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review 2014-05-06 02:20
Amazing and funny!
Despicable Me 2: The Junior Novel - Annie Auerbach

This was such a great book! I love the movie and I loved the book! Dispicamazing!!!

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text 2013-03-30 20:51
Mabuhay from Philippines

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review 2012-05-29 00:00
Sleepy Kittens (Despicable Me Series) - Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, Eric Guillon (Illustrator) The movie's great and if you can get the right person to read this product spinoff to you, the right way, it's SO cute!
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review 2010-10-28 00:00
Sleepy Kittens (Despicable Me Series) - Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, Eric Guillon (Illustrator) As seen in Despicable Me. I had to order a copy. My inner Gru is telling me incredulously that this is garbage. I like reading it?!

To which, all I can reply is: awwwww! It's so cute! Though I do have a more serious criticism. The finger puppets are stiffer than they appear in the movie, and I can't make them drink their milk. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

OK, I have a solution to the stiff-kitten problem. You just bend them. I didn't really want to do it, since I suspect the card will break after a while, but then I guess I bring out the tape.

Anyway, I can now make the kittens drink, and anyone who's seen the movie will know how important that is.

I am so stupid. But in case other potential readers are equally stupid, let me share my embarrassing discovery. The card that made the kittens so annoyingly stiff, and which had to be bent, should simply be removed. It looks like the back cover of the book, but it isn't! When you take it off, the real back cover is revealed. Though, confusingly, it looks exactly like the fake one. Anyway, without the card inside, the finger puppets are most satisfying. I put on a fake Russian accent and read the book to my test audience, who said I was quite adequately despicable.

With the mechanics solved, I can now give my attention to the more abstract question that has been tormenting me ever since I saw the movie. The book is clearly intended ironically, as a parody of this particular genre. But how old do you have to be to get the irony? I'm guessing that a bright four year old would probably appreciate the joke, but a three year old would take it literally... though maybe I'm underestimating today's sophisticated kids. Please let me know if your small children have seen Despicable Me, and how they reacted!

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