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url 2019-02-07 09:57
MB Sports B52 Series | Used boat for sale in California

CaliforniaSkier provides the 2019 MB sports F22 Tomcat boat with black color & custom charcoal rattan interior part. Feature: 6.2L Raptor 400, MB switch surf system with added ballast 4400LBS, GatorStep flooring, theater lighting, Zero off cruise, Dual battery system and so on. For more details, you can call us at +1 (951) 674-7900

Source: californiaskier.com/listings/2019-mb-sports-f22-tomcat-2
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review 2019-02-01 14:00
Book #880 - 353,971 Pages Read
Racing To The Finish - Dale Earnhardt

I love NASCAR and while he was driving, Junior was my favorite driver, so naturally I gravitated towards this book. I kept my expectations in check before I read it, not really expecting a work of Shakespeare or Jules Verne, but this book really surprised me. It was informative, honest, well-written, and really had a "page-turner" feel to it. It also explains a lot of things that fans like me wondered about him during certain times late in his career. I would highly recommend it for people who like autobiographies, or even partial autobiographies, of athletes or others in positions of high visibility, as it is much better written than anyone would expect.

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url 2019-01-24 10:28
MB sports tomcat | MB sports b52 for sale by californiaskier

CaliforniaSkier offers the best MB sports B52-23 classic boats with black and flame red color use of super sharp charcoal. Some feature: Indmar 6.2L Raptor 440, Front ballast, Zero offcruise, and more feature. We also provide different water boats in California. You get more details to call us at +1 (951) 674-7900

Source: californiaskier.com
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review 2019-01-22 16:28
DNF at 25 Percent- A Map of Days is Mind-Numbing
A Map of Days - Ransom Riggs

Sigh. I just DNFed this at 25 percent. I wasn't enjoying the children in this one and following Jacob as he is crowned "The One" through a fourth book didn't sound like a good time to me.


I think that the last book ended perfectly and had the right message that life isn't fair. I thought it had a good logic behind Jacob following in his grandfather's steps with him not being able to say with the people he loved. I thought it was up there with "His Dark Materials" in showing children how life can be cruel sometimes. But Riggs ruins it with a handwave with somehow Miss Peregrine and the rest of the children being able to follow Jacob into his world. And then we have Jacob and a lot of the children acting like rebellious jerks. I just got sick of Jacob being rude and nasty and being jealous that Emma was in love with his grandfather. Also, can we talk about how weird that whole thing is??? 


I also thought that Riggs missed out on including Jacob's parents in this one. I think that could have made the story more exciting. Jacob is hostile and nasty to Miss Peregrine to the point I wish she had shaken him. And Jacob just wanting to be alone with Emma for kissing and something else just made me sigh. This book started to remind me of the worst parts of Harry Potter when the characters grow up and just become hormones. I am going to compare it to "His Dark Materials" again because to me that book showcased a young girl coming into her own and finding love. I thought it was more true about how many of us find our first love. I didn't feel any of that with Jacob and Emma. 


This book seems to be following more mysteries of what Jacob's grandfather was up to which...I just don't care anymore. Seriously. Just pick a new plot and move on to something else.

The pictures in this one felt more meh to me too which is sad. I remember the first book really incorporating the pictures and stories of the Peculiar much better. 


I skimmed ahead and read the ending and am glad I passed on finishing this one the whole way through. It just seems to set up another book and I am just not that excited about following this series anymore. 

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review 2019-01-09 23:45
Outdated Part 2 (DNF)
The Future Factor: The Five Forces Transforming Our Lives and Shaping Human Destiny - Michael G. Zey

The Future Factor: The Five Forces Transforming our Lives and Shaping Human Destiny by Michael G. Zey talks about the advent of social, economic, and technological innovations which have shaped us as a species and how these and others will continue to help us evolve.The problem was that it is so outdated that there was little point in me reading beyond page 20. This book was written in 2000 but from the first page made reference to events and situations which considering how fast technology changes made this book (and its many references) obsolete. That's the problem with books about the future...once you reach a certain point they hold no relevance or accuracy beyond a certain window of time.

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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