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review 2018-10-23 21:38
Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon
Doon - Lorie Langdon,Carey Corp

It was kind of addictive. I started the book and several times decided to stop but couldn't, because I wanted to know how it will end. So I finished it and now I have no idea how to rate it.

The beginning was quite interesting and mysterious. Veronica gets dumped by his cheating boyfriend and suddenly sees a handsome young man, who is wearing a kilt. The next moment the man disappears. A bit later Veronica travels to Scotland with her friend Mackenna, who has inherited her aunts cottage. In Scotland Veronica again sees the same man and hears about Doon - a magical land hidden behind a veil of mist, which can be visited only once in a hundred years. The village people are sure that Mackenna's aunt was one of the people who had seen Doon with her own eyes. 

When girls find aunt's diary and the rings, Veronica decides to prove that Doon exists. Mackenna doesn't believe in it but plays along, so that Veronica could go on after she realizes Doon is just a fairytale. 
It turns out Doon is real and before you know the girls are thrown into a dungeon, accused by being the accomplices to a witch, who has tries to destroy Doon for centuries. Veronica's dream man turns out to be the crown prince of Doon, who can't stand the girl and acts like a total jerk.

Doon was a weird place with indoor plumbing, sword fights, sushi, and carriages. At first it was so strange, but there was a rather good explanation of this mixing of centuries. 

Some days ago I moaned about the lack of books with true female friendship, well Veronica and Mackenna were really good friends. But the girls themselves were ... I don't have good enough word for this. Some examples maybe:

[spoiler]* they don't like their looks but think the other one is absolutely gorgeous. 
* Mackenna has no time or patience to read her aunt's diary. She's stomping around the room and singing hits from musicals while Veronica is reading the diary. 
* They are accused of witchcraft and instead of keeping her mouth shut, Mackenna threatens a man with some "Disney magic". 
* The other time she decides to be silent and let Veronica speak, but opens her big mouth anyway and makes things worse again.[/spoiler]

Veronica plays a martyr almost the whole story. 

[spoiler]* She believes it's her duty to save Doon without saying anything to Mackenna or James. 
* Although James tells her, that he is a grown up and for once would like to make his own decisions (it turns out when you are a crown prince, your whole life is planned before your birth), Veronica just takes his choices away, because she "knows" what is best for James and Doon. 
* She also makes assumptions without knowing all the facts and almost kills everyone. 


And James, I actually thought he was bipolar. His mood swings were confusing as hell. Later I understood his behaviour but his stalling was annoying. 

I actually liked Duncan, Fiona, and Fergus. They had some sense and although some things were so obvious, those didn't bother me as much as all that stuff I wrote before.

I so hoped it to be a 5 star read because of Scotland, travelling to a fairytale land, magic, but unfortunately it wasn't so. 


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text 2016-08-16 03:34
Prisoner to the Past
MacRieve - Kresley Cole

MacRieve follows up the story arc of the Order and in a huge way. I loved how Cole ties things together. Who would have thunk the Lore community would be so connected.

MacRieve might be one of the most tortured IAD heroes. His experiences as a preteen damaged him severely and as such, he has no hope of finding his mate or for his matehood to be normal. And it also gave him a violent hatred for succubi, which is going to be a problem. When he hears that there is a young woman that everyone wants because she's Webb's daughter (the leader of the Order-a group of humans who are out to exterminate all the Loreans), he shows up to get revenge on his enemy, and isn't above using his daughter, and recognizes his mate. That's not the beginning of a happy ever after. No there is a lot of pain ahead.

At times, MacRieve was a real mean bastard. I had to remind myself how damaged his was from his youthful experiences with a succubus. It didn't condone the way he treats Chloe, but it does give me understanding into why he was behaving that way. I did like how beautifully he changes and convincingly loves Chloe. I just wish he had done so a little sooner.

I loved Chloe. This is one of those instances where the heroine makes the book. She was awesome. I don't know much about Soccer, but she made me look up some women soccer players. I liked that she was very focused on her soccer and was fearless on the field despite her small size. That determination served her in good stead in her experiences with MacRieve.

