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review 2018-04-25 05:23
A Review of Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
Turtles All the Way Down - John Green

I found this book very hard to rate. Even now, I can’t fully decide if I liked it or if I didn’t. Now, don’t get me wrong… this wasn’t a bad book at all. Green’s style of writing for this novel is beautiful. I can’t tell you if that’s how he writes all of his novel’s, because this was my first. Nonetheless, it was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were certain paragraphs that I kept re-reading because they were filled with meaningful quotes that I loved. Though I didn’t care much for Aza, Green did an amazing job portraying her mental illness. I’m positive that many people out there were able to relate and connect with her on a deeper level. I, however, wasn’t able to make that connection with her. I guess it was because that’s all she was to me, just a girl with a mental illness. I didn’t get to know anything else about her to really draw me to her.  

In conclusion, no, this was not the book for me. Will I read another of John Green’s novels? Most likely, as I didn’t HATE this one. Would I recommend this book to other’s? I would. After all, no two persons ever read the same book.

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review 2018-04-24 15:55
Great Graphic Novel Featuring the Civil Rights Movement
March (Book One) - Andrew Aydin,Nate Powell,John Robert Lewis

I have to say that this graphic novel was fantastic. I loved the writing and the art. I cannot wait to get book #2.

"March: Book #1" follows Congressman John Lewis is John Lewis's first hand account of the American Civil Rights Movement. We follow Lewis's family and his first meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King. You get to read the rules that those who participated in the lunch counter sit-ins as well as some awful scenes depicting what people said to those who were protesting, how they were beaten and treated. 


What was great though was that we have Lewis preparing to attend President Barack Obama's inauguration and you get to see how happy he and many other African Americans were that they got to witness the first African American president. The graphic novel segues between this and Lewis remembering his past until we get to the end of book #1. 

I recently went to the National Museum of African American History & Culture and there are tons of displays that showcase the Civil Rights Movement and talk about how it first got started and highlights those who participated like Rosa Parks, John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King, and so many others. I loved reading the displays and looking at the pictures on display. Seeing this in graphic form though made it feel more real to me. 


I read this on my Kindle Fire so I was able to blow up some of the scenes in order to read the speech bubbles. I do wonder how this would look if I had a hard copy in my hand though. 


The art was so great. Though I have to say I don't know what's worse, reading people being bigoted and racist in written form or via a graphic novel. 

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review 2018-04-24 15:37
Fantastic Follow-Up to Lock In!
Head On - John Scalzi

Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review.


Not a lot to say here besides I freaking loved this book. I loved Lock In (the first book in the series) and the world that John Scalzi created. I adored the characters of Vann and Chris. Though the book is told via Chris's POV, I do wish one of the books would be told in Vann's POV. She is just my favorite.


It's been several months or at least a year since the events in the first book. We have Chris still working for the FBI and partnering with Vann. When Chris goes to meet his parents at a Hilketa game, he witnesses a player being taken off the field. Everyone quickly realizes the player is dead. The FBI is brought in due to the fact that the Hilketa game is played by Hadens and that means though the crime took place in Washington, D.C. the Haden player's body was somewhere else. What follows is a lot of twists and turns until you have Chris and Vann figure out how somehow could have killed someone while they were playing a game. 


Chris is still living with his roommates and though they were barely in the first half of the book, they do pop up in the second half more. His partnership with Vann is still the best. They crack me up and pop off each other a lot. Chris's parents are still reassuringly there for their son and are involved with the plot in this book too. 

We do get new characters in this one and we get to meet another integrator (someone who had the first symptoms of Haden's, but didn't get the full disease) whose life I wish we were told more about. I swear that Scalzi could totally publish some novellas featuring new characters and I would not be upset. 

I do love the world that Scalzi has built in this one. Hadens are unfortunately dealing with the fall-out from a bill that was passed in the last book. Many are struggling to make ends meet and now there are rumblings about having non-Hadens get their own threeps as well. I like that Chris sees the issues with this in this book, and I wonder if this is going to pop up in the next book as a plot point. 


The ending leaves things with some of the bad guys caught, but with Chris and Vann realizing a bigger conspiracy may be out there. I really did need the X-Files theme song blaring away in the background at this point. 


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text 2018-04-24 00:15
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
Head On - John Scalzi

Please let there be a third book!

