacks? I want it to end well for her, regardless of what she has done. I love a characters that can win me over so completely.


Molestation and sexual assault are difficult subjects to face and talk about, but Bonnie R Paulsonwants you to know…YOU ARE NOT ALONE..you can survive.


Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson….BLEW MY MIND.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Psycho Inside Me by Bonnie R Paulson.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars






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Source: www.fundinmental.com/walk-on-the-dark-side-with-the-psycho-collection-by-b-r-paulson-bonnierpaulson
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review 2016-12-23 00:00
It's Destiny: Three Romantic Women's Fiction Love Stories
It's Destiny: Three Romantic Women's Fiction Love Stories - Bette Lee Crosby,Tanya Anne Crosby,Julianne MacLean Individually, Julianne MacLean, Tanya Anne Crosby and Bette Lee Crosby made an impression. Collectively, they created magic. While reading It's Destiny, the same thought kept running through my head "Say what you need to say." From the writers to the characters nothing was held back. With Kate, Ms. MacLean took a scared young woman and made her a force to be reckoned with. With Annie, Tanya Crosby showed how even at the most vulnerable, hope and blessings can happen. Memory House by Betty Lee Crosby gave profound advice in revealing that no matter how old we get or how young we are, there is always more to learn. A collection of powerful stories written about and by strong women. That speaks for itself.
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review 2015-03-24 18:06
Blind Triangle by Jack Deveny

Tom Laurel, a failing artist, Ray Styles, a wealthy eccentric, and the exotic Soledad Paz all keep their dark secrets well hidden. When the three of them are irresistibly pulled into a volatile love triangle, their pasts and secrets start to show themselves, and the aftermath could be painful.

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text 2014-12-29 15:46
Past Secrets by Cathy Kelly - no real secrets at all ...
Past Secrets - Cathy Kelly


Behind the shining windows and rose-decked gardens of Summer Street, single mother Faye hides a secret from her teenage daughter Amber. Whilst thirty-three year old Maggie hides one from herself. When fiery Amber decides to throw away her future for love, and Maggie finds herself back home looking after her sick mother, secrets begin to bubble over. The only person on Summer Street who appears to know all the answers is Chrissie Devlin. Wise and kind, she can see into other people's hearts to solve their problems. Except that this time she has secrets of her own to face …

This all started out very well indeed and I was instantly hooked on Chrissie and her gift of sight, uptight Faye and betrayed Maggie. At the beginning of this book, I loved them all and couldn't get enough of them, to be honest. Heck I even liked teenage daughter Amber and that, for me, is a very hard sell.

So, a strange kind of kudos to the author then for somehow taking that very strong beginning and tearing the whole thing into tiny pieces. It all starts to go wrong about halfway through when we start finding out those deep dark secrets - and they turn out to be either (a) super-cliched or (b) no kind of decent secret at all.

I mean Faye's secret is a naughty night out with her callow would-be rocker boyfriend when she gets pregnant with Amber, and then flings herself into a self-imposed Pit of Shame, which means she can never talk about the whole thing and believes she's some kind of slapper. Really???! To me, as an Essex Gal, that just seems like a decent night out, after which we all have a laugh with our girlfriends and move on. I couldn't honestly believe Faye would change her whole personality and style so she makes herself unattractive to men for the next eighteen years, and even makes up a marriage and dead husband to put Amber off the scent. It's totally ridiculous.

Not, however, as ridiculous as Maggie, with whom I lost sympathy when she bounces back from her doomed love affair and meets another more suitable man within about a minute or so. Honestly??? That whole scenario was just laughable, again, and so slushy it made my teeth itch. I also thought her way of getting over being a victim of bullying at school was simply unbelievable, on all counts.

Nor indeed as ridiculous as the whole Amber plot: Amber ditches taking her exams and her plans to be an artist, and runs off to America with her would-be rocker boyfriend - yes, this is exactly the same type of man as her mother had all the trauma about, so doesn't Ms Kelly know any other kind of Bad Boy? Do they all have to be would-be rockers? How I long for some sweet young heroine to run off with a man who wants to be an accountant and plays cricket for his local village team, but alas I fear I might be waiting a while …. Anyway, Amber soon realises her man is hopeless and leaves him - but not before some passing stranger in the States has offered her a fortune as he loves her artwork (on the strength of one scribbled picture at a party!) and longs above all things to sponsor her talent. Major Unreality Alert!! Is the author playing a trick on us? This one made me laugh out loud this time, and groan too. And yes, in the end, Amber comes home and it's all marvellous and perfect, etc etc. Yawn …

All this ridiculous plotting would have been just about acceptable, almost, but what really made me angry as a reader was the way Chrissie is held up as a shining example of goodness and yet finally tells her poor husband James about her long-ago infidelity in the most cruel and heartless way I can ever imagine anyone giving that kind of news to their spouse. It's not Chrissie's infidelity I had a real problem with (though it is of course hugely cliched again …) but how cold and downright nasty her way of confessing it actually is. I found that scene very shocking, and I really wanted to give her a huge slap and tell her to grow up. I was glad when James walked out - he could definitely get someone a whole lot nicer. However, of course, eventually he comes back and says it doesn't really matter. Um, again, no. That's not how betrayal works in real life - the way back is never this easy.

The only characters who kept my sympathy throughout and who were really worth any attention were the lovely Shona (a friend of Maggie's) and her husband Paul - now they were a class act, very witty and wonderful together, and I wish the book had been about them.

However, all in all, I was relieved to get to the end of all this nonsense. Overall, it's a mismanaged and mis-written book, in which a strong start is sadly and comprehensibly ruined.

Verdict: 2 stars. Disappointing and frustrating.

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