I did also love hanging out with the New Orleans compound Lykae, including MacRieve, his brother Munro and the two young Lykae they are fostering until they get control of their wolves. I gained a lot more insight into the world of the Lykae with this book, and it was enlightening and fun. The world has gotten bigger with each book, and I find it more fascinating the more I learn about the Lore.

I wasn't really that interested in MacRieve before I read this book, but i could hardly put it down. MacRieve did win me over, but I think I loved Chloe even more than I loved him. I'm glad that he found his mate and that they realized how much they loved each other. I'm verra curious to see what will happen with Munro and his mate.

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review 2013-10-10 20:59
"Never Seduce a Scot" by Maya Banks
Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks





I am in love. 


I never believed that one day I would talk about "a-perfect-book-boyfriend". Well, now I do.

Graeme Montgomery is definitely the most amazing hero I have read about. He is a ruthless warrior, no doubt about it, but he is also a man with high values, kind heart and the sense of justice that puts others to shame. The way he treated his "daft" wife made me smile a lot. After all Eveline had lived through she deserved all the happiness in the world. Wonderful characters and terrific story. 7.5 stars


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review 2012-03-23 00:00
Highland Hero - Amanda Scott This was a really enjoyable highlander tale. As a background to the romance storyline, which was very sweet, the main plot is based on the political manoeuvring and power plays of the royal family, and it was interesting to read. After the death of Queen Annabella, Scotland is left with a King in rule who has no interest in doing so. But a brother with other ideas, who seeks to implement his wants and wishes through his weak-willed sibling. Including marrying off his niece if it furthers his political ambitions.I was drawn initially to this book by the prospect of the subterfuge mentioned in the blurb. And indeed, our heroine, Marsi, does try and pass herself off as the nursery maid in order to escape a planned wedding to a repulsive man three times her age, who only covets her inherited lands. She is...unsuccessful at impersonating the help, shall we say?Our hero, and the man she is trying to fool into protecting her, is known initially only as The Hawk. A warrior and strategist, he makes the perfect bodyguard. I found his character a little boorish at the beginning, especially when he thought her only a maid. But in reality I don't doubt his actions and opinions are only reflective of the times. Indeed, I believe the author tried to be as authentic as possible in most areas. Including the bedroom scenes. It was a refreshing change, in a way, to see a sex scene involving a virgin that was believable and not totally romanticized and perfect. But then, on the other hand, I wouldn't have minded a few more scenes after that that upped the heat a little. On a smut scale, this was maybe a two out of five, but the lead up and tension was nice and I believed that they cared about each other.And I really liked both main characters, which, in the end is the most important thing in a romance novel for me. If there's an overbearing hero or a TSTL heroine, it's game over, so I am happy to report that both characters were very endearing.I plan on reading the rest of the books in the series (including going back to read book one).4 Stars! ★★★★
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review 2012-02-11 00:00
Highland Hero - Amanda Scott Dreams in which the line between reality and dream is blurred always end before you want them to. And for Hawk his real dream ended much too soon, but it also ended up bringing him the love of his life.

Hawk is a knight and everything that goes with it, handsome, honorable, and talented. He isn’t afraid to take on a dangerous mission to protect the future king. He even sacrifices his bachelorhood protecting Jamie, although ulterior motives might also have had a hand.

Marsi is a young noble; apparent in the way she acts and talks. It is enough to make Hawk suspect her even before he realizes who she truly is. As innocent as she is it does not affect her courage. Which is good because the situations she finds herself in are her fault and to fix things Marsi must lift her chin and barrel on.

Highland Hero takes an actual historical event and adds a little fiction to flush out the story, making it believable. It is a good read if you enjoy a nice love story involving a Highlander. You may find that it feels a little slow in the middle, the journey stretches out more than necessary. There is action here and there that will help keep your interest, and the best part of the book, the inn scene where Marsi’s choice of words get her a Highlander.

2.75 Stars...So close to a three but just a little too slow for me.

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