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text 2017-08-10 15:31
The Advantages of Computer Tricks and Tips Hacks
How to Speed-Up your Windows PC like it's brand new again: Easy steps anyone can do to make your computer as snappy as it was the day you bought it! (Computer tips Book 1) - Kevin Meininger

You may even know if a person is hacking your PC. Not only are you going to learn the way to use each hack, you will also discover why it works. Eventually, they should learn how to find some suggestions and tricks for the iPhone. There are a few cool Facebook tricks and secrets which you can try and amaze friends and family with. Among the most fascinating ongoing hacker techniques is known as bait and switch. Or you could watch our custom made theme video tutorial. Also ensure you check out our big selection of guides on the best way to utilize Windows 10 to make certain you get the absolute most out of the new operating system.


Things You Should Know About Computer Tricks and Tips Hacks

A problem can be made in the event the keyboard isn't pointed to the overall direction of the receiver. If there's a network problem you would like an interface to reveal the range of the issue at a glance. Not all the questions are simple to answer but there is not going to be a problem if you concentrate on transmitting that you truly need work and you may be committed to it. It is possible to get questions regarding your own personal life which you don't expect, just answer honestly and don't attempt to delude the operator. Start to type a word and it'll find answers without needing to enter the full word or phrase.

Computer Tricks and Tips Hacks: No Longer a Mystery

If you often run numerous programs simultaneously, your desktop can become extremely cluttered. It makes it possible to in accessing your favourite programs easily and quickly. There are a number of programs installed in our PC. The most important reason to keep an eye on your network is to look at that your all your servers are readily available.

The Most Popular Computer Tricks and Tips Hacks

If your site hasn't updated its encryption protection in a couple of decades, you're probably in danger. All available sites are going to appear in a drop-down menu, which you are able to click to see on the present laptop. Other websites have the capability to provide images of nearby garage at which you might have hidden the car to prevent repossession. There are a number of websites that have many methods for iPhone. You may check this post that I have prepared earlier about the Top five Tools To accelerate Your laptop.

Windows 7 comes with some rather attractive new wallpapers, and it is not always simple to determine which one you enjoy the ideal. Windows does not supply you with a simple approach to switch the speed or fashion of the animation, though, an easy registry tweak can be applied to enable and manage the animation. If you're using Windows on a tablet, entering the password to be able to access the computer each time you login can be a little annoying. So now you know what things to do whenever you're working on a great deal of Windows together.

Now restart, and you will go right to your desktop. You could also restart the computer and check whether the keyboard works. If you prefer to shut off your computer after two minutes type the next command. You could also shut off your computer with command prompt. It let's users benefit from the hosted network (Virtualization) feature for making a digital wireless connection. In conditions where you don't need to allow users in order to get this done to be able to secure your PC. A great deal of avid Windows users aren't content with this substantial shift in the UI, and are annoyed by the extra step necessary to open the Desktop.

A new Windows 7 option, however, may not only explain the issue, but might get your program working again with no loss of information. This way that you don't have to at all times visit the Start Menu. More shortcuts are available here. The folder will then be launched in another procedure, and thus a crash is not as likely to affect anything else. Hiding a folder is among them. If you, similar to me, depend on folders to auto-expand so that you can quickly move files from subfolder to subfolder without needing to open all of them manually each moment, here's the easy fix which you want.

In fact, it isn't precisely the start button you're going to be utilized to from XP, Vista or Windows 7. As MIDI and audio parts show up on an identical screen in modern sequencers, it's quite easy arrange them in a song. After choosing the tile size, after that you can return to the Start screen and put it wherever you would like. It has come to be among the most well-known means of keeping in touch with long-lost family and friends members.

For good functioning, you ought to keep the keyboard clean and get a laptop cooling mat. Even though a regular keyboard may be used in such place, the replacement outlays, as a result of rough usage, would be astronomically large. Today, virtual keyboards are not only confined to computers. There are several kinds of virtual keyboards. You won't have the ability to work should youn't have a keyboard connected to the computer. It is well-known that the computer keyboard has become the most used portion of the PC.

