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Discussion: Booklikes-opoly: Q&A
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Sorry Tannat. I got confused. No the rule is you get one book per square. If you don't finish it, it becomes a DNF, you count pages completed, add it to your bank, and you can't roll to the next roll date.
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Char, if you want to do that, I don't see why not. As long as your post says, hey I started this before the roll date, so I am not counting total page count towards my total because I already read 100 pages, etc. I think we just want to make this as easy to follow as possible. I am terrible with trying to track stuff like that.
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Ok, that's great! Thank you!
Just to double check: "tagged as whatever" on gr means "shelved as whatever" on goodreads regardless of how many people shelved it? Does not have to be on first page of shelf names?

(Just stuff seen around in comments; possibly some goodreads games have required first page but I didn't see that restriction in the booklikes-opoly rules unless I missed it.)
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The reference is the rules says:
*Where a task refers to genre tags, this is based on GR genre tags. If you don't have a GR account, and can't get into a book page to determine if it has the required genre tags, you can post the question in Q&A. In addition, the genre tag does not need to be one of the book page tags - it can be on the first page of the "top shelves" if the book has a lot of shelvings.

But I don't know if that's been superseded by another comment somewhere, like the option to pick which book to count for a square.
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What Tannat posted with the addition of MR saying that since some people really don't have GR accounts and don't want to wait they can look up Booklikes tags and even Amazon. Murder made a good point that we could help with the Booklikes library with this game since if we saw a book that is tagged incorrectly we could report it.
For the thriller, I'd like to read an ARC. It isn't shelved much, but the author classifies it as a thriller: HE PREY OF GODS started as my National Novel Writing Month project way back in 2009. It’s a near future thriller set in South Africa...

From this post: http://www.nickydrayden.com/the-prey-of-gods/

Does that count?
Questions about page donations to the jail library: (And sorry, this might be a question with an obvious answer; and also I might be rambling...)

In the Discussion: Game Play and Rules, and the rules pages I'd printed out for quick reference, states the donation amount as 300 pages. But reading through this Q&A thread, it was mentioned that the donation was 100 pages. Curious, I went back to Moonlight's original game posts and saw that the amount was 100 pages or $1.00... so I guess I just wanted to confirm which it is.

Though I think Moonlight mentioned somewhere that she was lowering the amount because the originally proposed amount seemed too high? So I'm guessing that 100 pages is the correct number?

And so, in that case, do I need to finish reading a whole book to count towards donation? (Like, read an approx. 100 page book, and donate a hundred pages to the library; or read and finish an approx. 200 or 300 page book, thus donating 100 pages and then some, to the library?) Or can I just read part of a book, enough pages from it, to fulfill the donation amount, to move on?

For instance, I'm currently reading False Memory by Dean Koontz with 400+ pages left to finish and would really love to make more progress on this book. However, I know I'm not going to finish reading this book before the next odd day. Could I just read 100 pages from it for the donation and still get to move on to the next roll on the 23rd? Or do I need to finish the entire book and use all of it as a donation? Or do I need to read a new book altogether?

And then I post my donation amount after finishing my donation reading, correct?

Thanks in advance!
I think I'm confused, so before I screw this up too badly:

I rolled doubles.
That means I can roll again.


Do I read the book from the first roll, or can I skip that one if I choose to roll again and read the book from the second roll.

Or flip a coin or pass if both choices suck.

I know I can read both if I choose.

Grimlock: I would probably ordinarily say no, but your proposed book has so few shelvings/tags on GR and the BL book page is completely empty at this point, and I'm convinced by the author's assessment of her own book as a "near future thriller." I also looked at the definition of "thriller" - Category:Thriller novels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thrillers are a genre of fiction in which tough, resourceful, but essentially ordinary heroes are pitted against villains determined to destroy them, their country, or the stability of the free world. - and this one certainly seems to qualify. So, yes.

Ani: I did tweak the Jail Visiting space - I had two different rules in different places, so I needed to edit! You only need to donate 100 pages, and that can be part of a book, all of a book, a novella, a couple of short stories, whatever! You can donate more, if you want!

Isanythingopen: You are never "required" to read. Doubles gets you two opportunities for one "roll." You can read both. You can read either (skip first, read second; read first, skip second), or you can skip both and wait two days to roll again.

Happy Friday!
Thanks, that's what I thought.
I knew I could completely pass, but I just wanted to clarify how the rolls worked.
I want to roll doubles! I'm jealous of all of the doubles rollers out there!
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Thank you!
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I'm scared to roll doubles. In the past, doubles was what always got me in trouble! lol
I have a question about square #4: "Read a book where a character travels by boat, or where the letters in the title can be used to spell "River".

I have volume 2 of the Rivers of London graphic novel Night Witch on my shelf. Since it's usually listed as "Rivers of London: Night Witch", would that count? You can read my post here.

I know I should be able to find a book where a character travels by boat, but I'm not sure I remember where it's certain rather than likely in some of my upcoming reads. Do they in Neverwhere? In World Without End?
Need help?