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text 2017-08-18 10:43
More Bingo Choices
The Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham
The Abyss Above Us - Ryan Notch
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent
Faust - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Walter Kaufmann
The Elementals - Michael Rowe,Michael McDowell
Vampire - In the Beginning - Charmain Marie Mitchell
Demon Lord - T.C. Southwell
Goblins - David Bernstein
Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill
The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Well, I went through my A-list and B-list and snagged one free book off Amazon, so now my list if full! I also made another change for Classic Noir so I could participate in the group read.


So, here is my list now! Still subject to changes if I start to read something and decide it's a waste of my time. Only one re-read this year! I think I kept it down to two last year.


Classic noir: The Thin Man by Dashiel Hammett


Amateur sleuth: this mystery will have a main character who is not a member of law enforcement. A Spark of Justice by J.D. Hawkins re-read


Serial/spree killer: Normally this would have been first on my exclusions, but I've been wanting to read Cabal by Clive Barker


American horror story: Children of Chaos by Greg Gifune


Genre: horror: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham


Gothic: Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman


Darkest London: Stalking Jack by Madison Kent


Modern Masters of Horror: Helltown by Jeremy Bates


Supernatural: Faust by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Ghost: The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale


Haunted houses: The Elementals by Michael McDowell


Vampires: Vampire - In the Beginning by Charmain Marie Mitchell


Werewolves: The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierez


Witches: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice


Demons: Demon Lord by T.C. Southwell


Classic horror: I've read rather a lot of these since last year! But I found one I haven't yet read, The Monk by Matthew Lewis


Chilling children: The Doll by J.C. Martin


Monsters: Dead Sea by Tim Curran


80's horror: Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist


In the dark, dark woods: Into the Woods by Thomas Washburn Jr


Terror in a small town: Goblins by David Bernstein


Magical realism: Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch


Terrifying women: Circus of Horrors by Carol Gill


Diverse voices: One Blood by Qwantu Amaru


Free square: The Abyss Above Us by Ryan Notch

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review 2017-08-18 01:25
Blood Street by Carl Alves

I received this book to give an honest review.


So this book has been on my list to read for a while. I started it then ended up putting it down because it was not holding my attention. Then I finally decided to man up and give it another try and see if it will hold my attention again. 

Well I was right, I ended up enjoying the story a bit more than when I first started it. 

The story was decent. You have vampires, FBI and the mafia coming together but not in a good way. The mafia likes to serve their own justice when one of them or their family is affected by something, so when one of Enzo's man gets attacked he will stop at nothing to find the person behind it. When a witness informs Enzo it was the work of a vampire that surely can't be right, because well vampires do not exist. 

We see how two groups will come together to stop the killings, many lives will be lost and some will actually take on the side of the vampires. 

We do get a bit of back history on how one of the main vampires was turned and I really like that.  I think when certain paranormal creatures are written in a book they have to have some back story to them. 

If you like killings, vampires, action and crime then give this book a try. 

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review 2017-08-15 12:23
The Lost Vampire (Last True Vampire series) - Kate Baxter

