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review 2018-01-03 00:00
Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds - Stella Rhys

It's been a while since I've read one of Stella's books, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed her writing. If it's possible, my appreciation has grown more after reading Dirty Deeds.

First of all, it's an enemies-to-lovers story - and I'm a sucker for that trope, one hundred percent. Second, there's a lovely balance between sentiment, angst, humor, and sex. Read: a good amount of all. And last, CHARACTER. I can't find fault with a single one. Even the ones we're not supposed to like. When a character makes us feel something, anything, the author has done their job.

“Why does it look like zipping me up takes every ounce of your strength?” I teased.
“Because that’s exactly what it does when all I ever want is you naked.”
Oh. My eyes fluttered. Well then.

Emmett and Aly were amazing protagonists. They were imperfect, bristly, stubborn, independent, and most of all utterly real.

They knew each other their entire lives. Aly couldn't have had a more opposite experience growing up, even though they lived in each others' pockets.

Emmett was the golden boy, praises at every turn, never a misstep. While Aly's friends fell prey to Emmett's charm, her grades were never as good, she never did the right thing - and then that one day came when her world came apart, and she was exiled for a teenage misstep that would color her opinion of Emmett for years.

I can't really say enough good things about this book, except if you're intrigued at all by the blurb or my review, you should pick it up. It's worth it.

Dirty Deeds gets 4.5 Hail Marys.
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review 2018-01-01 00:00
Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds - Stella Rhys At the heart of every romance lies great emotional depth. Dirty Deeds can tempt a readers socks off with the best of them, but at the core of the story is a connection that has survived bullying, jealousy, scandal, secrets and estrangement. Aly and Emmett have always had a complicated relationship. What started in childhood, became a roller-coaster that ruined a life, broke a heart and could have began a unstoppable love. To love these characters, readers have to understand them. Through the painful rain and the embarrassingly hot reunion, Stella Rhys sets claim to the most vulnerable part of what makes us who we are. OUR HEARTS.
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review 2017-12-23 20:04
Let's not call this a review...it's more of a rating with a comment...
Dirty Deeds - Rhys Ford,Greg Tremblay

and let's just say it's same old, same old...I'm loving it and the story's every bit as good as I remember and Greg Tremblay's just making it all the better and even more enjoyable than I remembered...so in a nutshell...I'm lovin' it!!!

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review 2017-08-07 01:28
Dirty Deeds (The Dirty Series) - HelenKay Dimon

Dirty Deeds is the first book in a new series, but is also a spin-off from the Tough Love series. Dirty Deeds can totally be read as a stand-alone story, but some of the information at the beginning of the book does come from the Tough Love series. Ms. Dimon did a great job catching readers up, so the dynamics can be understood.


I really enjoyed Dirty Deeds. I felt like it moved a little slowly in the first part, but the second half of the story really picked up. I found myself pretty much falling in love with Gaige and his sarcastic banter from the moment he appeared on the page. I really loved sexy billionaire Alec as well. I honestly felt a pretty instant connection between Gaige and Alec, and loved the sexy banter between them. I had to laugh that Alec really wanted to shoot Gaige when he caught him in his server room after he broke into his business on Seth's orders. I still have totally mixed emotions when it comes to Seth. One minute I want to shoot him and the next he steps up and does something amazing and I want to hug him.


I have to say I adored Gaige and Alec together. They had some of the most amazing chemistry from the moment they met. I definitely won't call it an instant love type of thing, but will say originally there was totally instant lust. OMG the hotness factor of this story was wonderful! Two extremely sexy men being together and having a really hard time keeping their hands off each other. Seriously loved them as a couple.


The suspense portion of the story was really great. I have to say I wasn't surprised at all at who was behind everything. I honestly suspected this person of something from the moment they appeared not he page.  Something just didn't add up about this person for me. I have to say I was really glad to see it not be one of the other people I suspected, so I really liked the outcome of the bad guy.


Dirty Deeds was a super sexy and fun read for me. Loved the suspenseful portion of the story right along with the romance between Gaige and Alec. Again, I felt like the first 30% of the book moved a little slow, but once it picked up, the story moved along quickly. I recommend Dirty Deeds to readers who enjoy a super sexy M/M story with a great suspense storyline as well.


Rating: 4 Stars (B+) 

Review copy provided by publisher

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review 2017-08-03 07:18
Romance, Suspense, Intrigue
Dirty Deeds (The Dirty Series) - HelenKay Dimon

HelenKay Dimon has a writing style that quickly pulls a reader in and that, combined with the opening scene in Dirty Deeds, caught my attention and had my gears turning long before the romance began. Both Gaige and Alec have their secrets and determined to keep them, so naturally, they divulge things, little by little, in their intimate moments. The pair is good together and they have great chemistry, even when they're tiptoeing around each other.
Between spies, possible espionage, attacks, break-ins, and the steam generated by our main characters, there's plenty going on, but the story did still lag a bit at times. Fortunately, the suspense, intrigue, and twists kept me plunging ahead for the next bit of action.
Overall, Dirty Deeds is well-written, interesting, and entertaining. It is steamy and those scenes are pretty hot, but it's about so much more than that. There's a lot of story here and well worth the read.

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