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Wrong email address or username
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The email notifications have stopped for me too, but I'm guessing they've disabled the functionality while they continue to work on it. At least I hope that's what it is. :)
Don't normally use them anyway, but they've stopped for me, too. I don't know why I still have them set to go to my e-mail*, but they just sit there, unloved.

*That's not true. Laziness to the extreme when it comes to details like that.
I used to love getting them, because my Apple Mail program would group all the "like" notifications together and all the "comment" notifications together; it was perfect because I never worried I'd miss out on conversations. But the new OS stopped doing that, and now they all list separately, so yeah, not sure why I've stuck with it except habit and laziness and a vain hope Apple will go back to grouping them.
If they have the money, they should consider hiring someone who is fluent in English, to communicate with us. Simple enough to be remote work.
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yes, emails stopped for short time
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I checked my settings and I'm slated to get notifications but haven't received any at all. I must be part of the not fixed bit. I check the site daily so I'm not missing anything crucial so I'm ok with waiting it out.

Thanks for the updates, BL.
Well, I WAS getting notifications but it seems that now I'm not.
The best part of the e-mail notifications for me is following conversations without manually checking the site for new notifications. I can go about my day doing whatever I want, completely ignore the computer, and still see new comments when my smartphone notifies me I have an e-mail. Then I can quickly read them through the provided link and only go to the computer if I want to respond. With the e-mail notifications down, I feel like I waste too much time being distracted because I log into the site too often to check for new comments because I'm curious what people are saying.

The e-mail notifications are also convenient at work. I don’t have time to play on the site while I’m at work; my job keeps me happily busy on most days and manically busy on others. But a quick e-mail check on my smartphone is something I can usually fit in here and there while I’m waiting for a program to compile or something. If I want to reply to that comment later when I get home, I can leave the related e-mail in my inbox to remind me.

But I don’t post as much as many others do, so it’s probably easier for me to keep up with the e-mails. My biggest wish regarding notifications, both online and e-mail, would be to only receive one notification for the first new comment on a topic until I’ve visited that topic again. Getting a separate notification for every comment becomes particularly problematic when there are multiple posts with the same title (like with reblogs or with the generic “post” titles). I have to hover over the links and compare the post #’s in the URLs to see if it's a notification for a different post.
Separate notifications for each comment on one thread - mostly just a little annoying, and then I wake up some mornings and there are 200 of them, and ... yeah, more than a little annoying in that case.
Holy moly! Just got a load of email notifications!
Argh, several hundred notifications!
We hope you are not scared by an avalanche of emails. :)
This time the mailing problem is solved. The features 'Forgot password', verification code and ets works correctly. Please, let us know if something will work wrong.
Thank you everyone for understanding and we are very sorry about this too long inconvenience
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Woot! Thanks!
Thanks for letting us know!
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