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review 2020-08-26 06:40
Bluninja's Review
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark - Greg Van Eekhout,Jason Fry,Lou Anders,Yoon Ha Lee,Sarah Beth Durst,Anne Ursu,Tom Angleberger,Zoraida Córdova,Rebecca Roanhorse,Preeti Chhibber,E. Anne Convery

Children's Fiction ~

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark


Review by: Bluninja29


Opening Thoughts:

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark is a collection of stories based off the TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2003 TV series.) It has 11 Short Stories all based off episodes from the TV show. with more view points that we didn't get to see in the show. One of the Short stories im are gonna look at is about Count Dooku.



Count Dooku was surprised attacked by the Republic.



I do like how these are in the characters point of view like Count Dooku. I also like how all the stories are based off the show. What I didn't like is how these are short stories, but it is a nitpick so I won't get crazy over it. I honestly liked this book.

If you are a star wars nerd or want to give your kid a star wars book to read. then this is the book for you!


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review 2020-01-18 06:31
Chilled Me To The Bone And It Was 80 Outside
Whiteout - Adriana Anders

Get a blanket, warm slippers and something hot to drink before snowshoeing into this read. Baby it’s cold inside this book and then it HOT but that has nothing to do with the weather. It’s about two people who are running away from their lives and a horrendous plot to kill millions.
Favorite line “The Iceman Cometh” < wink >. So the story is set in a remote scientific station near the pole, frozen beyond cold. Angel is the new hire, the cook for the station. Coop, one of the scientist, is the stick in her side, Mr Grumpy. He is colder than the ice surrounding the place. He spends most of his time out on the ice so when something goes wrong and he comes back to a nearly empty station he has no idea what happened, till he finds a certain cook. The cook, Angel is traumatized, horrified and broken. It doesn’t last long she’s not there to die. She’s a hero here, and Mr Grumpy knows it. Together they take steps to survive with little to no chance of making it. Remember it’s cold, and they have to stay warm somehow when it gets dark and there is no generator. :P Here come the toe tingling bits, it’s slow and delicious. It’s not all warm generating going on the guys who destroyed the station are now looking for them.
What an intense read. It has it all, intense action, uncertain future, difficult hard won relationship, snark, and so much more. I loved and hated the characters as they ere writer. The good was so awwwww, the bad, ugg they were nasty bits of evil ! Fun read !
I received a copy of this from the publisher for a honest review

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text 2019-12-01 01:00
Reading progress update: I've read 14%.
Whiteout - Adriana Anders

This is a can't put down read. I can't find a place to stop, just one more page... :D

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review 2019-10-15 15:35
"Cell 8", by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström
Cell 8 - Anders Roslund,Börge Hellström
Grens & Sundkvist book # 3

This is one provocative reading experience that pushes a point of view that is quite controversial: those who advocate capital punishment. Death-row and the conflicting desires for justice and retribution is the premise in this multilayered plot. Detective Superintendent Ewert Grens will deal with this.

It opens in a US prison with 17 year old John Meyer Frey on death row for a murder he says he did not commit. While on the other side of the world in Sweden, John Schwartz is remanded to jail after assaulting another man….But it turns out that Frey and Schwartz are one and the same…..How this came to be discovered comprise much of the story.

The mesmerising crime narrative will grab you by the throat and never let go. This is one concocted and devious plot that is hard to put down. It is said with flashbacks to the past to provide answers and the manipulations so masterfully told that I was caught off guard, extremely intrigued by the direction the plot was going and even more how it would end. Although I was frantically turning pages hoping for a positive outcome I was off base so many times that I gave up trying. Not being able to predict what would happen is what made reading this mystery all the more enjoyable. I didn’t see the twist at the end coming.

This story is not without Grens’ eccentricities, he is a special character whose bizarre attitude is what makes him different. I like him he is so entertaining with is rock and roll music and dancing to the tune….in his office. Other good players add colour and atmosphere to this absolutely original story.


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review 2019-07-09 21:51
The City in the Middle of the Night - Charlie Jane Anders
The City in the Middle of the Night - Charlie Jane Anders

A bit of a delayed review, as I finished this before the weekend - picked this one up courtesy of my local library, which have started getting better at ordering the kind of books I really want to read (and long may it continue!). I was also a bit ambivalent about The City in the Middle of the Night, as I'd read this author's previous book and had issues with some of it, but my concerns proved unfounded this time around. 


This is a much more traditional (in some ways, at least) SF book, based on a colonised planet called January. This planet has never-ending days and nights, so the human colonists have adapted their lives to try and deal with that, Outside, in the darkness, there are also the original inhabitants of January, who get hunted at times for sport and for food. The initial chapters do a lot of setting up of the world in which our main characters live, with all four being women - two university students (one poor and one a spoiled rich kid) and two traders (one the last of her people, who practised a bizarre religion and were killed before she was technically an adult, and her sarcastic friend). 


When Sophie takes the blame for a petty crime her roommate Bianca committed, she is sentenced to death by exposure but survives after coming into contact with the alien inhabitants everyone calls Crocodiles. Bianca is radicalised by the supposed death of her friend but her desire to right societal wrongs is ultimately betrayed by her selfishness and lack of understanding of anyone else. She sees Sophie's link to the Crocodiles, for example, as something to be exploited. In her pursuit of 'justice' for the people of her city, Bianca crosses paths with the others, mainly with Mouth who has lost her job as a smuggler on returning to the city, while Mouth discovers that her people were not only the religious community she believed them to be but had actually put all of the inhabitants of January at risk. 


In the end, The City in the Middle of the Night is a beautifully-written book but looking back on it, didn't quite work for me as much as it seemed when I was reading it. Maybe it's because all four protagonists are flawed, some more than others, and some of what happens to them is the result of their own missteps. Sophie is the one who changes the most, both in terms of her ideas and physically, while her idol Bianca is just annoyingly shallow and self-absorbed. I fully expect to see this book on the shortlist for a number of awards next year but am still a long way from accepting the putative comparisons between this author and LeGuin. 

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