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review 2017-10-06 22:49
Loving this
Avengers (2016-) #672 - Jesus Saiz,Alex Ross,Mark Waid

There's a new artist, and I like him a lot more - particularly how he draws Vision.   It's also fun to see the Champions and Avengers team up, especially since with Mrs. Marvel leading the Champions and her working with her old team?   There's a lot of tension and conflict when Falcon starts handing down orders to them all. 


Love the conflict with Vision and Viv and how that's treated, not with delicacy but there's no time for that right now.   I have no doubt it will be dealt with in the next Champions - the one that's going to continue this storyline - or in the follow ups.   I'm looking forward to that. 


And yeah, seeing Vision and Viv fight together is especially fun for me.

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review 2017-10-06 20:47
Yup, more SE
Deadpool (2015-) #35 - Gerry Duggan,Mike Hawthorne,David Lopez

And yet another fuck you to this storyline in the form of a one half star review. 

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review 2017-10-06 20:35
Another Secret Empire tie-in
Deadpool (2015-) #33 - Matteo Lolli,Gerry Duggan,David López

One half star again.   I hate everything Secret Empire. 

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review 2017-10-06 20:20
Had to end with a Secret Empire lead in
Deadpool (2015-) #30 - Gerry Duggan,Mike Hawthorne

And it ruined everything.  So glad I didn't pay ten dollars for this.   Secret Empire and everything tied into that, tied directly into that, will get one half star reviews.   Forever. 

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review 2017-10-06 18:24
Last catch up review
Champions (2016-) #12 - Mark Waid,Humberto Ramos

Ugh, I've read so little that's not a dry text book for school.  I actually did read something amusing yesterday, but I have to look into adding a zine if I can't find it on Amazon to add here. 


So I forgot about that.   Anyway, I'm going to get some food after this: I'm feeling a little down and stressed today so I'm taking a mental health day and relaxing.  I kinda want someone to make food for me, something nice and warm, and the place that makes rice bowls, bread bowls, and salad bowls closes soon.   I'll end up going to library and eating there while I read.   Which is allowed, yay!


And I need to take a picture of my blanket that I'm reading under, but I don't have my phone on me, so later.    For now, this book.   It's all about Scott Summers who I find boring and just groan when I find out I'm reading all about him.   


Except, this book goes into why he's like that, mostly by using the Psycho Pirate to take that stick out of his ass.   And he's kinda fun when he's not acting like a ninety-year-old dude.    Sorry to see him go, but this was a touching, empathetic look at why he's like he is, and it means I'll cut him some slack from now on, for real.   Or I'll try to remember to, at least. 


It's also touching to see the rest of the group understand and stick up for him.  Lovely little comic here. 

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