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review 2017-07-30 20:18
The Comic Book Story of Video Games
The Comic Book Story of Video Games: The Incredible History of the Electronic Gaming Revolution - Jonathan Hennessey,Jack Mcgowan

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]

Fairly interesting, although to be honest, in spite of the early chapters being educative in their own ways, I would’ve preferred to see the focus more on the actual video games (and industry) themselves, rather than also on the electricity/industrial revolution parts. The art style, too, was not always consistent, and sometimes too stiff.

On the other hand, I appreciated the inclusion of actual video games characters in panels, as watchers or part of the ‘narrative’; just trying to remember or find out who they were, was in itself another, different dive into history. (Well, maybe it wouldn’t work that well on someone who knows less about such games, but for me, it worked.)

I also liked how the book included some of the backstage workings behind the whole video games industry; they were plenty of things I didn’t know, for instance Sony and its Playstation, I had no idea there had been a deal in the plans with Nintendo for CD games, and that it completely fell through. (I’m not feeling younger, though. Being reminded that this PSX I got in 1998—and I made it a point to get a US model, too, since the European one didn’t run the games I wanted—was even a few years older than that... well...)

Conclusion: An informative and colourful read. I do wish it had spent just a little less time on the really early years, where ‘games’ per se weren’t so much concerned (to be fair, I already know a lot about computer history in general).

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review 2017-07-17 20:05
Turing's Imitation Game
Turing's Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown - Kevin Warwick,Huma Shah

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]

That was an informative, albeit also controversial, read about Turing’s ‘Imitation Game’, focused on the game itself rather than on the man (who I like reading about in general, but here I was definitely more interested in his famous ‘test’, since I keep hearing about it, but never in much detail). It sheds light on Turing’s aim when devising the test, as well as on what he predicted, and that may or may not happen sooner than expected.

Several sections in the book are devoted to examples of studies and events during which the test took place, pitching human judges against both machines and other human beings, without the former knowing what or who the latter was. Actual, textual examples allow the reader to try and make their own judgment—and determining where the machines are is not so easy as it seems. I was accurate in my guesses except but once, I think, however I can see where judges were ‘fooled’, and why. At other times, I was surprised at the outcome, for instance quite a few human participants made ‘boring’ answers to conversations, which in turn prompted judges to believe they were talking to a machine—and conversely, some AIs were clearly programmed with a variety of lively potential responses. Eugene Goostman, especially, with its persona of a 13-year old Ukrainian boy whose English is only second language, has good potential (in that you can tell some of its/his answers are stilted, but not more than if it/he was an actual learner of ESOL).

The test as a whole posits several interesting questions and conundrums. Namely, the fact that it’s based on language, and that one may wonder whether being able to converse means one is gifted with ‘thought’. Another one is whether the test as it exists can really be used as a marker: aren’t the various chatbots/AIs out there simply well-programmed, but in no way indicative of whether they’ll be able to go further than that?

Also, I’m not sure I can agree with the 2014 ‘the Turing test has been passed’ result, as it seems to me the percentage is too low to warrant such a qualifier (if 90% of judges were fooled in believing they were conversing with a human, now that’d be something else... or am I aiming too high?), and it’s too early anyway for the current AIs to have been developed far enough (as fascinating as some of their conversations were, they still looked much more like complex chatbots than anything else—at least, to me).

Conclusion: 3.5 stars. I did learn quite a few things no matter what.

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review 2017-06-04 17:14
Clock Zero: I'm not my social feed
Clock Zero: I'm not my social feed - Nawar Alsaadi

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]

Quite an interesting story, with likeable characters—possibly a like goofy, too, but I was in the mood for that, and also, taking jabs at helpdesks/customer service? Count me in, I’ve been in that kind of jobs that for some time now, and we all need to find our fun somewhere, otherwise we’d just get bonkers.

