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review 2017-10-02 10:59
The Immortal's Hunger - KELLI IRELAND

Ah insomnia, didn't miss you, you can go away now.  The only advantage is that I get some reading in.


Gets a thumb up for being set in Ireland and not being twee, however the dialect, shudders. Also I have issues with forced sex, i.e. characters who have to have sex or go crazy/die/whatever, whether that's a mating drive or whatever it blurs lines of consent and makes me twitchy. 


Gareth is facing the end of his life, he made a promise to Macha to save his brother's mate. Now his time is up and he has to face the fact. As time goes on he's getting colder and colder, there's nothing that can heat him up.  He goes to a pub with some of his assassin comrades to find Ashley working there.  She heats up his blood.  Ashley has a problem, she's a phoenix and every about three years they come into heat and have to have sex with someone (or several someones) for a few days.  She has an arrangement with a succubus to save her from being enslaved by a male phoenix, which is what their deranged society does, enslaved because they're dangerous (yes, the throbbing in my forehead did get worse there).  Gareth is sparking something in her and she's trying to resist.


Phoenix culture needs to be drop kicked into extinction.  Consent matters.  A good read with issues.


Fills Romantic Suspense, Genre: horror (look the glimpses of the phoenix culture made me fill with horror); supernatural; monsters; terrifying women, I'm using it for Monsters.


Seven squares to go in this bingo card.

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review 2017-09-29 13:13
I must watch this author
Sacred Stones of Ireland - Christine Zuc... Sacred Stones of Ireland - Christine Zucchelli

Another excellent read alongside the book on Irish Trees, books I must buy for my own library as they're useful travel guides to the unusual to be found in Ireland, stones that have been associated with myth and legend and unusual goings on abound in Ireland.


I do know that there were a few ogham stones removed from places (including my home place) by overzealous Victorians and brought to museums because the people of that place didn't value them enough or hadn't been educated on what was interesting about those stones, disconnecting them from the heritage they once had and the stories that some others may have had about them.


Unlike many similar books of the past the author is quite respectful of non-christian religions, both modern and ancient.

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review 2017-09-27 20:16
Way Too Long
Circle of Friends - Maeve Binchy

This book was over 700 pages! Seriously. At one point I nodded off and I think my finger kept moving or something so I woke up to a totally different place in the book, and did not go back. I just couldn't.


I really do love Maeve Binchy's works and since I saw the movie version of this, I really wanted to read this. If I had known how long it was and how some parts deviated from the book though, I would have passed.


I think the biggest issue is that at first the book focuses on two school children (Benny Hogan and Eve Malone) and we somehow fast forward through their childhood to when they move onto Dublin and meet another student named Nan. And then the book starts working in Nan's third person POV as well so she became a sort of third main character to the book. I rather wish we hadn't delved into Nan so much and just focused on Benny and Eve. And also, the book did not need to be as long as it was for us to get to the main point. The main point being apparently, once a cheater, always a cheater.


I think that Binchy over time was able to edit herself more and keep the plot moving much better in her later books. The flow in this book was pretty bad. Things were repeatedly said about the same person over and over again. I started rooting for nuns to die (just for something to happen). 


I think once the book moved firmly to the Dublin section it just got worse in my eyes. We get even more characters thrown at us and I just wanted to tell everyone to just have sex and be done with it. Reading about the girls that would, the girls that wouldn't, how boys wanted it, and everything in between was boring. I think this was touted as a coming of age story and blah. I prefer the movie version of this. 

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review 2017-09-19 14:07
Book 2 in Dublin Murder Squad a Disappointment (DNF)
The Likeness - Tana French

FYI, I DNF this book at page 122. I skimmed the rest of the book and only fully read the last four chapters to see about the resolution of the story. 


Please note this book will have spoilers from book #1, so read at your own risk. 


Image result for you try my patience gif


So instead of me posting gifs of people running away I am just going to try to keep this short. The entire premise of this book was absurd. I could not get past it.

Cassie, the partner of Rob (who was the lead character in book #1) is back as the lead in book #2. It makes sense to showcase Cassie after the brutal breakup of the partnership between these two in book #1. Cassie transferred to Domestic Violence and is now in a relationship with Sam who is still in the Murder Squad (part of the Rob/Cass trio).


When Cassie is called to a murder site by Sam, she runs across her old boss (Frank Mackey) in undercover. They tell Cassie to cover up and be there quickly. When she is there, she finds a young woman that could be her twin that is murdered. The young woman also is using the name that Cassie used in her old undercover days, Alexandria Madison. Frank has a crazy idea though, he wants Cassie to go undercover as the dead woman and live with the dead woman's four roommates in order to flush out a murderer.


Image result for seriously gif


I can't. The whole plot was dumb. We then have Cassie waffling about being involved, but wanting to be involved and getting talked into via Frank. Sam the only person with any kind of damn sense sees how stupid this is. Also how did any superior sign off on this mess???


Cassie looks at some videos on the dead woman's phone so she is going to use that in order to see how to impersonate her.


Image result for seriously gif


Cause you know, you going to live with strangers who could be part of the reason why the woman is dead is totally a smart thing to do. I just hated this whole thing. I also hated how obsessed Cassie gets with the entire group of friends. She needs to see a therapist. Considering how she broke open the last case, I am wondering who this impostor is, she had no damn sense as far as I could tell the entire book. 


Cassie is adrift and feeling anxious since the last murder case she worked. I honestly don't get what she was anxious about. Was it the breakdown of her friendship with Rob (by the way he is barely mentioned which drove me up the wall) or was it the actual case itself? I felt like I got more insight into Cassie in book #1 and she wasn't the lead character. She is mysterious in this one and I will say it, kind of a moron. Did I say that already? Well she is. 


There is no character development at all in this book. I saw a couple of asides to her friendship with Rob, but not a lot. I honestly don't get what Sam was doing in this one and why he even put up with Cassie. Frank, eh, I know he is the subject of book #3, since Themis recommended that book that is the only reason why I am reading it. Only reason. 

The roommates are paper thin dolls. They make absolutely no sense. Three people being told what to do by one of the roommates who makes all their decisions for them. All four of the roommates are obsessed with not sharing their pasts and fixing up an old house. I hope you like reading about how lovely Cassie finds everything.  


The writing and flow of this book was nothing like book #1. I was over everyone which is why I DNF this book. Cassie becomes obsessed with the dead woman's life and thinks she knows her cause in some other life or something this could have been Cassie's world. I don't know guys, I just wanted to drink some wine and not think about this book. I just didn't have the patience for it at all. 

Eventually we find out what happened to Alexandria Madison. I didn't really care, but honestly anyone who read a book had to know where this was going. I ended up just feeling disappointed in Cassie and just over her. She jumped all over Rob for not seeing what was right in front of him for book #1, and I wanted to yell pot meet kettle at her when I read the last couple of chapters. If French had ended the book with Cassie trying to reconcile with Rob months later at the conclusion of this case it would have worked better for me. 

The setting was not great. Most of the action (if you can call it that) is at an old house that Cassie lives at with the roommates. They all act like this place is the best thing ever. It's an old and falling down home. That's it. 


The ending was a shoulder shrug to me. We already knew where Cassie's life was heading towards since Rob dropped information on us at the end of book #1. I just rolled my eyes at Cassie acting like her investigating this dead woman's life was some great experience. 

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text 2017-09-19 00:05
Reading progress update: I've read 122 out of 466 pages.
The Likeness - Tana French





Book gods, try me again and see what happens.


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