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review 2019-01-19 04:34
The Graveyard Book
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book is on a 5.1 reading level (5th grade, 1st month of school). This story is about a toddler named Nobody who is raised by ghosts and other beings that live in the cemetery. Since most of the characters are introduced by their epitaph poem, this gives teachers an opportunity to study this type of poem with their class. From this point, students can write an epitaph for the remaining characters in the story, based off what they know about that character from the story. 


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review 2019-01-19 04:10
Book Review: Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes - Robin Jones Gunn

Title: Close Your Eyes
Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Series: Sierra Jensen, #4
Format: bind-up
Length: 135 pages
Rating: 3 stars


Favourite character: Sierra
Least favourite character: N/A


Mini-review: I like this series more than I liked the Christy Miller series. Sierra seems to be maturing whereas Christy never really did. She just kind of woke up mature in time to introduce Sierra. Sierra is head-strong and Christy was a pleaser, which bugs the heck out of me in books. I liked this book. 


Sierra Jensen - Willow Shields
Tawni Jensen - Tiera Skovbye
Randy Jenkins - Christian Martyn
Amy Degrassi - Katelyn Nacon
Drake - Gavin Casalegno
Vicki - Isabel May
Paul Mackenzie - Shameik Moore
Wes Jensen - Dylan Sprouse

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review 2019-01-18 22:57
The Library Book - Susan Orlean

What die-hard book lover doesn't like books about books, or books about the places they are stored, or the sometimes fascinating lives of some of the people through history who championed for books to be available to the common person through libraries? 
The main focus of "The Library Book" was LA's Central Library, its history, the people who have been its librarians, and the fire that almost destroyed it, but also so much more. It shared information about books, libraries and their caretakers through history, its patrons (some were hilarious!) as well as exploring the crime (or was it?) that almost wiped out one of the largest libraries in our country. It looked at the man accused of his arson, and why there are still questions regarding the nature of the fire. The books was chock full of interesting tidbits and I know I exasperated members of my family, every day, having to read the next bit I felt so interesting I could not keep it to myself. I could all most feel, as I approached, them sending up furtive prayers "Please don't let her talk more about that book". : )
Each chapter started with a list of 4 or five books that somehow pertained to that chapter, and those list were thought provoking themselves, and contains an extensive bibliography at the end. 
But it was also a book more personal for the author as well as she felt an abiding love for libraries since her youth and the memories shared with her mother growing up, during their weekly visits there leaving with stacks of books, and her mom always saying that if she could have chosen any profession, it would have been a librarian. 
When I saw that Susan Orlean had written this, I got so excited because I had loved "The Orchard Thief" and just had to get this-- and I was not disappointed. I love everything about it-- not just the topic, or the way the story was told, but also the way it looks, the way it feels-- even the end papers inside the front and back cover were nice.

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text 2019-01-18 19:31
Friday Featured Spotlight

Friday Featured Spotlight ~ Norse Mythology | Fantasy | Mystery



Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/01/friday-featured-spotlight-norse.html
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quote 2019-01-18 11:00
“You're a special kind of something, aren't you?” Oliver whispered, leaning so close that Mason's brain immediately shut down and focused solely on his companion. And the hand that slid onto his thigh and gently squeezed. And the tongue that flicked out to briefly wet those tempting lips. “You want to take this upstairs?”
Good God! If he knew the Backstreet Boys could do that, he'd have belted out a little shameless 'If You Want It To Be Good Girl' hours ago!



Part of the 'All You Need Is Love' Anthology

#anthology #geek #indieauthor #contemporary #lgbt #authorsofig


Source: smarturl.it/Encompass.AllYouNeed
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