Saeed was a vampire and on a plane which was like being trapped in the confines of  an all- you - can-eat- buffet with strict orders not to eat. He had gorged himself on Sasha;s blood before getting on the plane. The two and a half hour flight hadn’t been long but it seemed like centuries had passed to Saeed. It had seemed lately that no amount of blood could keep him away from the memories that plagues him Saeed had given himself over to the Collection which was the memories of every vampire that had ever existed transferred through the blood at the moment of a vampire’s turning. To Saeed the Collective had become a lifeline to the only thing that could save him here on earth. The Collective had shown Saeed the female that would tether his soul. The members of Saeed’s covet thought Saeed was mad and Saeed’s friends considered him lost. . Sasha and Diego were Saeed’s most trusted advisers. Saeed turned Sasha and Diego just as he had promised Saeed turned the leadership of his covet to Sasha and Diego. Saeed was empty and hollow. As void and black as the night that stretched out before Saeed. Saeed;s soul had been taken from him when he was turned and he was obsessed with getting his soul back. Saeed was following the inarticulate ramblings of a child oracle. Humans were such easy prey drawn to predators like Saeed. Saeed was looking for his mate- a fae . with hair like fire and Saeed would find her, he had to his soul depended on it. Cerys was exhausted if only Rin would give her a chance to sleep but Rin was as wicked as they came.Cerys was his property and under his command, Cerys had carried out a lot of wicked deeds for Rin so she was as wicked as him. Cerys was Rin’s collared pet, the tool that carried out his will. Rin took care of all of Cerys’s needs. Cerys felt as something was coming and it would stir up all all kinds of trouble. Cerys went to the Caged Canary which was primarily a club for supernaturals hang out. Most every supernatural knew Cerys worked for Rin. Rin was a stealer of souls that is why people stayed away from him. Derek was by the pool tables when she got near Derek said he was getting ready to go see Rin but but Cerys knew he was getting ready to run and Cerys cut off Derek’s pinkie finger and told Derek he better have the money to Rin by the next day. Then Cerys picked up his finger.  It would be a long five days before  Saeed’s heart quit beating, or his lungs quit breathing and his throat became unbearable. Saeed refused to take any vein but his mate’s. No other blood would sate Saeed. I fSaeed didn’t find his mate soon he might go out of his mind completely. Saeed went into a dive bar and a werewolf named Wes recognized Saeed as a vampire. SWes also told Saeed he was the only vampire the werewolf had seen and that there were a lot of talk around the city about Saeed and that Saeed could make a fortune.Wes said he knew Saeed was out every night and had killed a warlock who had wanted Saeed’s blood for some dark magic. Wes had no idea who Saeed was and what he was capable of. Then after Saeed asked who was at the top and Wes said Rinieri de Rege/Rin who was a mage and the boss of the local underworld. . Then the shifter said Rin was much worse than the warlocks and said Rin had a place called the Crimson and was there every night. Caerys was at Crimson with Rin all Cerys wanted to do was go home and sleep but they were at Crimson every night as Rin was an attention floozie. No one wanted to be around Cerys as she was a soul thief. Rin had made Cerys an assassin. Cerys had tried alcohol as the absence of her soul left Cerys feeling perpetually empty, hungary. Alcohol only managed to make Cerys feel emptier. Food was Cerys’s vice. Cerys had been working for Rin for a thousand years. Rin had Cerys ‘s soul and until she could find it she had to obey Rin’s orders. Every soul Cerys retrieves a part of herself is depleted. Cerys worries she will soon be dead. When Saeed finally finds Cerys and they meet she is attracted to Saeed and intrigued with Saeed’s belief was she was his mate.

I liked this book a lot, I liked the plot and pace of the story. I also liked how Saeed and Cerys react and play off each other. It did drag for me a little at times but not enough for me to want to stop reading this book as it kept my attention for the most part. I liked a lot how Saeed had to win Cerys trust and love. I would however advise for you to read all the books in order to this series it just gives you the background you need.  I loved the twists and turns in this book. There are : fae, vampires, werewolves, mages, warlocks, berserkers, action. mates and so much more. I really loved how Saeed struggles to free Cerys from Rin. I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-11 14:57
Blutschwestern // Vampire Academy!!!
Vampire Academy - Blutsschwestern: Jubiläumsausgabe mit 4 brandneuen Bonus-Storys (Vampire-Academy-Reihe) - Richelle Mead,Michaela Link

German and english review

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


Das ist jetzt das zweite Mal, dass ich das Buch gelesen habe. Vor Jahren, als ich zum ersten Mal angefangen habe, mich mehr mit Booktube zu beschäftigen, ist das Buch auf meinem Radar aufgetaucht. Es ist aber schon eine Ewigkeit her und ich habe die Serie noch nicht fertig gelesen. Als ich jetzt das Buch auf Netgalley gesehen habe, habe ich es mal als Zeichen gesehen, endlich die Serie noch einmal zu lesen und vor allem auch zu Ende zu bringen. Außerdem habe ich nur Sterne verteilt und nie eine Review für die Bücher hinterlassen. Also hab ich einiges nachzuholen.


