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review 2019-03-20 12:58
ARC REVIEW Taming Her Mate by Kathy Lyons

Taming Her Mate (Grizzlies Gone Wild #6)Grizzlies Gone Wild #6, The conclusion to the Detroit Flu/Bears vs. Wolves story arc. I didn't realize that when I first started reading and felt lost so I went back and read the previous two and got all caught up. I love this series, I love the slow process between bear to man it takes them mentally, especially when they have been bear for too long or how they can't shift more than once a day unless you're a powerful alpha and now one of the hybrid shifters, assuming they didn't go crazy. The poison being dumped into the water supply activates dormant shifter DNA causing anyone with the latent gene to become a hybrid shifter, with it comes the risk of brain damage and unless they can figure the shift out they die. When shifters drink the water it amps up their already existing powers especially in the undiluted form.

Detective Ryan Kennedy, who just days ago was about to be killed by his alpha, is about to break the case about where the wolves are dumping the poison in the water when he gets attacked by two wolf shifter jacked up on the poison making them stronger and more vicious. Francesca Wolf is the daughter of the wolf pack Alpha, she knows who is really behind this and has been trying to stop them and get the pack to support her. Frankie is able to save Ryan but just barely, now the two are working together to stop the responsible party. But between the lust and his bear wanting to mate with Frankie and the fact that Ryan wants to take down everyone responsible and Frankie who wants just the one person behind it all to be held responsible, oh, and Frankie thinking she can handle it on her own they are fighting an uphill battle.

The relationship between Ryan and Frankie steams up the pages. But they are both uncertain if they can even mate bond because he's a bear and she's a wolf. I enjoyed the pairing between Frankie and Ryan they were a good match.

Overall, fantastic book. Kathy Lyons with the whole series has created addictive storylines, characters you care about, a great mysteries, and a steamy romance. I loved the whole series and I really hope it's not over yet.


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review 2019-03-01 15:00
ARC REVIEW The Cowboy Next Door by R.C. Ryan

The Cowboy Next Door (Montana Strong, #2) Montana Strong #2, can be read as a standalone. All things are quiet on the Monroe Ranch but it's about to get shaken up when Mac Monroe does a favor for a very dear friend. Mac hires Penny Cash on at the ranch to help out with cooking and cleaning when her teaching job at Haller Creek falls through. When Mac adopted Sam and his brothers over sixteen years ago he turned the three foul-mouthed troublemakers into ranchers. Sam Monroe took to ranching like it was something he was meant to do. Sam was in no hurry to settle down he was content to go out drink beers, hustle a little at pool, and sleep around that was until he walked into the house after three weeks out with the cattle and found Penny in his kitchen.

Penny was used to being in a household of all men, she practically raised her three brothers all by herself after their parents death, so she was prepared for what to expect when she started on at the Monroe Ranch. What she wasn't prepared for was how strongly attracted she was to Sam. A slow burn romance that builds their relationship before anything else. Both are hard workers who know the value of a hard days work but where Sam knows how to kick back and relax Penny doesn't. Penny has worked hard her whole life when she wasn't taking care of her brothers or her elderly aunt she was studying to be a teacher, it's been her dream for as long as she can remember. Penny discovers that her youngest brother is working on a ranch outside Haller Creek, she also finds out he's been betting and losing money playing pool and when trouble follows him Penny gets caught in the middle. Sam just found happiness with Penny and now he's will to put his life on the line to save her.

Overall, it's a contemporary western with a splash of suspense, just the way I like it. R.C. Ryan hits the spot with this heartwarming family relationship, sexy and smart cowboys, a picturesque setting, and a romance that burns slow but hot. Sam and Penny have a lot in common but just enough to keep it interesting. Finn said the dreaded famous last words of a single man, "I guess it's up to me to stay strong and resist whatever love virus is going around." *maniacal laugh* I can't wait for his book.   



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review 2019-02-28 14:43
ARC REVIEW Fierce Justice by Piper J Drake

Fierce Justice (True Heroes, #5)True Heroes #5, Still in Hawaii with the Search and Protect team this time with Arin (ah-Rin) and Jason. Both characters were introduced in Total Bravery, it would be a safe bet to at least read Total Bravery for the wee bit of background for the characters and the previous storyline. It is connected but still a standalone it's not imperative that you read it the characters talk about what happened in the last book so you are not left completely clueless.

The white slavery ring the Search and Protect team broke up in the last book isn't entirely gone, they have a new boss who is cleaning house. Arin is part of the search and rescue team searching the big island for the people still missing. What she finds is the security guy from six months prior; when he realised what and who he was guarding let Arin and her team rescue the people. Jason Landon left that company after he realized that they have no moral or ethical boundaries. Feeling like he has to atone for his part has tracked down where some of the captives are being held unfortunately one of his former colleagues knocks him unconscious before he finds them and that is how Arin and her K-9, King, find him. Now Arin and Jason's overall mission is the same, stop the new ring leader and save all the people they can. Between bombs, shootouts, and going undercover the adventure is pretty intense at times. 

