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review 2017-11-15 10:00
New Release Review! Christmas Delivery (Return to Jenkins Cove # 3) Patricia Rosemoor
The Wolf's Joy - Holley Trent




Christmas… Ghosts… Mystery… Romance… 
Something evil lurks in the charming town of Jenkins Cove. When Sophie Caldwell devotes a room in her B&B to communicate with spirits, dangerous secrets rise to the surface, and the lives of three couples will never be the same. 

Christmas Delivery (Return to Jenkins Cove Book 3) 
Haunted by ghosts, Jenkins Cove will now have to deal with Simon Shea who has “returned from the dead” seeking revenge...only to reconnect with Lexie Thornton, the girl he loved, and the daughter they conceived thirteen years ago. 

Christmas Spirit ...Christmas Awakening ...Christmas Delivery 
Each of these stories are complete novels, but only the full series will get to the bottom of all the ghostly happenings in Jenkins Cove. Be sure to read them all! 



Excerpt from Christmas Delivery: 

The fog was lighter here, the chill greater, and once past the fence’s wooden gate, which had been left open, Simon realized where he was. 

The cemetery. 

Why had the spirit brought him here? 

Following the curving redbrick path lined by boxwood on both sides, Simon kept track of the mop of pale hair, which appeared on the other side of the hedge, then lost him altogether. When he came to the open area dotted with gravestones and markers, Simon only half hoped he would actually find him again. He gazed around, past a couple of large willow oaks and a magnolia tree in the center of the graveyard, then spotted the ghostly figure at a far gravesite, touching the stone that identified its occupant. 

Again, he looked up with hollow eyes and gestured that he should come. 

Reluctantly, Simon did. Not wanting to cross anyone’s grave — he’d had enough of that in his former life — he stayed on the brick path, keeping his gaze locked on the figure still summoning him. 

One minute the fog seemed to circle the kid, the next he seemed to fade away into the mists. 

“Wait! Don’t go!” 

But the demand came too late. He was already gone. And Simon was moving to the headstone he’d touched, had obviously wanted Simon to see. 

A deep, arctic cold suddenly surrounded Simon and then the breath was knocked out of him as he stopped in the spot where the wraith had disappeared. Looking down, Simon understood why Lexie believed he was dead and buried. The headstone bore his name and the dates of his birth and of his supposed death on Christmas Eve thirteen years before. 

Not a man who easily believed in what he couldn’t see, Simon had no doubts about who had led him here. Or who was buried in his grave. He was certain the kid he’d seen shot had taken his place. 

Thirteen years ago and his ghost still wandered, unable to rest, Simon thought. 

How many ghosts inhabited this area? 

How many souls were denied eternal rest? 

Of one thing he was certain. The boy he’d seen shot had been buried in his stead. How had they pulled that one off? They looked nothing alike. A closed coffin, then? How had he supposedly died so that no one would have raised the alarm? Who had been in on his supposed death? 

More questions that needed answering. 

Another reason for him to stay undercover awhile. So he could find the answers. 

Did ghosts seek retribution? He wondered. 

Considering the evil that had stalked the town unchecked, probably not. 

But now the town had to deal with him.





Jenkins Cove is once again the setting for a chilling mystery and a wonderful second chance romance during the holiday season.



Simon and Lexie are spirited characters with lots of emotional angst that has readers empathizing with the characters and hoping for that happily ever after for this couple. Their story draws readers in from the very beginning and keeps them glued to the pages as the romance and mystery unfold. Overcoming the past is an obstacle that most everyone can identify with and reaching for the future is something everyone should definitely reach for and this story brings those two together with a bit of mystery and holiday cheer which makes this one enjoyable read. One that can be enjoyed while reading by the fire or while preparing for their own family holiday traditions.


There is never a dull moment as Simon and Lexie try to keep everyone safe while solving the mystery of what happened to force Simon away and to spice things up even more Simon receives help from a few ghosts along the way. While the book can be read as a standalone story, the overall questions and trouble that take place in Jenkins Cove are finally answered so really you should read all three to get the full enjoyment out of your visit to Jenkins Cove.



Christmas Delivery is the 3rd book in the Return to Jenkins Cove series previously known as A Holiday Mystery at Jenkins Cove.


