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If they give us another please be patient, it's ok, shpiel, I won't be happy...
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You and me both. Or another post apologizing for the e-mail notification bug and ignoring all the rest of our bigger concerns.
I'm focussing on the whole "BL is not sold" and sort of lightly hyperventilating.

Spare Ammo - I had a random thought a few nights ago about your multiple images problem: Could it be that the images you're uploading are large ones (file size)? There's definitely a 4mb limit per image, but it occurred to me in the wee hours that maybe that 4mb is also cumulative? That might explain why sometimes you can upload multiples and sometimes you can't. But I can't remember all the details from when we last discussed this, so that may not be the answer.
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4mb is NOT cumulative if you use links from sites. There's a reason I set up a tumblr, post my pictures there, and link directly from Tumblr.
Cool! Good to know. Do we know if the 4mb is cumulative if you don't use site-links?
BookLikes has commented on my post: http://lg.booklikes.com/post/1406055/booklikes-has-been-sold

"Dear Bloggers,
Please, don't worry, Booklikes is not sold and our team is still working on.
Incidentally, very sorry about the silence for a while. We quickly return to previous work.
BL team"

No new info, but it's an actual comment on their actual site, so that's good to see.
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I know it was said at some point, and I can't remember.

All I know for certain is that you can do pictures over that, and many pictures, if you link. Or hotlink? If I don't use my own pictures and want GIFs - animated, which I don't make - then I google and use it from another site.

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AND they acknowledge the silence.
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I wonder if they've somehow lost their old ability to push out posts to all users. This seems like one of those times when it would have been a good idea to do that, rather than respond to one person's post.
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Good point.
I would like to know why they didn't respond here?
I’m happy that they’re posting, and with something at least a little more informative than “please be patient”. It’s good that they apologized for the silence because I consider that to be the biggest problem in this whole thing.

“Return to previous work”, on the other hand, is ambiguous. Do they just mean they’re going to work on the open bugs and keep things running as-is? Or does it mean they’re going to work on growing and improving the site. As much as I love this site as it is, it needs to continue to grow, in membership especially. If it doesn’t, it will stagnate and eventually die through attrition if nothing else. I really want to see signs that BL staff understands and cares about that before I’ll feel really reassured.

I agree that it's odd that they only responded to one particular post, since not everybody will even be following comments. Of course, BL members are pretty good at spreading the word so somewhere is better than nowhere. :) But they really need to make a post on their own blog where it would be seen by the most people, and also reply to this thread. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, and I suspect we’ll never get answers to some of them since BL staff doesn’t seem to be big on providing details.
That message makes me optimistic. No longer worried. :)
Hi Bloggers,
in the end I got into a discussion :)
as we mentioned in the previous places we had some tech difficulties and very sorry about this ugly silence for a while. Our team still working on Booklikes services and please, don't worry for the conversation about the sale of the company. Service works as previously.
Sorry again about our imperfections.
BL team

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Hi BL, thanks for posting here also. Will you be posting on your blog again? Have you been able to resolve the problem where new members couldn't join because they didn’t get the e-mail confirmations?

If you aren’t aware, Bookstooge just informed us all that Leafmarks is shutting down. This would be a really great opportunity for BL to gain some more members, but I'm worried the new members won't be able to join.

I’m also worried people will be reluctant to get involved in a site where staff hasn’t shown much enthusiasm for it lately. They'll be afraid that they'll just end up on another sinking ship. Posting on your blog, maybe with some general bookish posts and also some info about what you’re working on, would help reassure both new and current members.
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