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review 2017-10-23 17:45
21st-century Oxford Authors John Keats Edited by John Barnard


Oh, there is not another poet more passionate, noble, inspired, and absorbing than John  Keats. In every poem, in every composition he donated all himself to the Muse and to his potential readers.
He expressed his thoughts and feelings "transmitting" his beautiful soul and mind completely to compositions and without any kind of reticence.
There is no doubt that this one is a poet very loved and appreciated in particular by youngsters and romantic people, because his words penetrates with great intensity, simplicity and strength the souls of everyone he reaches. He is pure light, he is real and while you read his poems you can't stop to falling in love for his compositions and his soul.

He was an enthusiastic soul John Keats, and in this new prestigious book by Oxford Press 21st-century Oxford Authors John Keats Edited by John Barnard, the poet is revealed in all his beautiful essence thanks to a special "fusion" of letters written to his friends, his family, and other people he knew and poems, romances. The portrait of Keats thanks to his works and private life seen through the mirror of his letter complete and beautiful.

Thanks to it, we will discover at the same time the young man, Keats died in Rome at the age of 25 in 1821, and the wonderful poet he was, understanding that in his case there hasn't been any kind of construction or division between the two spheres of his character (his private life and his being a poet)  but a fusion of the poet and the letter-writer. We will discover that there is not division between the poet and the person and the magical aspect of Keats is this one: he was real, emphatic, sincere, and donated his soul to poetry and people he knew entirely with the same force, with the same enthusiasm and passion he put in poetry.
That's why we are still writing and celebrating him: because he has been big, because he was a beautiful, special human being and because he was a sincere soul, although we lost him too soon. Still in his spring he would adds Keats. The same passions, genuine touch, love, John put in writing a poem was the same one he put when he wrote a letter to his beloved only sister, or other relatives. We find in the letter-writer the same passionate man we discover reading his poems most of them plenty of beauty, humanity, joy and also the sad ones don't fall in desperation. He was a joyous soul, Keats, although he had his own problems. His health, and then constant money-problems and at the end he suffered a lot before to dying.

Keats is bucolic seeing in nature a reason for dreaming and staying happy and joyous and a reason for falling in love for life, for a girl, for a moment, for an instant, appreciating this world and the beauty that there is in it.

At the same time John Keats loves to add often precious details with introduction of gold, mythological creatures like nymphs, muses,  for donating a touch of divinity to his poems. 
He also loved to present to his friends letter-poems. What a joy!
Inspired by Milton, there is to say that Keats added in a letter he studied Shakespeare all the time.

Absolutely the most beautiful, fascinating Romantic poet of this important movement.

I highly suggest John Keats to everyone: young and adult, because he will bring peace to your soul, a big joy and refreshment.

I thank Oxford University for the physical copy of this stunning book I will always bring with me!

Anna Maria Polidori
Source: alfemminile.blogspot.it
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review 2016-12-15 08:00
The Eve Of St Agnes
The Little Black Classics Eve of St Agnes - John Keats

Having never read anything by Keats before, but having heard a lot of it, I was really looking forward to this collection of five of his poems.

The poem of the title is the longest and it is, as his other poems, very visual. It really tells a story, and while this is a nice change for the other poetry so far in the Little Black Classic collection, it also became slightly dull after a while. It is a long story, and my thought wandered after a while, wondering if it couldn't have been a bit shorter.

Nevertheless a nice introduction.

Little Black Classic #13

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review 2016-05-24 17:58
The Little Black Classics Eve of St Agnes - John Keats

It's Keats. Do I need to say more?

Okay, it's a got a female vampire in it.

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review 2015-04-14 00:00
The Little Black Classics Eve of St Agnes
The Little Black Classics Eve of St Agnes - John Keats John Keats, a Romantic poet who died at the tender age of 25, writes visual poetry concerning love and loss, myth and superstition, the selection in this Little Black Classic being taken from Selected Poems.

I am quite picky when it comes to poetry. It needs to move me from the off, and Keats poetry simply did not do this. There are five poems in this collection, only one of which I loved: Lamia, being about the fairy folk, piqued my interest greatly. The rest fell flat for me, though I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme.
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review 2014-08-29 00:00
Selected Letters (Oxford World's Classics)
Selected Letters (Oxford World's Classics) - John Keats,Robert Gittings,Jon Mee Disappointing read. Not my cup of tea. Far too verbose and inconsequential for me. Not even a fan of his poetry, but thought I might get something out of his letters. Not so.
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