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review 2017-02-14 08:55
Monster Boy Angst!
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) - Victoria Schwab

I couldn't put this book down. This is one of the best books I've read in quite a while!

I really really enjoyed this read! Monster boy angst is my favorite type of prose. And the conflicting emotions about being human or monster is always fun!

The cast of characters are very well written and well thought out, August Flynn is a horrible monster, in other words he's just bad at his job. Which is pitiful in an endearing way. And Kate Harker is the type of person I'd like to be calculating, intelligent and won't let anyone get me down, even if i have to break their arm.

I'm definitely going to pick up more books from Victoria Schwab, and Pre-order the Second book in the series!

(Sorry this review is all over the place I'm running on six hours of sleep in the last 72 hours so i'm kind of not all there. And I'm unable to sleep due to mental issues)

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review 2016-12-24 22:42
A horrible match made in chaos
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) - Victoria Schwab

Victoria Schwab never fails to impress me. Her characters, her worlds, her imagination. Uh, just, I love all of it. 


So the quick way to sort of sum up This Savage Song is Romeo and Juliet with monsters and no romance. And without the ridiculous ending where the two main characters kill themselves. What's up with that? Kate Harker and August Flynn are the two least likely people to meet and get along. They live in the same city but it is divided down the middle, with Kate's father running one half and August's running the other. And they don't play too nice together. 


Kate is a total badass, kind of what I imagine my own kickass alter ego would be, but that version of me only exists in my head. She's sassy, smart, tough, but she has a soft sentimental side in there somewhere. She's just gone through a lot of shit and I can understand why she's chosen to suppress that side. August is the exact opposite. He is soft, sweet, caring. So of course he and Kate were gonna get together, right? 


Victoria Schwab once again puts a fresh, interesting spin on something that is common place in our own world. These monsters of Verity are created through horrible acts. Murder, violence. These acts leave things in their wake, but in the world of Verity they become very very real. But there is a dynamic to them. While Malchai and Corsai are vicious, the Sunai are the sort of embodiment of retribution and justice. Once again, a physical presence of the different responses people have to terrible acts of violence. 


Victoria Schwab has a way of exploring deep, complex themes without getting too philosophical about it. It makes her writing interesting and compelling while also being immensely entertaining and fun. Can't wait for the last book!



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review 2016-12-23 00:00
This Savage Song
This Savage Song - Victoria Schwab This is going to be short and sweet because I DNFed this book at 10 percent.

I just was not in the mood for this book after the opening scene showed one of our two main characters (I don't know if there are anymore POVs or not) name Kate Harker setting fire to a church. We find out she is such a badass because she's been kicked out of 5 schools and she's hoping her arson will cause her to be kicked out of this school as well. And oh she broke some other girl's nose. We don't know what other girl did besides breathe air, but you know, Kate is somehow in the right. The book then transitions over to a teen boy named August Flynn and I just mentally checked right out. I don't know how many young adult novels had a guy with the name of August or starting with an A, but it's starting to feel like a lot.

I know, you are all wondering why in the world did I read this. Well I got sucked in by the synopsis which sounded kick ass and when I realized I had been duped decided the heck with this and moved onto another book. Also this has led me to enact the following policy with books starting in 2017. When I am getting the book from the library, first go find it on Amazon, read sample, and then decided to pass on it. Or if it is at the library when I get there, read a few pages, and then scuttle the thing if it is not grabbing in the first few pages.

My impressions so far at 10 percent is that Kate seems like a psychopath with huge daddy issues. August is all over the place and all I kept thinking when the Schwab transitioned over to him was some emo guy with bad hair.

Everyone else in this book looks like a caricature, Kate's father is the leader of one half of a divided city and goes around saying things like here there are monsters. I may have snorted laugh at that.

The writing seemed just okay, but I was really not in the mood to try to get into some young adult dystopian book that sounded like all of the worst parts of every young adult novel combined. The flow was off too since for every POV that featured Kate, we seemed to stay with August much longer. Maybe even Schwab was tired of writing about her.

I am going to say that the world building in this type of novels has to make sense right away. I am over info being provided at the pace of a snail going uphill. We know right away this is not our world, and when Kate is being driven back to the city and acting like a jerk once again we get some minor details about things that lurk in the dark (here there be monsters). I don't know, I just finished with the Monstrologist trilogy so I just rolled my eyes at deep and dark monsters going around.
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text 2016-12-12 20:56
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) - Victoria Schwab

I hate to admit it, but this one didn’t work nearly as well as I wanted it to. Mainly, it felt long. Once I reached a certain point, I felt much more interested and invested in the main characters. But I think if I hadn’t been reading for the Cybils, I likely would have put it down before I got there.

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review 2016-10-22 00:00
This Savage Song
This Savage Song - Victoria Schwab 4 1/2 stars

Given my current disillusionment with YA literature, I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this one.

I know that Victoria Schwab said that there was no romance in this book, and that was part of the reason I gave it a chance, but it seemed to me that Kate and August had potential for romance later in life. Don't get me wrong, I am tired of romance in YA books, but for some reason, the books that contain romance tend to be the ones that I think have the best relationships, and have the most potential for real romantic relationships later.

Kate was strong, but not in the way that she portrayed herself. She acted tough, and she was strong in her own way, but she wasn't the kind of strong that she showed to the world. I found her frustrating. She was trying to be like her father, and if she had become like her father, then she would have polluted her own soul. Her type of character is one that I don't usually like, but she fit in with the world that the author had built.

I liked August more than Kate. I liked his innocence and fear of himself. His hate of himself because he is a monster. It made him into a wonderfully, heartbreakingly tortured character. I loved his love of music, and his love and fear of his music. I liked that he was trying to protect Kate, even when she was mean to him. Even after she had killed, and he could have taken her. I didn't like the way the story ended for his character. I know that his excepting who he is was a very strong action, but I worry that he might become more like his brother, and the separation of his caution and dislike of killing (even if they were killers) from his need to kill to survive makes me nervous that he will lose some of his goodness.

The world the story is set in is very interesting, but also very confusing. It was a very dark world, and I think that the plot would have benefitted from some humor or something to break up the dark, frightening and starkness of this place filled with monsters who are human, and monsters who exist because of the actions of humans. I loved the idea of music being the source of a power, and while I don't think of music as a killing power, people often say that it speaks to the soul, or that it feeds the soul, so I suppose it could fit that it brings the guilt, shame or sadness to the surface of their minds, and their souls to the edge of their bodies.

I enjoyed this book a great deal, it was unique, and far better than most of the secular YA books I have read recently.
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