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review 2018-06-12 22:47
The Queen of Diamonds by Patricia Loofbourrow
The Queen of Diamonds - Patricia Loofbourrow

Note: This is Book 2 in the series and you really need Book 1 before enjoying this book.

Book 1 left me confused across the board. I wasn’t sure about the setting, I didn’t really get the main character, and the plot had so many little plots within it that I wasn’t sure that what I got was what the author intended. I did like this book better as it explained more of what was going on for all areas even if it didn’t clear everything up.

So I finally understand why Jacqui is going on about Joseph, who didn’t really put in an appearance in Book 1. Although that can easily lead to some silly love triangle….. Also the setting is much clearer. Alcatraz Island is mentioned more than once and also we learn there are other domed cities (which everyone knows about but somehow I missed in Book 1). There’s also references to an uprising and a collapse so I think we have a fallen human civilization where only domed cities can support large numbers of humans. Yet I’m still a bit confused about the time. The story reads like it’s set in Victorian times but with the collapse and references to a few pieces of tech, I feel like it’s set in a future time.

Anyhoo, the plot was a little more straight forward this time. Jacqui is still dealing with the fall out from the previous book. She conquered one villain but a second is untouchable. She has pressure from every corner.  Her husband, Tony Spadros, truly cares about her but she doesn’t have the same intensity of feelings. Roy, Tony’s dad, is a sadistic control freak who enjoys hurting others. Then there are those that need her help. Anastasia has fallen on tough financial times and Jacqui agrees to help her. Toss in some child abuse, a few secrets, and a lost love or two and you have plenty to keep Jacqui busy.

There’s a lot of cloak and dagger in this tale and some of it is well laid out and some of it reads like it was tossed in spur of the moment. When things were well laid out, I felt like it was a good episode of Peaky Blinders with the organized crime, family on the rise, secrets, and occasional violence. At other times, I just rolled my eyes a little because it felt like some deceptions or secrets were tossed in just to add drama, like that big do about Jacqui being trained to fire a gun. It was part of her training in Book 1 but now in Book 2 her husband isn’t suppose to know that she’s ever fired a gun. It just came off as silly.

I think I know who Jacqui is now but I am still sometimes confused on her timeline. In fact, I haven’t even figured out why Roy Spadros had her dragged up from the Pot (poor man’s neighborhood), cleaned up, educated, and engaged to Tony so many years ago. It’s not a secret she comes from the Pot but it’s suppose to be a secret that she was forced by Roy to marry Tony. She had some of the best tutors but lacks even passing Italian (apparently, that’s the classy language of choice) and knowledge of the basic politics of who to invite to dinner (which can have political implications for the entire Spadros family). Again, it seemed a matter of convenience for the plot or for drama as to what Jacqui knew or didn’t know.

This tale ends with a wrap up to several questions even as it leaves the door open for the next book. This story felt more polished than the first book but still needs a bit here and there. 3.75/5 stars.

The Narration: Machelle Williams did an OK job. Her voices were clearer this time, each character being distinct and most of the male voices being masculine. Her pacing is still quite slow. She does do some regional accents for some of the characters, which I liked. There were no issues with the recording. 4/5 stars.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Patricia Loofbourrow. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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review 2018-06-11 17:04
Queen of Shadows - Sarah J. Maas

Amazing! Literally kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through! Though I don't like where this series has gone, I was very entertained by this one. 

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review 2018-06-10 22:23
Good Characters and Story
The Runaway Queen - Sophie Rodger

Tia is the future queen of Kelephai. Unlike acting like royalty though, she wants more for her future kingdom. She goes away to study Computer Science at Oxford and when she comes back, she decides it’s time for Kelephai to be upgraded to the 21st century. She also decides to go undercover to see what the people really think of the current monarchy. Along the way, her car breaks down and she meets the gorgeous but full of disdain Damon. Hopefully these two can come together and help each other out.

This was a quick read. I really liked Tia’s character. I enjoyed all of Tia’s interactions with Damon. I look forward to reading more from this author. I recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

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review 2018-05-23 14:44
The Shadow Throne (The Ice Queen #3) by Rebecca Bauer
The Shadow Throne (The Ice Queen #3) - Rebecca Bauer

The Shadow Throne is the third and final instalment of The Ice Queen trilogy. I loved meeting back up with Cas and Aria, and finding out just what they had been up to. You can expect the same sarcasm that has been so prevalent in the previous two books, as well as more political machinations. However, this time, you will also have more emotions running through you than you will know what to do with them. There are not many books that have me crying by 25%, but this one managed it.


These characters are so well developed, so well rounded, it is a delight to read. Every situation seems thought about, from numerous angles, just to ensure it reads correctly. And situations that might have a warp on them, somehow seem to be right when done for these characters.


If there were any editing or grammatical errors, then I missed them. I don't think there were, but I honestly don't really care. I was that engrossed with the story, I was completely unable to put it down. So sad to finish this trilogy, but at least I can re-read them from the beginning now.


Absolutely and utterly recommended by me.


* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *



Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Source: archaeolibrarian.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2018/05/23/The-Shadow-Throne-The-Ice-Queen-3-by-Rebecca-Bauer
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review 2018-05-21 02:56
Cocky Queen (The Chattanooga Supernaturals Book 7) by Candace Blevins Review
Cocky Queen - Candace Blevins

Sandy works in the Atlanta RTMC’s B&B. She’s a working girl. She’s close to graduating from Georgia Tech and doesn’t owe a penny in student loans. However, she hasn’t had a relationship in years. She has her trusty cocker spaniel, Prince, and a three-point-five GPA. There isn’t time for a man in her life, but she won’t even attempt a relationship while she supports herself with sex work.

Vic is a straight man who happens to be a bitchin’ drag queen. He’s also a peacock, which makes living in the city uncomfortable, but when his alter-ego Vickie gets a standing job as hostess of the stage for one of the premier drag shows in Atlanta, he moves into midtown — though thankfully he finds a condo adjoining Piedmont Park.

Can a drag queen — certain he’ll never find a woman who can handle the fact his wardrobe and makeup is better than hers — convince the workin’ girl to give him a chance? And can Sandy let someone into a kink she only discovered because a client asked for it? She’s never experienced it with someone she cares about, but it happens to be Vic’s kink, too.




I picked this one up because: straight drag queen and peacock shifter. Just take my money.

The heroine is a sex worker who deals in a lot of kink that is a bit much for me and even though the kink Sandy and Vic get up too is well explained, it just wasn't a great plot piece for me. 

Not bad. Not great. Better than the last one I read in this series. 

Also, supporting Cocky books.

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