Anyway. That was for the fun parts, enhanced with the way the narrator swipes at social media, the amount of time we spend checking Facebook and Twitter, and how it’s so easy to get lost in it. Not that I don’t like my little FB time, but I know what it feels like to turn your computer on at the end of the day and realise you’ve spent the past two hours going through clickbait crap when you could’ve been doing something else. (Like reading, and reviewing, and therefore catching up on your backlog of NetGalley books, so that you can then post your reviews on your blog and FB page and... Wait a second.)

There are less fun parts, too, closer to actual terrorism, with a plot meant to destroy cell towers, satellites, etc., through a virus uploaded on everybody’s smartphones. A revolution of sorts, to force people to look up from their phones and enjoy life again. Kind of extreme (I’m trying not to spend too much time on social media, but let’s be honest, if internet and networks in general are gone, I’m out of a job). One will like this idea or not. It’s probably a case of ‘doing the wrong things for the right reasons’. In the light of recent years and the growing amount of terrorist attacks, this commentary is not, well, enjoyable, yet one can also (unfortunately) relate to it while reading about it (my main Tube hub is closed today because of that, now let me tell you that’s one instance I was glad to hang on FB instead of being out socialising!).

Style: the writing is OK, some typos now and then (it was an ARC so hopefullyl those were corrected in the final version), and at first the narrator alluding to hashtags and emojis was a little confusing. Nothing too bad, though.

I’m torn about the twist in the end—can’t decide whether I like it, or would have preferred the story to end one chapter earlier. Still unsure as well if the book was meant to be totally satirical, and if I should get angry at it (I preferred to treat is as satire and fun, because I’m too lazy and it’s too hot outside to waste energy into such feelings).

Conclusion: Maybe not the best read you can find when it comes to taking jabs at social, yet enjoyable nonetheless.

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review 2017-05-09 18:40
Sculpting the future
How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick's Robotic Resurrection - David F. Dufty

Longtime readers of the blog will recall that I've had a certain fear fascination with robots and A.I or Artifical Intelligence. You can check out my posts about books like Our Final Invention which details the growth artifical intelligence into super intelligence or In Our Own Image which is a thought experiment about what the evolution of AI will look like in the future to get an idea of what I mean. Today's book is somewhere in the middle. How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick's Robotic Resurrection by David F. Dufty covers the creation of a robotic incarnation of the famous sci-fi author which (according to its creators) has the ability to learn as it communicates with humans i.e. it is self-aware. The novelty of this machine was that it was created in the image of a man who was known for his paranoia about 'thinking' machines and that it was an artistic as much as technological acheivement. This book chronicled the creation of the android from its inception including the sculpting of the head and body by Dr. David Hanson through to its programming by Andrew Olney. (Not to mention the many volunteers from the FedEx Institute of Technology in Memphis who logged many hours helping to make this dream a reality without any compensation.) The PKD android was a sensation among scientific circles as well as among laypeople because of his realistic facial features, expressions, and his seemingly intelligent responses to questions. However, I am not convinced that he would have passed the Turing Test which proves that he was a self-aware artificially intelligent machine. Moreover, I found this book was lacking in many areas. Each of the chapters seemed to end without any real resolution and the ending fell flat. Also, one of my pet peeves is a nonfiction book without any endnotes or at the very least a bibliography and this one committed that sin. Overall, I'd say that this book would appeal to someone who hasn't done any significant research into this field and wants to dip their toe into that world but for me it didn't make the grade. 5/10


If you want to see the PKD android in action then you can check out the Hanson Robotics website. Be forewarned, if the idea of a seemingly artificially intelligent machine with human-like characteristics freaks you out then you shouldn't go to that website. To see what I mean, take a look at the pictures below. *shudder*


Source: Ascend Surgical


Source: Philip K. Dick Android Project

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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