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review 2017-05-27 23:42
Daredevil/Echo: Vision Quest by David W. Mack
Daredevil / Echo: Vision Quest - David W. Mack

It took me years to get my sister to read this comic, even though I knew she'd love it, even though it was one of my favorites. I talked it up, I tried to tell her that it illustrated everything that she'd told me about being Deaf, does it accurately and beautifully.. She doesn't love the medium of comics, so it took some convincing, but she was shocked when she finally picked it up. She saw exactly what I was trying, inadequately, to tell her.


There are two levels on which this works, and the first, in my opinion, typifies the kinds of characters the Daredevil title has always been drawn to, or vice versa. At the climax of this story about soul searching, Echo, aka Maya Lopez, Wilson Fisk's sort of adopted daughter, goes on the titular vision quest. She runs into Logan after four days of fasting and mediating.


Logan tells her a story about a man who feels as if he has two dogs inside of him fighting, one is trust and love and good instincts, the other is fear and anger, the dredges of our human instincts. When asked which dog wins, the man answers, the one I feed the most. It has a special significance to Maya, but to the larger Daredevil universe, it can be applied to almost every character who comes in and out of Matt's life, as well as Matt himself. As she considers this, the duality of nature and the struggle between it, she thinks also of superheroes, and how she patterned herself after them, wanted to be them, and tellingly, the two shown in that panel are Frank Castle and Elektra, two who have allowed death, hatred and negativity rule them. Matt is, naturally, the other side of this, and though Maya teeters between the two, by the end of the comic, she has her answers.


The artwork is astounding, and I've seen it called experimental in format, which betrays a misunderstanding, a basic misunderstanding, about disability. What people want is disability seen from the perspective of an ablebodied person, streamlined and formatted for them. But the art in these issues matches the text and illustrates perfectly Maya's thoughts and the way she sees the world. In Mack's artwork, colors do make a sound, the visuals speak for themselves.


It's interesting to note that Mack at the time often used as subject matter disability or neurodivergence, and the comic as a whole at the time was more interested in exploring disability, not just Matt's.


A quietly touching story told with absolute originality.

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text 2017-05-26 19:54
DNF at 6%
[ [ [ A Vision of Lucy (Rocky Creek Romance #03) [ A VISION OF LUCY (ROCKY CREEK ROMANCE #03) ] By Brownley, Margaret ( Author )Jun-28-2011 Paperback - Margaret Brownley

It's very early in the book to DNF, but the beginning was too far-fetched and well inane for me to be interested in picking it up again. Sucks because I really liked the previous book in the series and had high hopes for this one being good as well. Off to the donation pile.

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text 2017-05-26 19:36
Booklikes-opoly (Turns #11 and #12)
Her Last Breath - Linda Castillo
After the Storm: A Kate Burkholder Novel - Linda Castillo
Vision Vol. 2: Little Better Than a Beast - Tom King,Michael Walsh

In honor of the US holiday, MR is giving us players two additional rolls FREE! So here goes...



Current Bank: $48.00

Current Square and Book: Electric Company/ Diary of an Accidental Wallflower by Jennifer McQuiston


May 26th first roll, part I: 8 (4+4)

New Square: BL. Rolled one 12-sided die for a 5. Collect $10.00 for myself and one other player....hey Url Phantomhive - here's a crisp, virtual Hamilton for you.


Current Bank: $58.00.


May 26th first roll, part II (seriously, again?): 6 (3+3)

New Square: Carsland 18 - Read a book with a car on the cover or that was published in the years 2006, 2011, 2013, or 2014. I picked Her Last Breath (Kate Burkholder #5) by Linda Castillo, which was published in 2013. 320 pages =  possible $4.00 to the bank.


May 26th first roll, part III (and I hope is the last): 9 (6+3)

New Square: Adventureland 26 - Read a book tagged genre: adventure or thriller on GR. I picked After the Storm (Kate Burkholder #7) by Linda Castillo, as 37 users tagged this book as a thriller (#8 most popular tag for this book). 320 pages = possible $4.00 to the bank.


May 26th, second roll (please no doubles, LOL): 8 (6+2)

New Square: Tomorrowland 33 - Read a book set in space, tagged as science fiction on GR, or has robots/cyborgs. I picked Vision, Vol 2: Little Better than a Beast by Tom King, et al. I need to re-read the first volume so the story is refreshed in my mind before knocking this one out. 136 pages = $2.00 to the bank.

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text 2017-05-16 11:24
Kobo Aura H2O druga generacja i PocketBook Aqua 2 w przedsprzedaży


Obydwa właśnie zapowiedziane, nowe wodoodporne czytniki – Kobo Aura H2O oraz PocketBook Aqua 2 - są już oferowane w przedsprzedaży. Nowe Kobo można zamówić w wielu europejskich sklepach m.in. we francuskiej sieci FNAC, która wysyła zakupy do Polski. Za paczkę trzeba dopłacić 15 EUR.


Reklama nowej edycji Kobo Aura H2O we FNACu


PocketBook Aqua 2 można natomiast zamówić w kraju. Oficjalny dystrybutor oferuje go na przykład w cenie niższej, od katalogowej, bo za 549 PLN.