Inhalt: Die Vampire Academy ist eine Schule für junge Vampire und ihre Beschützer. Auch die siebzehnjährige Rose - halb Mensch, halb Vampir - wird hier zur Wächterin ausgebildet. Sie hofft, eines Tages ihrer besten Freundin Lissa zur Seite stehen zu können, der letzten Überlebenden der Vampirfamilie Dragomir. Seit Lissas Eltern bei einem Autounfall den Tod fanden, besteht zwischen Rose und Lissa eine besondere Verbindung. Irgendjemand scheint es auch auf Lissas Leben abgesehen zu haben. Der Einzige, dem sich Rose anvertrauen kann, ist der gut aussehende Wächter Dimitri, der ihr Nachhilfestunden geben soll ...


Der LYX-Verlag feiert sein 10-jähriges Bestehen mit dieser eBook-Sonderausgabe des 1. Bands der Vampire-Academy-Reihe - inklusive vier brandneuer Kurzgeschichten!


Da durch, dass es nun das zweite Mal war, dass ich in die Welt der Academy eingetaucht bin, ging alles relativ schnell. Ich wusste noch alle Begriffe und was sie zu bedeuten hatten. Wer war was und was ist der Unterschied. (Für alle, die das Buch zum ersten Mal lesen, fand ich es gut, dass man die Erklärungen Schritt für Schritt bekommen hat und nicht gleich am Anfang damit total überfordert wurde, weil einem alles auf einmal erklärt wurde).


Ich bin froh, dass ich jetzt endlich mal schreiben kann, wie sehr ich die Charaktere in den Büchern liebe.
Ich mag Rose einfach so sehr, sie ist mein absoluter Fave. Sie ist frustrierend, sie handelt oft ohne nachzudenken. Aber ich finde sie einfach großartig.
Ich mag Lissa total. Und die Freundschaft zwischen den Beiden. Das Band zwischen den Beiden. Einfach alles.
Ich liebe Dimitri. DIMITRI!!!! Und ja, ich weiß, Altersunterschied und all das, aber ich liebe Dimitri und Rose zusammen. Mein Herz!!!
Außerdem mag ich Christian so so sehr und wünschte, er würde eine noch größere Rolle spielen. Ich brauch einfach mehr von ihm. Seine Beziehung zu Lissa. Ich will mich ja nicht wiederholen aber MEIN HERZ!!!!!
Und dann natürlich Mason. Mason hat auch einen ganz besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen.

Ich mag die Story an sich einfach total. Ich sollte es wahrscheinlich nicht zu geben aber ich bin leicht zu überzeugen mit Highschool Drama, besonders wenn dann auch noch übernatürliche Elemente dazu kommen.


Und dann die Bonus Geschichten!!!

Ich mochte sie alle. Weil sie alle wirklich interessant waren.
In der ersten Geschichte ging es um Christian, seine Tante und seine Eltern. Erzählt aus der Sicht von seiner Tante. Was genau das richtige für mich war, weil ich wie schon oben gesagt, einfach nicht genug von Christian bekommen kann und deswegen gerade der wichtige Moment in seinem Leben, richtig interessant war.

In der zweiten hatten wir Tagebucheinträge von Lissa, vor und während der Flucht aus der Academy. Was ich auch richtig gut fand, den ein oder anderen Moment aus Lissa's Sicht zu lesen.

Die dritte Geschichte war dann aus Dimitri's Sicht, die erste Begegnung mit Rose. Es war wirklich gut aber hatte mich jetzt nicht so überzeugt wie die anderen Geschichten davor.

Die letzte und vierte Geschichte ging es um die jährliche Schnitzeljagd an der Academy. Von der jeder weiß, die aber für mächtig ärger sorgen kann, wenn sie erwischt werden. Am Anfang hat mich die Geschichte ein bisschen gelangweilt, ich fand es zwar interessant, war aber nicht so wirklich daran interessiert. Macht das überhaupt Sinn??? Egal. Doch dann sind einige Dinge passiert, Rose bekam Hilfe von unerwarteter Seite und auf einmal war mein Interesse geweckt und die Story wurde zu meinem absoluten Favoriten. Ich musste so oft laut lachen. Es war wunderbar.