The first book is Christmas Spirit by Rebecca York

Michael and Chelsea both are engaging characters that draw readers in with their holiday romance as both have to suspend their disbeliefs in order to push forward with their relationship. This keeps readers engrossed as they empathize with the characters while becoming caught up in the mysterious happenings that tests the couple’s beliefs.


 The suspense builds as Chelsea and Michael try to figure out why someone is after them and what the ghosts are trying to tell them. This keeps the anticipation building as the reader tries to determine the outcome as well and I have to tell you that it was I didn’t see coming. The story is well written and the characters are developed which made it easy to feel as if I was part of the town and I shivered with delightful chills with each ghost visitation.




The second book is Christmas Awakening, by Ann Voss Peterson
When Marie Leonard returns to Jenkins Cove for her father’s funeral, she never expects to rekindle her romance with billionaire recluse Brandon Drake…nor to be haunted by the ghost of his dead wife.


Christmas Delivery is available in ebook at:

Amazon   GPlay   Kobo


Patricia Rosemoor can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook  Twitter    BookBub   G+   Pintrest

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review 2017-10-02 06:58
1 1/2 out of 3 ain't bad?
Primal Need: A Sexy Male/Male Shifter Anthology: Wolf in King's ClothingThe Alpha's ClaimDark Water - Holley Trent,Parker Foye
THREE HEARTS--For a shifter anthology, this didn't deliver as expected. (avg. doesn't include the 2nd story)

Wolf in King's Clothing by Parker Foye - 3.5-3.75 Hearts

They call him "Prince".

A half breed, small assassin that has had the worst life ended up being my favorite of the anthology, go figure?

The unlikely hero who has been shat on, exiled and doesn't speak due to lacking social manners? My toes couldn't stop curling. Set in alternate Victorian period where werewolves are known, "Prince" aka Kent doesn't really know his true name. He's been collared and kept as a witch's assassin as an adult. He's been bartered over and kept like trash, exiled from wolf packs, he has no kind to call his own. His owner tasks him to do one more retrieval and he will have his freedom, Kent agreed before she even finished her sentence. Kent goes to the highlands to rescue an alpha who isn't like any alpha Kent's met.

But he doesn't care for the alpha, Hadrian's peculiar nature, he just needs to make sure he brings Hadrian back in one piece to his master. The road trip back to York is eventful, as the rival pack that kept Hadrian wants him back. The reasons why Hadrian needed to be retrieved are a little murky.

However personable Hadrian who has his own magical secret was a good choice as a foil to Kent's surly silence. The chip is mega wide on Kent's shoulder and Hadrian's steady persistence to at first befriend Kent was fun to read. The camaraderie, bodyguard/ward relationship takes a romantic turn. And it's subtle, which worked one hand and didn't on the other. The romance is pretty subtle, too subtle in the primal need department. Hadrian is alpha? He read like a beta which I can be down with. But when push comes to shove, he didn't claim his mate.

Kent still has to go through trials during this novella. And it endeared me to him. The story has a nice action/suspense twist and the reader gets to slowly learn about Kent's past and why he's so special.

I thought the reason why Kent is badass was cool. I haven't read about his type much in urban fantasy I've read.

The sex? One scene and no penetration for the smutsters keeping score. The story is interesting and evenly paced. I enjoyed the world building, pretty close to Victorian period with magical/paranormal exceptions.

Out of all the stories, this was the one that showed the most promise. If it's ever re-edited and lengthened, I'm there. Definitely would read more from this author!

The Alpha's Claim by Holley Trent - DNF Delight

A lot of anthologies have a stink bomb or two in their arsenal... this is Primal Need's

The writing style leaves a lot to be desired. Telling, shallow and none of the characters have substance. Then the setting bungle. It's supposed to be set in New York but the setting seemed like it was an internet search and find deal.

If a customer stiffs you repeatedly from tips for weeks... you end up in his bed to get the money you earned?

For what I've read, it's definitely stink face inducing.

Shifter fail. Plot fail.


Save yourself the time.

Dark Water by K.L. White - 2.5 Hearts

If you read the anthology, after the reading the previous stink bomb, Dark Water might read as manna from heaven.

Kelpie shifter lead is definitely on the unusual side of go to shifters.

Being as I didn't suffer through that, I read this without fume-weary eyes. This story is from a debut author... and it reads like it's from a new author. Not a bad thing, I love newbie authors. But the story, while more unusual due to the kelpie shifter mythology brought to the table, the execution has some hits and misses.