Reklama przedsprzedaży PocketBooka Aqua 2 u polskiego dystrybutora PocketBooków na Facebooku


Dla zainteresowanych czytnikiem odpornym na kurz i wodę, załączam poniżej aktualną ofertę producentów w tym zakresie. Wszystkie (poza Nookiem) można zamówić do Polski.

Bieżąca oferta wodoodpornych czytników książek (uszeregowane według ceny):


cena katalogowa


Kobo Aura One

230 EUR (ok. 970 PLN)

ekran 7,8” 300 ppi, regulowana temperatura barwowa oświetlenia

Tolino Vision 4 HD

179 EUR (ok. 760 PLN)

ekran 6” 300 ppi, płaski front, regulowana temperatura barwowa oświetlenia

Kobo Aura H2O 2

179 EUR (ok. 760 PLN)

ekran 6,8” 265 ppi, regulowana temperatura barwowa oświetlenia

PocketBook Aqua 2

579 PLN

ekran 6” 212 ppi, fizyczne przyciski, obsługa audio, TTS

Nook Glowlight Plus

130 USD (ok. 500 PLN)

ekran 6” 300 ppi, płaski front, tylko w Stanach Zjedn.



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review 2017-05-15 00:32
So, yay!
Avengers (2016-) #7 - Mark Waid,Phil Noto,Alex Ross

When the Infamous Iron Man - and by this I mean Victor Von Doom, who dons Iron Man armor all the while doing things like taking out brilliant scientist who are amoral, or just flat out evil - tells the Avengers he needs them to work for them, well, they're all skeptical.   Except, oddly enough, Nadia Pym, who has taken up the mantle of The Wasp, and and who has a messed up childhood in which her scientific acumen saved her from having to kill anyone in the red room.   She might not like Von Doom personally - although she does get chummy with him - although I believe this is partly her not fully understanding what he'd done and partly her optimism, which is, at times naive.   (Even Von Doom concedes that she's naive, and I imagine it would hard to be anything but given how sheltered she was in Russia; coerced into her actions, yes, but she didn't see much of the world.  I also believe this is what allows her to not fully comprehend who Dr. Doom is: she hasn't witnessed, or been affected, by his past actions in a concrete way.   Her childhood could leave her cynical and wary of everyone, or her optimism could remain intact, partly by a willful ignorance of things like what Doom's done.   And on one hand, I love her childlike belief that people will be good, or at least that the good people will prevail, but on the other hand... I think willful ignorance has to play into this in some part, due to what she's been through.   I end up landing at 'but this allows her to deal with her own trauma and to be a hero,' so I'm okay with that.   The girl's been through enough that I'm not going to lash out at her for dealing with things the way she needs to.)


Anyway, Doom explains he needs them to explore something somewhere he can't go.   But where would that be?   A girl's camp, of course.   It would cause panic.  I also feel like Doom might be scared of your more typical teenage girls, so also in the future?   If Doom turns evil again, just hide the people he's targeting amongst teen girls.   Him being afraid of them, though, is hilarious.   Although I suspect that he could have done this on his own, despite his reasonable objections.   He could have, and would have, told himself that it was for the greater good and gone in despite his list of reasons this was a bad idea.     And the brilliant thing about this is I bought them all, hook, line and sinker.   I got so engrossed I didn't second guess things, and playing this off with humor helped me let down my shields.    


Dr. Doom has an ulterior motive and one that I didn't come close to guessing.   It's also something that makes me think the the might truly be good - or at the very least not villainous.   (His tactics put him strictly as an anti-hero, at least, and while I might root for The Punisher, I don't think of him as a good man.   He's more a fleshed out revenge fantasy, really.   And hey, I love it enough to be following the current series and I followed others, but he's not purely a hero, nor in my list of good characters.)


I'm really enjoying this run of Waid's.   And while the art on the first six issues was excellent from a technical standpoint, I wasn't digging it as much as I had other artists takes on this team.   I'm preferring Noto, particularly his take on Vision.   I started reading Avengers for my eye candy - Vision - so not enjoying him as much visually in the first six issue did impact some of my readings and reviews.  (And I think my friends know I have no problem calling out subpar work; this was not that.   It was simply a personality clash, mostly because I'm super picky about Vision.)


I'm eager to pick up more of this series.   I also did some research: it looks like Phil Noto is filling in for two issues, and then Del Mundo takes up the art duties again.   I know artists can get to the point where they need breaks, and I know this bothers some people.   I actually understand, and even can enjoy these breaks.   While I'd been hoping Noto would stay on just because I objectively enjoy his art more, I can't emphasize enough how good Del Mundo is, and I can't say I'm upset that he'll be coming back.   (I did more research: the majority of reviews seem to enjoy the art much more than I do.   Which goes right back to this being a 'me' thing.)


Love, love, love.   This issue in particular balanced the humor and suspense, and I feel like it revealed a lot about The Wasp.   Even though I knew how good hearted she was, this showed me she was even more optimistic and idealistic than I suspected.   And even if there's that element of naivety to make her that way, I quickly ended up deciding that this made me love her all the more.   I'd enjoy seeing more of Nadia taking a larger role in the Avengers, especially after this issue. 

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