The attraction is there but neither of them know what to do with it, Arin isn't sure if she should even trust him and she's never had feelings like this for anyone; she doesn't know how to handle the emotions. She always felt like the black sheep of the family and never felt like she fits in anywhere. Jason has never felt like this for anyone either, he is completely taken with Arin her strength, her beauty, her altruism. One meeting six months ago completely changed his life and now here he is working with her and he knows if he doesn't tread lightly and let her take the lead he'll scare her off.

Overall, I loved this book. The action was paced perfectly with the romance. The romance was a slow burn but with Arin's personality it couldn't have gone any other way without seeming out of character for her. I particularly loved the ending it wasn't your typical HEA for Arin and Jason but it's one that was perfect for them.     


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review 2019-01-23 14:35
ARC REVIEW Now or Never by Victoria Denault
Score (San Francisco Thunder) - Victoria Denault
Slammed (San Francisco Thunder) - Victoria Denault
When It's Right (San Francisco Thunder #3) - Victoria Denault

Now or Never (San Francisco Thunder #4)San Francisco Thunder #4, Even though this is a SF Thunder book is does lean more toward just being a straight Contemporary Romance than a Sports Romance. The last Braddock sister finally finds her true HEA and it's not with anyone we have previously met. I loved how emotional charged this book is compared to the others, it's all about grieving and starting over again.

Winnie is grieving differently than her siblings, she finally come to the realization she couldn't be happy with her boyfriend of ten years especially after he cheated on her so she did what she should have done two years ago and dumped him. Now all she wants is to be left alone where she can drown her sorrow and grieve in peace without her siblings butting in. But doing this in the family summer home was disrupted when Holden Hendricks sets up right outside and starts the renovations her brother had secretly planned.

Holden didn't leave town his childhood hometown on a good not when he was a teenager. He was an angry kid in need of attention after his mother died and he got into all sorts of trouble that eventually landed him in juvie. Since then he's worked hard first with construction and worked his way up to contractor. The whole reason he moved back home was to be closer to his older sister and her son but it's a bridge he burned a long time ago and rebuilding it is harder than he hoped. He's hoping that if the renovations and remodeling of homes will help people see him in a different light especially the Braddock sibling he teased mercilessly and who also happened to be is favorite, Winnie.

The attraction is strong with these two it's practically been simmering beneath the surface since they were kids. Holden is hesitant for a lot of reasons, Winnie just broke up with her really long time boyfriend and is grieving but mostly she hates him. Winnie as much as she wants to hate Holden he is a different person from when he was younger he wants to make things right with the people he hurt and Winnie believes in him. But there are obstacles for them to get over mostly ones they created themselves.

Overall, a very emotional book and a really hot romance. I loved Winnie and Holden they are just perfect for each other. There is some hockey so it's not entirely devoid of sports. This book had funny moments, hot encounters, and plenty of emotion. I'd love to see some more of the SF Thunder boys get their own book. 



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review 2019-01-16 14:44
ARC REVIEW Cowboy Braver by Carolyn Brown


Cowboy BraveLonghorn Canyon #3, Yay this isn't the last one! Longhorn Canyon Ranch is a working ranch that in the summer takes on some city kids on the verge of being troublemakers and teaches them about ranching and other stuff. We've already seen the oldest of the Maguire brother's find true love and their best friend/foreman find true love, Justin wasn't looking he didn't even think he was ready to settle down but the moment he set eyes on Emily Baker everything changed.

Emily is the events coordinator at a retirement community and one group she deals with heard about the Longhorn Canyon Ranch and their work with kids and asked Emily if she could arrange a special trip for them to the ranch. By all appearances Emily is a city girl but there is more to her than meets the eye. The attraction between them is instant but Emily is determined not to fall for a cowboy. Justin has never felt this way about anyone and he's determined to show Emily he means it. Aside from Emily's family that she hasn't told him about another obstacle is Justin's mother who took an instant dislike toward Emily automatically assuming she's a golddigger.

Overall, this was another really good read from Carolyn Brown. I loved Emily and Justin and all the hyjinks that the Fab Five get into are hysterical. Even though Justin's mom kind of plays the part of the bad guy in this book Emily really is her own worst enemy. The Bonus Book Second Chance Cowboy by A.J. Pine is a book I have previously read it's the first book of the of Crossroads Ranch series and is really good. So as a two for one deal this one is really good one both books are entertaining and fantastic reads.     


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