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review 2018-10-05 22:02
Audiobook Review: Royal Love (Last Royals) by Cristiane Serruya (Author), Lacy Laurel (Narrator), Logan McAllister (Narrator)
Royal Love - Cristiane Serruya,Logan McAllister,Lacey Laurel



Royal Love goes beyond the fairy tale of power and privilege. Serruya highlights the dark side of the royal fantasy. Behind the glitz and glamour are the flaws and dangers we don't always see. Angus may be Prince Charming, but his world proves to be anything but. Siobhan is out of her element when it comes to the false smiles, the bitter stares and the hidden agendas that put her at risk. He's royalty, she's an orphan. When their worlds collide is when the real fireworks begin. With lively narration and heart-stopping danger.

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text 2018-10-01 16:55
Monthly Run Down - September 2018
This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare - Gabourey Sidibe
Sexsomnia - Sleepless in Manhattan - Anya Omah
The Monster: A Story of NeverNeath - Dar... The Monster: A Story of NeverNeath - Darynda Jones
Immortal Nights - Lynsay Sands
Alex and Eliza: A Love Story - Melissa de la Cruz,Cassandra Campbell
China Rich Girlfriend: A Novel - Kevin Kwan
Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan



Books I Read:


This is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare - 4 Stars - Interesting


Sexsomnia: Sleepless in Manhattan - 2.5 Stars - It had its moments.


The Monster: A Story of Neverneath - 4 Stars - I can’t wait for the next part to be published.


Immortal Nights - 4 Stars - It was so good to visit with the Argeneaus again.


Alex and Eliza - 4 Stars - Greatly enjoyed


China Rich Girlfriend - 4 Stars - Wow



Lies - T.M. Logan - Lots of buildup but took too long to deliver. I lost interest.

Currently Reading:

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer - Re-reading...slowly


The Emerald Sea  - Richelle Mead - Finishing up the trilogy

Year to Date Totals:

January: 9 books

February: 10 books

March: 9 books

April: 6 books

May: 10 books

June: 6 books

July: 7 books

August: 12 books

September: 7 books


2018: 76 books

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review 2018-09-15 22:30
Review on Lies by T.M. Logan
Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan

Title: Lies

Author: T.M. Logan

Publisher: St. Martins Press

Publication Date: September 11, 2018

Genre: Psychological Thriller


What if you have the perfect life, the perfect wife and the perfect child—then, in one shattering moment, you discover nothing is as it seems? Now you are in the sights of a ruthless killer determined to destroy everything you treasure.

It’s the evening drive home from work on a route Joe Lynch has taken a hundred times with his young son. But today, Joe sees his wife meet another man—an encounter that will rip two families apart. Raising the question: Can we ever really trust those closest to us?

Joe will do whatever it takes to protect his family, but as the deception unravels, so does his life. A life played out without any rules. And a cunning opponent who’s always one step ahead.


T.M. Logan! Wow, how have I not learned of you sooner? This book was all sorts of crazy and nail-biting, edge of your seat thrilling. I definitely did not find the ending coming. I caught myself dreaming of this book at times and would wake up in the middle of the night to read until my eyes would burn.

You have Joe Lynch and his wife Mel, or Melissa, they seem like a happy go lucky family. The wife is the main bread winner and Joe is a teacher in a prestigious school where image is everything. Outside looking in you wouldn't think you're looking at a murderer and a heavy coverup of some sort. Mel is having a torrid love affair but with who? What will Joe do when he finds out? How will this effect the lover and the lover's family? Are things really as they seem? Can the love Joe felt for Mel be salvaged, and how will this effect the relationship for their son?

I ask you these questions because I really don't want to give too much away, this is a MUST read!

Rating: * * * * */* * * * * 5 out of 5 stars!

Disclaimer: I received an early reader copy for my reading pleasure and was asked for an honest rating. Thank you St. Martins Press and T.M. Logan for allowing me this opportunity!

Happy reading y'all and have a great week!


Source: bookreviewsbysteph.blog/2018/09/10/book-review-lies-by-t-m-logan
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review 2018-09-10 16:57
Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan

Lies. They're everywhere, especially in the life of Joe Lynch. Joe is truly one of the good guys. He loves his wife, dotes on his son, is perfectly happy in his teaching position - as far as he's concerned, everything is as it should be. Then one afternoon changes everything and Joe is on the wrong end of a twisted game of cat and mouse.
Poor Joe can't catch a break and every time he thinks he's making some headway, he's hit with something else, and there's no one he can trust. In fact, the story is filled with unreliable characters and no one is beyond suspicion. I did figure out the ending, in part, but I certainly didn't piece together the other part of it. There's also another interesting little tidbit that adds to the edge of your seat conclusion.
The story is fast paced and the twists keep coming for our unwilling hero. There are some things that stretch the believability scale, but this is fiction, so some leeway can be given and it's not completely over the top. All in all, Lies is a solid debut from the author and I'll be interested to see what he comes up with next.

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text 2018-09-06 16:40
Lies: The Gripping Psychological Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away - T.M. Logan

I Picked Up This Book Because: The blurb showed so much potential.

The Characters:

Joe Lynch: Father, confused gentleman
Mel Lynch: wife, up to something???
William (son)

The Story:

I feel so much urgency from Joe but NOTHING is happening. Well a lot happens but I feel like he’s too amped up. Or the writing is, I’m not sure. I do know I’m not enjoying myself so I’m calling it quits.

The Random Thoughts:

*DNF so no rating
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