Ich glaube ich habe dem Buch beim ersten Mal 4 Sterne gegeben. Diesmal hat es von mir 5 Sterne bekommen, weil ich einfach nichts zu meckern hatte.




This is now the second time that I have read the book. Many years ago, when I first found out about the booktube community, this book showed up on my radar. That was ages ago and I never actually finished the series. So when I saw the book on Netgalley, I took it as a sign to start and finally finish the series. Also the first time around, I just gave the book stars and never actually reviews it. I have to catch up on that.


Summary: Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic. She must be protected at all times from Strigoi; the fiercest vampires--the ones who never die. The powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway, Lissa's best friend, makes her a Dhampir. Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa from Strigoi, who are hell-bent on making Lissa one of them.

After two years of freedom, Rose and Lissa are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, where vampire royalty and their guardians-to-be prepare for a life fraught with danger. Rose and Lissa must navigate their treacherous world and never once let their guard down, lest the evil undead make Lissa one of them forever. But soon Rose finds herself gripped by temptation of forbidden love, leaving Lissa exposed to Strigoi attack. Now she must choose between the best friend she lives for, and the man she can't live without….


Richelle Mead celebrates 10 years of Vampire Academy with an exclusive, never-before-seen collection of stories that sheds new light on the world and its players.


Because this was the second time reading it, I had no trouble at all, getting back into the world of the academy. I still knew all the terms and what they ment. I knew who was what and what the difference was. (For everyone that is reading the book for the first time, I love, that you get things explained step for step, instead of getting all the information dumped on you in the beginning of the story and feel totally overwhelmed.)



I'm so glad, I'm doing reviews now and can actually write down how much I love the characters in the book.

I love Rose so much, she is my absolute favorite. She is frustrating, she does things before actually thinking about it. But she is amazing.
I love Lissa a lot. The friendship between the two of them. The bond between them. Just everything.
I love Dimitri. DIMITRI!!!!! And yes, I know, there is the age difference and all that, but I just love Dimitri and Rose together. MY HEART!!!
I also love Christian a lot and kinda wish he would play a much bigger role in the first book. I just need more of him. His relationship with Lissa. I just, I don't wanna repeat myself but, MY HEART!!!!!
And then of course Mason. Mason has a really special place in my heart.


I just love the whole story overall. I shouldn't admit it, but I'm a sucker for highschool drama, especially when it's paired with supernatural elements.


And then the bonus stories!!!


I enjoyed them all, they were all really interesting.
The first one was about Christian, his aunt and his parents. Told from the point of view from his aunt, who I really loved. The story was exactly my things, like I mentioned before, I can't get enough of Christian, and especially that most important moment in his life. Super interesting.
In the second story we had Lissa's diary entries from before and during their escape from the academy. I loved that we got to read some of these moments through Lissa's eyes.
The third story was Dimitri's point of view when he first met Rose. It was okay but didn't interest me as much as the other stories, to be completely honest.
And the last and fourth story was the annual scavanger hunt at the academy. Everybody knows about it but if you get caught, you get into a lot of trouble. In the beginning, the story didn't do anything for me, I thought it was interesting but I wasn't interested at all. Does that make sense??? Anyways. Then things happened, Rose got some help from a very unlike source and all of the suddden I was totally into it and the story turned into my favorite. I had to laugh out loud so many times. It was wonderful.


I think I gave the book 4 stars the first time around. This time it got a 5 star raiting, cause I have no complains at all.

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review 2017-08-11 07:14
Best vampire king yet
The Vampire King’s Nanny - T. S. Ryder

I can always count on this author for a quick read that's packed full of story. This one has it all - suspense, action, intrigue, romance, and some steamy fun. Thomas is a great character and my favorite of Ryder's vampire kings. He's been betrayed, so he's wary, but fiercely protects those he cares about. Adrielle is the perfect match for him. She's known abuse and hard times and has a timid side, but she doesn't hesitate to speak her mind to sexy vampire king. Add in an innocent child with powers that even she doesn't know about and demons wreaking havoc and you get an action packed tale with a different look at the vampire story.

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