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review 2016-10-17 07:59
A Sensual Paranormal Romance
Dark Promises (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan

Dark Promises was a paranormal romance that balanced good and evil, darkness and light, fear and bravery, and even dominance vs. submission. Yep…a little something for every type of reader.


“Lifemate. You have enough attitude for ten women.”
“Exactly.” She was more than pleased he saw that. That should send him screaming for the hills…
“I like attitude,” he whispered, his mouth against her ear.


This is going to be a difficult review to write without giving all of the surprises away but I’ll try my best to leave out any spoilers. As you can gather from the book synopsis, Gabrielle and Gary were the main couple this time and boy did they have some changes to endure. Their path was altered completely and it meant that for the first time Gabrielle had to learn to stand up for herself and be more self-sufficient.


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review 2016-09-21 12:00
Modern Alphas & Strong Heroines FTW
Dark Carousel (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan

“I don’t need a submissive woman, Charlotte, I need a warrior. A woman walking beside me. Fighting beside me. Standing in front of those children with me… I know that woman is you.”


Dark and sexy alpha heroes with a heart and intelligent, beautiful heroines abound in Dark Carousel. And just when fans thought the situation between Carpathians and vampires couldn’t get any more tense, we’re proven wrong with a whole new twist added to the story.


I am seriously loving the latest heroes Christine Feehan has created. Now I know some readers were unhappy with how incredibly dominant the alpha males were in previous stories, both in the Dark and the GhostWalkers series, but her books so far this year have shown a much more modern version of a hero.


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review 2016-09-19 21:20
Dark Carousel
Dark Carousel (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan,Jim Frangione
The Characters:

Charlotte Vintage
Tariq Asenguard

The Story:

Hmmmm I don’t have a lot to say about this story. I loved that Charlotte and Tariq are forming a family. I would love to see them handle two three year old Carpathian girls. I missed the book before and while it didn’t hinder this story I did feel like there are some things I’ve missed.

I would also say that chronic repetitiveness that I’ve been complaining about with Feehan books lately seemed to be missing, thank goodness.

The Random Thoughts:

Where can I get my own rock dragon???

3.5 Stars
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review 2016-08-08 00:00
Dark Promises (Carpathian Novel, A)
Dark Promises (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan This is the 29th book of the Dark series.

So far, it is the Ancients turn to look for their Lifemates, and boy! They way this book was written was so steamy!

Yes, majority of the scenes are purely adult stuff. Unlike her previous books in this series. Not sure of the chapter, but I was around 14% into my reading of the book when the first sex scene started. Yup it was a bit dark, but we have to remember where Aleksei came from and from the way it all started, yup it does look like a betrayal. Hence the need to dominate.

The book was really good. As I read along, there were times that I would like to hit Gabrielle because of her ignorance. I mean she has been a Carpathian and yet she was unsure of the ways of Carpathian people and it was really a piss off for me. As for Gary? I cried. I really cried when the colors started to fade, and cried when it was said the all of his emotions were gone. It was so painful. I always liked him. He was always been with Gregori and he became one of the most important people when I come to the Carpathian people.

The totally unexpected was Trixie and Fane. I mean, I read about Fane like from Andre’s book?
~Sorry! Read too many books! But I as I was saying, It so unexpected that their plot was so endearing too! I love how Fane devotes everything to Trixie, and how reassure her that she is the only woman for him. It was so romantic! Yes, I noted that Trixie is 60 years old! But it does not sound perverted in this book. I was wonderfully constructed. I was actually thinking if trace of old age will eventually fade out, now that she is a Carpathian, I guess I have to read the rest of the upcoming books to find out.

All in all, it was a good book. The adult scenes were a bit too much but, somehow, it was appropriate for the kind of situation those Ancients. After a long time fighting their inner demons, finding their life mates makes them too horny.


I will rate it 4.5 due to the fact that two Carpathian were able to find their lifemates.
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review 2016-07-30 22:40
Dark Carousel (Dark #30) by Christine Feehan
Dark Carousel (Carpathian Novel, A) - Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan does an exception job keeping the Dark Series feeling fresh with the thirtieth book in the series, DARK CAROUSEL.  Ancient Carpathian Tariq Asenguard discovers his lifemate Charlotte Vintage and needs to protect her from the vampires that murdered her brother and mentor. This paranormal/urban fantasy is suitable for adult audiences.


Christine Feehan does an exceptional job of keeping the Dark series plot stimulating and strong.  I love how she ties together details.  DARK CAROUSEL is full of mystery and conspiracy.  I’ve always liked carousels, and I love the carousel connection between Charlotte and Tariq.  The curse was fascinating and relevant.  I thought the history behind carousels interesting.  I appreciate when I learn something new while reading. 


The characters are very well developed.  Despite being old, Tariq is a little more open minded then some of the other Carpathian. I like Charlotte.  She has a powerful gift. She goes through a lot of changes in a short amount of time.  I love that Tariq and Charlotte wind up with an instant family.  They make good parents who are very protective and compassionate.  The children all have appealing personalities.  They went through awful circumstances.  I like the connection Val and Liv have.  I love the dragons and why they were created. 


Vadim and company make intimidating opponents.  I thought it was thought-provoking how Tariq and Vadim’s association transpired.  He and his followers are extremely cunning.  I am interested in finding out where Christine Feehan takes us with her next story.  I am continually impressed by this series. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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