Benjamin is on the brink. He's a former naval officer in Maryland who leaves the hospital to kill himself. Trigger warning: attempted suicide. He's blind, has no friends or family other than a racist dementia diagnosed father who wouldn't recognize Benjamin on a good day. He best friend Rez was killed in front of him while trying to save his fellow officers. It's one of the last images in Benjamin's mind. He goes to the beloved beach to die.

At that beach, a kelpie marks him for sacrifice. The kelpie turns out to be Rez, Benjamin's best friend thought to have died on that deadly mission. The mark means Benjamin must die but Rez can't do it. And tries to save his friend. This mission of saving Benjamin gets buried under repetition, different threads to a plot that would've be best kept simple and an underwhelming chemistry.

The length could have been longer to tackle the heavy topics such as a veteran battling depression suicidal thoughts, a new permanent disability, PTSD. The items are touched on, but those are weighty topics that deserved more meat.

And to add more issues: sexuality. Benajimn identifies as heterosexual and never had any sexual feelings toward his friend. Being savd, learning his friend is actually alive and hearing his friend kiss another man helps him discover a part of sexuality he's never questioned?

Benjamin loved Rez as a friend, and while they'd kissed and touched, he didn't know if he was seeking comfort in blindness.

I'm leaning toward that camp of questioning Benjamin's motives as Rez seemed like he wasn't attracted then he was, then he kissed another man even tough he shot the persistent guy down. And now he wants to mate for life to Benjamin.

The kelpie population is dying and the men are charged to mate and make new kelpie foals with female kelpies. Another factor that makes me question the entire relationship factor as Rez wants to do his duty but needs to save his friend more.

And when they have sex, it was "I'm not attracted to males" vs. "but I have to sleep with you to save your life". I'm not liking the way the chips are stacked. It read forced and not sexy. Rough sex for an anal virgin? The possessive streak is usually my go to hot factor but I wasn't feeling it in this context. And the suicidal thoughts were still there close to the end.  I get why the need to mate was needed to keep Benjamin alive but I'm not liking the reasons.

And then way everything is neatly tied up? Uh-uh. Right. Sure.

The ideas are good. The execution is questionable. The story would have been better for me both men had an inkling of shared passion prior to meeting, the suicide and killing didn't happen and the plot remained simple.

My rating is for the kelpie folklore mostly and the premise.

The title of this anthology is Primal Need and not one story addressed that factor. So if you're a reader looking for primal shifters, look somewhere else. The good thing about this anthology is the stories are also sold separately. I'd read samples before getting any of the titles.

So, 1 1/2 out of 3?

A copy provided via Netgalley for an honest review.
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review 2016-10-13 18:27
Sugar, Spice, and Shifers by Elianne Adams, Calle Jaye Brooks, Rinelle Grey, J.K. Harper et al

Her Gingerbread Dragon by Elianne Adams (2 stars)
This one started really promising, then lost its way a little by slowing down (a lot), then got interesting again with the hole dragon-hating thing...That unfortunately didn't lead anywhere.
I guess that's for the full-length novels in the series (which I won't be reading anytime soon).

God of Nightmares by Calle J. Brookes (DNF)
I cringed at the blurb...And threw in the towel at the end of the first chapter. I guess I wasn't in the mood for so much "world-building".

Bringing Christmas to the Dragons by Rinelle Grey (DNF)
There's a limited amount of time to grab a reader's attention in a novella. For me, that's one chapter. If the first chapter leaves me cold, the rest won't be any better.
The first chapter in this one, was the equivalent of the Ice Age. Next!

Solstice Wolf by J.K. Harper (1 star)
Rather iffy, but manageable with a slightly PWP-ish "love" scene (no context and rather "cold" characters), and a heroine that didn't know what she wanted until she lost it, and didn't realize that what she thought she wanted turned out to be too good to be true. Lesson learned.