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review 2018-04-23 00:11
Entertaining but
Head On - John Scalzi

John Scalzi returns with Head On, the standalone follow-up to the New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed Lock In. Chilling near-future SF with the thrills of a gritty cop procedural, Head On brings Scalzi's trademark snappy dialogue and technological speculation to the future world of sports.

Hilketa is a frenetic and violent pastime where players attack each other with swords and hammers. The main goal of the game: obtain your opponent’s head and carry it through the goalposts. With flesh and bone bodies, a sport like this would be impossible. But all the players are “threeps,” robot-like bodies controlled by people with Haden’s Syndrome, so anything goes. No one gets hurt, but the brutality is real and the crowds love it.

Until a star athlete drops dead on the playing field.

Is it an accident or murder? FBI agents and Haden-related crime investigators, Chris Shane and Leslie Vann, are called in to uncover the truth―and in doing so travel to the darker side of the fast-growing sport of Hilketa, where fortunes are made or lost, and where players and owners do whatever it takes to win, on and off the field.


Dear John Scalzi,

I reviewed the first book in this series “Lock in” here at DA. I had no idea that you were planning to write a sequel, but I was eager to read more about Chris and Leslie’s adventures. I was even more excited when I read that the book would be set in the sport setting – I love those.  First and foremost, readers I have to warn you – do not expect a lot of actual games described on page.  Oh there was a long description of the game during which Duane Chapman died, but that was pretty much it.  It is not a criticism, the book was definitely set in the sport setting, but we are not seeing much of the actual games, a little bit here and there, but overall not much at all.  I just don’t want anybody else to develop the expectations that I developed after reading the blurb.

I am also not sure if I agree with the blurb characterizing this book as a *stand-alone* follow up to “Lock In”. I mean the murder investigation definitely stands alone, and I suppose the author recaps the world building sufficiently enough in order for the reader not to be confused, however I would still recommend reading “Lock in” first in order to get the world building fully.

We catch up with Chris when she is running late to watch the game with her parents because the Hilketa league really wants her father to invest in league’s upcoming Washington DC franchise.

"I ALMOST MISSED SEEING Duane Chapman die. I didn’t know it at the time. All I knew was that I was running late for the “special exhibition game experience” that I was supposed to be having along with my mother and father.”

Note that I will be using “she/her pronoun” in relation to Chris even though same as in the first book her gender is not mentioned. I believe that when I was reviewing “Lock In” I read somewhere that the author did it deliberately and Chris was meant to be a woman. I cannot be hundred percent sure that Chris was meant to be a woman, but even if her gender meant to be ambiguous, I think it is a fair game to imagine her or any character any way the reader wants. I am used to thinking about her as a woman by now.

Investment opportunity though quickly turns into a suspicious accident of Duane Chapman’s death and then certain irregularities that accompanied that “accident” quickly turned it into a murder and then multiple murders. Chris was already on the scene, so she and her partner Leslie Vann once again assume a lead on the investigation.

Murder investigation in this story was a very entertaining and fast moving affair. For me it was a little harder to guess the villain than in “Lock in”, although it was not very hard either. Once again though, maybe the author did not want to write a complex mystery, maybe the social commentary behind the suspenseful investigation was the main point of the book.  Chris and Leslie once again have to investigate the world of the big business that caters to Haden customers and how business had to adapt after Congress in the previous book passed “Abrams Catering” bill which cut a lot of medical and other services for people with Haden Syndrome.

I really liked Chris’ voice – just as snappy and funny as it was in the first book. There is also a cat in this book that couple of times gets thrown right in the middle of action.

"Then Donut the cat came out of the twins’ room and meowed down the stairs, as if to say, What the actual fuck, humans? The tank threep lashed out, knocking me and Tayla off balance, and lurched up the stairs toward Donut. Donut took one look at the rampaging tank and bolted, running in the direction of my room at the far end of the upstairs. I righted myself and took off up the stairs after the tank, grabbing at its legs."


As much as I liked Chris’ voice and enjoyed her partner not mincing words either, I was more than a little disappointed because I did not feel that any of them got any character development in comparison with the first book. Chris is a POV character, we are in her head all the time, I expected some character growth and besides her getting more comfortable in her job I honestly did not think I got much.

Grade: B-/B

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