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review 2019-01-31 02:21
Alabama Moon
Alabama Moon - Watt Key

Alabama Moon is a great coming of age book that would be great to use in the classroom. When Moon's father Pap dies he decides he will follow his father's wishes and travel to Alaska. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Moon eventually escapes and brings along two friends he met at the boy's home. During their travels everything Moon was sure of is tested. This book is full of adventure and important lessons that would be appealing to boys and girls. I would incorporate this book into a fun activity by asking students to imagine they are Moon and had to rely on the skills they possess in order to survive in the wildness alone. The students would write a short story reimagining themselves as Moon.  



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review 2019-01-29 17:28
Alabama Moon
Alabama Moon - Watt Key

This book is a survival tale that young boys are sure to enjoy reading! It tells of a ten year old boy named Moon Blake who is raised in the wilderness by his father. After his father dies, he is placed briefly in a boy's home and makes two friends to carry out his escape plan with him. This book provides a detailed account of lessons Moon's father has taught him about being self-sufficient. Students will respond to 10 quick write journal prompts that are relatable to their own lives periodically throughout reading the novel. A few prompt titles are Survival, One Suitcase, and Escape. 


Lexile: 720L

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text 2019-01-21 11:17
Attend the Legal Counsel of the Expert’s Of Law Court

It is so injustice for innocent people who get involved in an accident because of the lack of attention of another person. The critical situation in sudden unpredictable occurrence badly affects injured person even it takes time to get back the senses after the incidence. Most of the time due to emergency the injured person, neglect their compensation benefits because of their focus on early recovery. The health treatment is the most important so you need to focus on it, but the delay in contacting the personal injury lawyer of Alabama can cost them their compensation.

Importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer

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Appoint a prominent personal injury lawyer

If you are looking for the finest legal organization that can provide accurate answers for your queries then you must visit The Vance Law Firm. Their personal injury lawyer is highly qualified professionals and experienced as well. They are working in this field for so long and faces different challenges of injury cases even the tough ones for which they assure that their client must get priority in the case over others. To get a desirable result for the case to appoints injury lawyer for the accidental matter.

About The Vance Law Firm:

The Vance Law Firm is the certified organization of Alabama personal injury lawyer that makes sure their clients must get a fair settlement.

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review 2019-01-18 01:45
The Watsons Go To Birmingham
The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 - Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watsons go to Birmingham is both a heart wrenching yet funny and relatable book about the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham. As someone who as grown up in Alabama my whole life, I remember reading this book and laughing at some of the mannerisms Grandma had because it was something that I had seen from other grandmothers around me growing up. However, it also covers the tragic 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham. This would be a great book to link to Alabama History or to read before a field trip to Birmingham to give students a context to what they will see on the trip and the history of the city. An activity that you could do with this book is having students link this book to a place in Birmingham and having them research their chosen place and present it to their classmates. 


Lexile Measurement: 920L

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review 2018-11-27 12:04
Good Story and Good Characters
A Thorn Among the Lilies (An Alvin, Alabama Novel) - Michael Hiebert

Christmas was barely two weeks away. Abe, Dewey, and Carry were watching the parade with their uncle. Then came the float with the mayor on it. With him was Officer Chris Jenkins and their mother Leah. Both Leah and Chris work for the Alvin police Department. Leah was a detective in a small police department. Carry’s birthday was coming up and for her birthday she wanted to go to a psychic and get a reading done. Leah had shook hands with the psychic- Madam Crystalle and than the psychic told Leah to sit in the chair. Even though Leah said the reading was for Caroline. But Madam Crystalle said there will be no charge . There were things Leah must know. Now before she lost them. Than the psychic said she saw a Maniac. A Tailor who deprives those of their sight. Very dangerous. Than she adds she saw a body, in darkness waiting. She seen writing on the body. She couldn’t see enough to read it. But remembered the number 78. It is important and remember the maniac tailor. Know that can save many lives over the coming time. Than she saw a sign Welcome To Gray…..but than it was gone. Than Madam Crystalle took out a deck of tarot cards to do Caroline’s reading. Leah had trouble sleeping that night with what the psychic had told her. But Leah was a logical woman and the psychic had made no sense.  Than a woman’s body was pulled out of Lake Willow in the morning. When they pulled the woman out of the water her eyes are sewn shut with black thread. On her chest was written ‘Justice is blind in the Eyes of the Lord.” Than the investigation goes on there could be a connection to a case with similarities in a town a couple of hours away.

I enjoyed this book. It was a good read that kept your attention. I liked Dewy and Abe and felt they added a lot to these book. I really liked the plot. This did drag for me some at times.  I really liked the family aspect of this. Although at different times I felt maybe a little too much on them. I really liked how Leah started solving old cases to try to find the killer. I enjoyed the characters in this book and the ins and outs and I recommend it.

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