Mated By Christmas by Loribelle Hunt (DNF)

Claiming Their Christmas by Ellis Leigh (3 stars)
It was a little heartbreaking reading about Beast and his lingering feelings about Amber and her death. One one hand he felt guilty, because the witch died instead of him, on the other he still felt rage toward her for having manipulated him, and on the third a complete inability to comprehend just what Amber was supposed to mean to him.
It was a little heartbreaking, and a little angering, really, because I just didn't understand the reasoning behind everything. Why didn't he simply talk to his mate, talk it through with her, when he knew it was hurting her, when he knew he was hurting her. Why did it take him so long to just talk to her, why did it take everybody and their aunt to drum some sense into the guy? I loved his story so much, I loved the ending of Claiming His Desire, and he ruined everything, he even ruined Amber's sacrifice, in this short story.


Desert Yule by Anna Lowe (DNF)
An obvious collection of Christmas-themed epilogues to previous stories in the series. Since I'm not familiar with either the series (the context) or the author, these snippets did nothing for me.

Claimed by Heart by Eris Sage (DNF)
Something was off with this one. Maybe the "older" h/H, maybe the fact they has children from previous relationships, maybe the very slow and uneventful start...Or maybe the bland character and zero chemistry between them.

A Beary Merry Christmas by Vivienne Savage (DNF)
It was rather disappointing that even such a short story didn't really grab my attention. There was just something off, maybe even the fact we're thrown into the story in the middle or after it already happened. The two already got their HEA, what's there more to tell?

Healing Christmas by Bethany Shaw (DNF)
Another one that didn't register on the radar. I didn't care what was the heroine's problem with Christmas, I didn't care how h/H might have gotten together (I didn't get to that part), I didn't care how the plot with the robbers would end...I simply didn't care.

Celebrate Me by Kristen Strassel (DNF)
I know it's a novella, but still, pacing is key. Even knowing when to slow down the story. If you rush things, you'll blow it. And insta-love is rushing things, simple as that. Add to it the fact I didn't understand nor feel the insta-love, and the Romeo-and-Juliet vibe with everybody trying to keep the two apart...I couldn't finish it.

Fascination by Elle Thorne (2 star)
It started well, but then went astray with the main conflict and the slightly silly attempts at arresting the burglar. Also, the connection between h/H didn't really click for me...And the whole panther-polar bear combo was a tad odd.

Maker by Holley Trent (DNF)
The narrative was juvenile, making the characters more young adult than new adult (or whatever the new category is). The style and voice made my teeth ache, the MCs left absolutely no impression and somewhere close to the middle, I stopped caring...And reading.

Furever Yours by Catherine Vale (DNF)
The surprise bun in the oven screamed Harlequin for me, and the fact it happened in a novella wasn't encouraging. To top it off, the narrative style and voice didn't work for me.

Snowbound at Solstice by Lori Whyte (DNF)
I don't share and don't really understand those that do. Fictional or not. Pass!

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review 2016-04-18 19:27
Knight In Leather (Hearth Motel #2) Holley Trent
Knight in Leather (Hearth Motel Book 2) - Holley Trent


Ethan Gotch may be built like a linebacker and tongue-numbingly sexy, but Dasha Maurice isn’t in the market for a serious relationship in this electrifying paranormal romance.


Readers can’t help but get caught up in this electrifying romance as sparks fly in every direction while Ethan tries to convince Dasha what it means to be the mate of a shapeshifting fairy knight. The chemistry sizzles from every page with vivid intensity and while some of it is scorching passion a lot of it is the way the characters fit together, making things really interesting as Dasha fights the attraction and Ethan tries to understand Dasha’s reasoning which has quite a bit of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages while these strong compelling characters draw you into the fast paced and smooth flowing plot full of suspense, excitement, romance and a bit of humor due to some snarky dialogue and easy comradery between characters.


Not only does this relationship keep readers on the edge of anticipation but Dasha being undetectable by Queen Rhiannon’s magic makes her the perfect messenger to the fairy realm which adds quite a bit of excitement and tension to the story while Ethan’s pesky ex adds a bit of chaos and danger. There is never a dull moment to be found as the Knights continue to thwart Queen Rhiannon and this well written story is full of great details that make it easy for the readers to picture each and every scene.


I have to tell you, that this is the first story that I have read in any of the three connected series but I will be remedying that. There are so many interesting elements in this fascinating world that have sparked my imagination and the characters that I have met so far are a wonderful mix of charm, fun and sexy that I really want to get to know them all, so of course I can’t wait to visit this world again.



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text 2016-04-18 10:30
New Release Review: Knight in Leather (Hearth Motel #2) by Holley Trent


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