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review 2017-02-16 16:34
Book review – Sight Unseen, by Susan Mac Nicol
Sight Unseen - Susan Mac Nicol

Loved, just loved this.

Loved the language, loved the story, and loved the way life goes on, only differently.


So happy to see that there were no quick fixes, and no miraculous come backs, only a hard-earned struggle to make life work again.


Kudos, author, you did a great job.

We need more books like this one.

Simply loved it.


*** Bought this book with my own monies ***

Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/1530752/book-review-sight-unseen-by-susan-mac-nicol
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review 2016-01-27 18:34
Book Review — King Perry, by Edmond Manning
King Perry - Edmond Manning

I can’t explain what this book is.

I can’t explain what’s happening in it.

I can’t help you with choosing this book to read.

I can’t even tell you why I liked it.


But holy hell, I did.

I liked this book so much I walked straight into LOVE and CONFUSION land.

And I have no idea why.


Well, I know a little bit of why. Mostly it’s the fact that this author really knows his way around words. He snares you with verbs and nouns. He makes you think one thing, and then another, and then, when you fall flat on your face once again, you wonder, in your dizzy mind, What happened? How did I fall for that again?


Don’t ask me. I have no idea what happened. But it happened, over and over. All the way to the end. Absolutely shattering experience.


All I know is I might need to be Queened. Just a little. You know, just to understand.


Or not.





I bought this book with my own money.



Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/1333032/book-review-king-perry-by-edmond-manning
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review 2015-12-13 15:15
Book Review — Transgression, by Theo Fenraven
Transgression - Theo Fenraven

There is compassion in this writing, a feeling of acceptance and love both for all things normal, and all things different. 


I loved the setup for this story, and I love how the language flows. Seriously well-edited texts are such a treat. I only noticed one wrong verb usage, a couple of typos, and a brand name that was misspelled. That’s really, really good, these days.


But. I got confused with so many POVs. Too many characters for only 190 pages, and I must confess I was quite confused when we travelled into the minds of five whole different people. A little bit disappointed that the old trope that bisexual people are promiscuous. Can we please stop it, and soon.


I am a sucker for the insta-love trope, and here it was simply brilliant. I also loved that the women weren’t all painted in a bad/good color, as so often happens. They were real people, one of whom even redeemed herself. Full points for that one.


Everybody has secrets. I would have liked this story even more, had it not been set in the glamorous Hollywood. It kind of made the “problem” so much bigger—needlessly so, as the problems Zack and Sky would be facing are quite daunting all on their own in a normal setting; it didn’t need the added pressure of fame. It actually took away a little bit of their complete anguish. Because, mark my words, there was anguish here.


I love the debunking of the idea (quite common, still), that bisexual men are gay men who haven’t come all the way out of the closet yet.

They are not. The just simply like both men and women, as a preference for a potential partner.


The struggle is real. Transgendered people, pre- or post-op, and bisexual people, while still part of the LGBT community, are sorely underrepresented in today’s literature, and seem to be quite invisible, at times. The same goes for bisexual people.


So I am giving this book five stars for taking the dive into this universe.


And for doing it well, I might add.





I bought this book with my own money.


Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/1302961/book-review-transgression-by-theo-fenraven
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review 2015-03-30 18:12
Book Review – Misfits, by Garret Leigh
Misfits - Garrett Leigh

Wow. Simply wow.

This was better than good. This was dang good. Actually, this is the first time I’ve read about an open relationship that I actually believe in. And then see it turn into a ménage that is truly believable, to boot.


Well done, oh well done. I wanted this book to go on forever and ever. I tried reading it slowly, to make it last. It didn’t work.


Even the sexytimes were smashing, (and I have gotten to a point where I’m quite blasé about those, so that is really saying something).


Amazing book. Full of hope and redemption, goodness and support, love and kindness. And understanding.


Just. So. Good.


Five shining stars. 




I bought this book with my own money after a smashing review from a trusted friend.

Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/1136586/book-review-misfits-by-garret-leigh
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review 2015-01-23 12:26
Book Review — Silent, by Sara Alva
Silent - Sara Alva

I had a moment of feeling uneasy with the gritty talk, when inside Alex’s head. He has internalized so much racial denigratory crap that it almost hurt my eyes. It most certainly hurt my heart.


As did the whole book. This story is heartrending. Sad. Full of devastation. Kids and drug dealers. Young people who probably never stand a chance.


And yet.


In the middle of all this misery is a young man of 15, standing tall, doing his absolute best. He mucks it up, of course, because he is only fifteen years old. But he tries. Oh, lord, but he tries. He almost gets on my nerves with how hard he tries.


There is desperation, then group homes, foster homes, fires, guns and then we meet this one, lonely, silent boy, Seb.


There is love, and forgiveness, and beauty in all this harsh and gritty reality.


This book should be mandatory reading in high schools, as it covers bullying, being different, social services, group homes, institutions and more. It covers life, as is, in neighborhoods I have seldom visited. It spoke straight to my heart, breaking it in the process.


This book changes things inside your head. It is, at times, uncomfortable. But most good stories are, if they have important messages.


This one does. Read it.




I bought copy of this book with my own money, after reading a brilliant review from a teen.


Source: annalund2011.booklikes.com/post/1093508/book-review-silent-by-sara-alva
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