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review 2017-05-22 03:10
Thoughts: Forever and a Day
Forever and a Day - Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day

by Jill Shalvis

Book 6 of Lucky Harbor


While there were a lot of things about this book that bugged me, such as some characters' behaviors, or the almost too deliberate "Meant to Be" vibe coming off our couple in spades--actions, thoughts, and dialogue from both Grace's and Josh's POVs overtly mirroring each other--I found that I actually, really enjoyed this book.

Nonetheless, there were still a lot of loose ends left unwrapped, and some side tangents left unfollowed.  I feel satisfied, but at the same time... well, not quite.  If ya know what I mean.

The Story:
Grace has spent her entire life trying to live up to her adoptive parents' standards, the two of them being rocket scientist over-acheivers.  While she cannot follow in her parents' footsteps to take on a career in the sciences, Grace has found her niche in numbers, financials, accounting... the like, and is determined to be the most successful financial manager for any prospective business that will hire her.  Unfortunately, her goals are dashed when she takes a position in Seattle, only to find that her boss is more interested in what she can do for him on a more personal level, if she wants to keep rising in her field.  With that, Grace walks away from that job and arrived in Lucky Harbor, hoping to find herself and figure out what her next steps will be.

In the meantime, she finds herself taking up all forms of odd end jobs in order to survive her day-to-day, including an impromptu dog-walker job for Lucky Harbor's favorite young doctor, Joshua Scott.  In no time, she's also babysitting Dr. McHottie's son, trying to help counsel his paraplegic baby sister, and generally worming her way into somehow managing to help organize his personal life for him.

After all, as an ER doctor who also inherited his father's practice, Josh doesn't seem to be able to find an extra hour anywhere in his day to spend with his sister or his son; something that has been looming over him as a source of regret.  But Grace's presence seems to start a cascade of change in his life; not only is he uncontrollably attracted to her, but her passion for everything she does seems to help him figure out how to finally balance his work and personal life...

... or something like that...

My Thoughts:
There's no good way to really summarize a book when, to be totally honest, very little happens outside of the developments between our main couple.  Sure, there are also developments between Josh and his sister, but those almost feel picked over in favor of the romance.  And then there's even the nonexistent interactions between Grace and her parents--I would have really loved to have seen something happen between them, such as an understanding that Grace doesn't have to become as "perfect" as her rocket scientist parents.  But this subject was never really touched upon outside of Grace's own misgivings and self-doubts.

I would have loved to see that maybe Grace's adoptive parents were never truly that stuck on Grace being the best or the perfect, ambitious over achiever.  I would have loved to see whether or not all of these obligations she's set for herself, were maybe just her own, and not her parents'.

Coming back to the relationship between Josh and his sister, Anna--the story behind the animosity stems from Anna's anger after a tragic car accident that kills the Scott parents and leaves Anna paralyzed.  But as we can see, Anna seems perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but has made it her life's mission to make her elder brother miserable in order to sate her feelings of anger, unable to truly express her self-doubt about her own life.

I thought there could have been so much more development between these two; a way in which they could come to some sort of understanding.  After the death of their parents, Josh was also thrown into a whirlwind of chaos, because not long before his parents died, he was left with little Toby when the little boy's mother walks away, never looking back.  On top of that, Josh had just started his career as a doctor.

The two Scott siblings had so much going on between the two of them, in their lives, and to add onto that, we learn that they are too stubborn for their own good to initiate taking a step towards working out their issues and fixing their relationship.

Even with Grace's presence as a catalyst, I think there could have been so much more potential between Josh and Anna's sibling relationship development.  The version in this book feels kind of deflated, truth be told.

Anyway, Jill Shalvis still manages to deliver a very enjoyable romance, though she DOES tend to focus too much on the romance, at the detriment of other tangential story lines that would have been awesome if expanded upon.

Nonetheless, Forever and a Day is probably my favorite of this second trio of books in the Lucky Harbor series.  Grace's unabashed show of ogling and groping Josh was actually kind of entertaining.  This is one couple whose romantic development actually felt fairly down-to-earth, with an insta-lust slowly growing into a full blown relationship, and then to love.

It's just unfortunate that their relationship still suffers from that same ailment that all romance novel couples suffer from--lack of proper communication.  No matter that Grace DOES spend a lot of time trying to pry into Josh's stubborn, tight-lipped secrets, whether to be helpful in figuring out how to take care of him and his family, or just out of pure curiosity.  The two still spend a lot of time second-guessing what each other want for their lives without once trying to talk it out until the end.

Meanwhile, Anna tended to get on my nerves with her bratty behavior--some of it that could have even been quite dangerous to a five year old little boy--and so did the way that Josh treated her.  These siblings could really use some good counseling, mainly on how to stop purposefully pissing each other off.  Then again, being one fourth of a set of siblings myself, I know perfectly well that there is no such thing as logical discussion when it comes to siblings and rivalry and the like.  Sometimes, you just fight for the stupidest reasons... because you can.  It's what siblings do.  Because at the end of the day, you're still related to each other.

On a side note, the best part of this book was probably the ornery duo of Josh's son, Toby, and their little devil of a pug puppy, Tank.  These two were so much adorbs that I couldn't help smiling every time they presented in the story!


Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/05/thoughts-forever-and-day.html
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review 2017-05-21 21:45
Book Review For: Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell
Forever and a Night - Lana Campbell

'Forever and a Night' by Lana Campbell is the story of Nathan Davenport and Mia Peebles.
Mia is a divorced women with three grown girls who works at an Italian Restaurant as one of their Chiefs. One day they have a few servers call in and left them short handed. So Mia takes the initiative to serve also that night to help them get the orders out. This leads her to meet Nathan who she knows that he is a player but later learns he too is one of the riches men around. So Mia sets her mind to avoid any personal interaction as she doesn't need the extra stuff in her life. Mia hasn't dated or been with anyone in the 5 years of her divorce and didn't plan to start now.
Nathan is a long outstanding Vampire who was released from Isabella Ravini...the women that turned him. But now she wants him back after he has become rich and powerful. So Nathan is laying low when he meets Mia. From the first moment he saw and smelled her he knew he had to taste her. But Mia doesn't want to go out with him so he 'glamorous/enchant her so that he can kiss and take her blood. Once done he wipes her mind of them except for the part he having dinner at the restaurant. Nathan does this for several days when his friends start to question what is he doing. They don't usually use the same donors so what he is doing is raising questions. But Nathan can't seem to stay away from Mia. Nathan offers Mia a job as his personal Chef bringing her closer to him while he works out his feelings.
I enjoyed this Vampire Romance...it was nice to see an middle aged (42) main character for a change so that added to the story.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Forever-Night-Lana-Campbell-ebook/dp/B01LYV8C6Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495395698&sr=8-1&keywords=forever+and+a+night+by+lana+campbell
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review 2017-05-18 17:55
Fallen Crest Forever by Tijan
Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest Series) - Tijan

Fallen Crest Forever begins where the last book left off. Sam and Mason are taking a huge step in their relationship, and Sam is having some strange things going on. She not only has to find herself, and what she wants to do with her life, but she also needs to deal with a rival she has among other things. 



This book was really good until it close to the end. Then it felt like it was rushed and things were just sort of thrown in for drama, and not really explained. Other than that it was a really good book. 


I loved the fact that Sam really had to find herself in this one, and figure out what she wanted to do. And I also loved how she and Mason were with each other, although at one point I was mad at both of them and thought they were being dumb. But other than that the plot line was good, and I loved all of the characters! 

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review 2017-05-17 14:09
All the Feels
Always and Forever, Lara Jean - Jenny Han

What to say. I have followed Lara Jean's journey through three books now and this final book hit me in all the right places. Jenny Han did a wonderful job showing a Lara Jean that is on the cusp of adulthood who knows that some things are going to change, but some things no matter what are going to say the same.

"Always and Forever, Lara Jean" shows Lara Jean in her senior year of high school. Lara is focused on getting into UVA. It's been her dream forever to go to that school, and it doesn't hurt that Peter has already gotten into UVA due to an athletic scholarship. However, life throws a monkey wrench into the works (stupid life) and Lara Jean is then forced to make a hard decision about what to do when all of her plans seem to be falling apart.

I honestly only have great things to say about this book. Lara Jean and Peter are wonderful together. Jenny Han shows you this high school relationship and it hits you in all of the right places. For the love of all that is holy people, he wants to learn to braid her hair like her younger sister does. He is always worried that her family doesn't like him. He has not pressured her into having sex with him (and yes Lara Jean's virginity is addressed in this book). He wants to throw her dad a bachelor party in order to impress him. He assures her younger sister that no matter what he will be there no matter what (this in reference to Margot's old boyfriend who has virtually disappeared since they broke up). So here I am reading a book falling more and more in love with a fictional character.

Lara Jean is worried with so many changes that all she can obsess about is baking cookies and her father's wedding. Thank goodness there is no love triangle in this book. She loves Peter and he loves her. But she still has her deceased mother and her sister comments about not going to college with a boyfriend echoing in her head. And she has her sister wanting her to embrace her freedom and not being tied down with a boy.

Can I say I wanted to throttle Margot throughout this book? Book #2 she really ticked me off, but in this book she is insufferable towards her father's fiancee and then tries to throw it in her dad's faces she is having sex with a boy and wants them to stay in the same room. My parents would have snatched my soul out of my body if I had tried that. I think the bigger issue with Margot is that she wants her sisters to do what she did and doesn't seem to get (until the very end) that they are their own people with their own hopes and dreams. Margot's boyfriend was a very nice guy and one wonders how in the world you hooked up with someone so cool.

I sometimes wish that we could gotten a book from Peter's POV through three books just because he is also going through some things during this book that I think that Lara Jean was naive towards, i.e. Peter's father abandoned him and his brother, got remarried, and had two other kids. It always drives me crazy when a character starts telling another character to forgive someone. It's their forgiveness to give, not yours.

The writing was perfect. The book begins with a quote from Anne of Green Gables and ends with one too. The flow was great as well. I maybe had a couple of anxious moments cause Han has Lara Jean do something that is pretty hard for her to take back. I maybe had to break out some wine for the last 10 percent of the book.

This book takes place in Charlottesville, VA. We have references once again towards Margot going to Washington D.C., but I would have loved it if Lara Jean had made mention of what was going on in the U.S. right now. How does she feel about things? The reason why I asked this was because there a few references throughout this book that it definitely takes place in our present time after the election (Margot goes and visits the National Museum of African American History and Culture). Due to Lara Jean and her sisters being half white and Korean I thought that possibly they would feel a little uncomfortable with things in their community and city. Heck, there was a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville a few days ago. That's just a minor quibble though, not enough to have me drop a star.

The ending was great and I loved that not all things were resolved. But I go back to that Anne of Green Gables quote and I feel a lot of hope.

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text 2017-05-17 03:28
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Always and Forever, Lara Jean - Jenny Han

I maybe cried a dozen times.

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